The Gas-Stove Kerfuffle

Most everyone are now aware of the conspiracy-fact in-place between the WEF, governments, muti-nationals like the UN and WHO, as well as some of the biggest operators in tech, pharma, media, and finance,. So writing about the existence of that cabal among power-elites is not very informative anymore. But as new tactics among these players get rolled-out, all of those same people still overwhelmingly fail to put-together the likely reasons behind them, so writing about some of them may still be contributive. They are many now and are arising faster, but here is just one recent one to consider:

There has been satire and mockery regarding the strong blowback the Biden administration received against the fact that it made banning the use of gas stoves one of its objectives. It seeks to do so for our own good of course – the reason cited was that the presence of gas stoves in homes negatively affect mental acuity and learning in kids – of course curtailing it also happens to be helpful in reducing your annual CO2 emissions by an amount equal to a very small fraction of a percentage of the amount that John Kerry’s just produces in one of his transnational hops. It matters little that gas stoves have been in-use for over two centuries without any conclusive data supporting the claim that they deteriorate brains – nor that there are much more pressing national health issues to move-on like deterring smoking, drinking, drug use, and stemming the steady, mass flow of fentanyl over the open border.

In that setting, the feds’ focus on stoves should already be curious to most sensible and aware people, who don’t look at these types of actions in isolation. Those who did find it odd might instead ask themselves “what is a pattern among their ongoing agendas that this fits-with, and which provides an alternate and most plausible explanation for it ?”. Well: the aforementioned cabal has openly stated that eliminating personal property ownership is one of its prime objectives (that is on the WEF website). One way this objective has been pursued is to destroy small businesses by locking them down for unsustainable periods (of years). Here is another more recent one that also targets government taking greater control over the food supply:

Dutch farmers are the most productive anywhere. That small country has been a breadbasket to Europe. The system of farming there, like most other places in this modern time, depends on the use of nitrogenous fertilizers. The Dutch government restricted the use of these fertilizers (for the good of the planet and us, of course) without holding any consortia nor consultations with the farmers regarding work-arounds, taper-offs, nor other alternative plans – it simply impose a fiat ban on the key nutrient that they rely upon to produce. Shortly afterwards, when the farmers started to fail systematically, the same Dutch government showed-up as first-bidder to acquire their land from them at-discount. It first knocked out their legs from under them and, let them fall into their net: food supply further restricted, and more private land transferred into the hands of government – a quite effective tactic. BTW, if you haven’t heard about the recent and apparently-permanent closure of the BASF chemical facility in Germany, which was the world’s leading producer of nitrogenous fertilizer elements, you may want to look-into it if-interested. As-for what’s going on with farmland in the USA, I’ve read nothing yet indicating whether Bill Gates, who is the biggest single holder of it, has repurposed it or replanted it with the genetically-redesigned crops that he has been a proponent of.

Here in the United States where we have a constitution with a bill of rights that protects property along with other things, the government cannot pursue such debilitate-and-grab tactics so directly without getting slowed down in the courts and attracting much heightened negative attention in the process. So instead, the prevailing tactic here appears to be for the government to outsource its grabs for more ownership and more control over existing freedoms. The recent twitter file revelations that Matt Taibbi has so carefully chronicled is a prime example of our government is outsourcing its power-grab tactics to private ‘contractors’. That company acted in response to directives from the White House, FBI, etc. to snuff the voices that those power-centers wanted to see snuffed.

With that backdrop noted, consider again the prospect of a much more interfering, supposedly-caring, US nanny administration issuing dictats on how you must reconfigure your home to comply with new fiat requirements for net-zero carbon, much higher energy efficiency, and the elimination of ‘toxic’ substances that it says may be bad for your health like the combustion byproducts from natural gas (US natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel on earth, BTW): Even a retired couple who did everything right for their security (house paid off and the fixed-income on their life savings affording them their living standard) could then soon face an un-anticipatable bill of $150-200K to replace their gas HVAC, water heater, clothes dryer, and stove with electrical counterparts, to put solar panels on the roof (there has already been pressure on people to do this for some time), to install double-pane windows, and to fill the walls and ceilings with upgraded insulation. And if that couple has to sell and become renters in response to that, there is no need for the US government to brazenly step-up to acquire their home, because they already have their outsource ‘contractors’ like Blackrock (whose CEO is now at the annual WEF meeting in Davos) in-place to do it for them. This is a very good American adaptation of the model just applied in the Netherlands for the government to put people out of their private farm property to take control of it. And banning gas stoves seems (to me) like a like trial-ballon first-step. Actually, the first step, before requiring home modifications, will simply be to spike energy costs. Everyone knows that the increases so-far are due to the White House killing domestic petrofuels production – not to anything Vladimir Putin has done. We have already seen natural gas prices soar in Europe by as much as 15X. When the monthly energy bill for an American home jumps from $200/month to $3000/month, that alone will be quite enough to put many households (deeper) into financial peril.

One confirming sign to look for is whether this campaign against gas stoves, which on its own seems quite silly and inappropriately-emphasized in-light of so many other more pressing issues to deal with now, is whether it remains a persistent objective even after much of the public has roundly rejected and ridiculed it. The same is true with the vaccines: a resurgence of lockdowns and vax-coercion would be even more telling, since we now know that these vaxxes do not prevent covid infection nor its spread, and that they come with health risks that would be unacceptable for any that had been subjected to the standard safety testing protocols prior to their release. Since all the initial falsehoods that were spread to convince people into taking them have been disproven, there is no valid reason to reimpose vax mandates.

Some may say that ‘connecting-dots’ like I just did with stove thing makes me a tinfoil hat conspiracy-theorist who irrationally jumps to conclusions. I reject that: I think it makes one a less-gullible, independent thinker. The rationale that I just described for why it is being done seems more sensible to my mind than the one the authorities have given us, and I don’t presume that it is necessarily correct. Rather, I developed a couple of ‘likely warning signs’ (the government making more fiat restrictions on homes that fit with this hypothesis, homeowners becoming financially-squeezed by them while the government remains tone-deaf to their suffering like it has been to the cries against our open border, etc.). The only time available to prevent tyranny and loss of your assets & rights is before it happens (and the place to do it now seems to be at the level of your state government, provided that you don’t live in California, Illinois, etc.). In a time when waiting-for-proof means losing, making efforts to assess the strategy and tactics of your ‘opponents’ in-advance is the only way to counter them, as has always been the case in any ‘war’. Playing chess without looking ahead at what your opponent’s most likely upcoming moves will be is a formula for losing.

As I’ve mentioned before, it is crazy and inhumane enough for our government and NATO to keep the push on for war with Russia to cover for their upcoming national defaults and to takeover and shutdown Russian petrofuel production (if you or any of your children are under 35, there exists a non-negligible probability that a new military draft will be established that may conscript your family members). However this simultaneous push to make all domestic money & commerce, transportation, home-appliances, etc. reliant on electricity is underway before our grid has been upgraded to accommodate the increased load. But what is most reckless about this right now is that it would only take military strikes at ~13 key distribution nodes in our electrical grid to comprehensively disable it nationally. If this government were ever to completely force all these things to be powered electrically, and if the Russians subsequently used their hypersonic missiles (which noone has any capability to shoot down) to take-out those key grid nodes, the USA then would basically be plunged back into the dark ages. When Mr. Biden & Co. discuss measures they might take on behalf of our safety and well-being, I’d hope they might consider that before they move on banning my gas stove – like almost all of our previous administrations would.

The current US government has a foolhardy martial belligerence unlike any I can recall. It has a war on internally against its own people, a growing external one with Russia-via-Ukraine, and elevated conflict stances with Iran, North Korea and China. And our military’s readiness is down; we have given much of our stock of armaments to our celebrated great friend Volodymyr Zelensky who is also presently hobnobbing with the other new-world globalist visionaries at Davos – like the directors of our FBI and CIA.

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