Runaway Train ?

History shows that the best preventative for conflict between two ideologically-opposed sovereigns is social and economic interdependence and cooperation between their two peoples. Ex-Marine and UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter has been online these past few months giving his unvarnished assesments and warnings on what has really been unfolding with the conflict in Ukraine. In the process and largely unbeknownst to him, he has gained a large number of Russian viewers who hear his analyses via translators. He expects a large Russian offensive soon that will defeat Ukraine – something that was never Russia’s initial objective – and which will likely lead to larger scale war if/when the US and NATO step into the breech with their own forces. He says the west underestimates and does not understand the resilience of the Russian people and their capability to endure suffering. He believes the sobriety and prudence of Russian leadership will be what prevents the development of nuclear war and, as a soldier himself, is moved by the willingness of Russian forces to absorb casualties that are only happening to them because they are observing the limits on their retaliation that they have been ordered to maintain. He says that the west’s current delivery round of tanks and vehicles to the Ukrainians, without adequate training & support, will result in breakdowns and the systematic slaughter of many Ukrainian soldiers on the battlefield. It is heartening that his Russian counterpart in this conversation agrees that at some point, the American and Russian peoples will move-on cooperatively after our leadership is done pursuing this war, and that the Russian people, for the most part, do not hate the American people for what is happening. At least the people of the two countries would like to engage in is ongoing talks, to the extent possible.

Germany’s foreign minister just said her country is now at war with Russia. If/when America gets more directly involved, keep an eye on the other nations that hold animus towards us now. It would be a ripe opportunity for China to take Taiwan, and if the US tries to fight back there as well, we will lose. Its probably not helpful that Biden’s policies have thinned the ranks of our military, lowered the levels of our strategic petroleum reserve, depeleted our stocks of armaments, and destroyed our energy independence. But tregardless, war would be a great opportunity to default and reset the dollar with a CBDC, to impose digital tracking of citizens, as well as martial law and further restrictions on our rights to move about and transact as we please.

“All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.” – Orwell

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