“You Will Own Nothing – And Here’s How We Are Going to Make That Happen For You”

On January 18 and 19, I put up two posts on the means by which government appears likely to fulfill the top WEF goal for 2030 of “You will own nothing and you {will shut and comply with that as you become completely dependent-upon and controllable-by us}”. In this one, I connected some dots on my own to sketch a scenario on how that may be acheived: The government, without allowing the people to vote nor to weigh-in in any way on it, will continue to saddle property owners with ever-greater and ever-more onerous environmental requirements that their homes must stay in-compliance with in order to be deemed safely habitable (they always take control of your matters in the service of our own good, right ?). The real objective being to make it unaffordable for people, who had planned and executed their financing strategies based on present housing requirements and standards, to continue to own their homes and to then have to liquidate them. In Europe, government can be expected to buy-up those properties directly. In America, owing to our pesky constitution, the property can be expected to be bought-up buy private government operators like Blackrock (refer to my linked post on this). Anyone who beleived that the US government wanted (and still wants) to fiat-outlaw gas stoves (which people have been used for 2 centuries) because of its concern for public health is a dolt. The government is letting fetanyl pour across the border killing ~300 citizens/day and is stubbornly pursuing policies that are making it difficult for masses of people to afford the basics of food, energy, and medical care (not to mention pressuring Moscow into a likely WW III).

Well Europe, which often leads the way on many of these steps-to-tyranny, has tabled a new law for potential ratification. What it will give to European government is the ability to expropriate residential properties and buildings that do not meet the new and more stringent energy-efficiency standards established, without any vote of the people, by the mandarins at the EU in Brussels.

So now you have a piece of advance intel on what regulatory moves are likely coming in service of a globalist strategy to make you property-less. Now is the time to take simple actions like writing your local state government and the representatives on Capitol Hill who you know wont favor this, to prevent or at least slow the progress of this plan to turn you into government’s dependent. Do what you want with it.

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