War Crimes

Americans have enjoyed a rather privileged status since WWII that they largely took for granted. As they traveled the world, they could expect in many countries to get-by with speaking English and carrying dollars, and for people to regard and treat them reasonably well. Foreign exchange trading was a market traded by professionals, not an everyday risk element to be navigated like it has been for European business owners. Keeping track of international treaties and agreements have also been less pressing on American citizens than the Superbowl since their own government (which used to act on their behalf most of the time) was usually the driving force behind them. The history of other nations did not capture their interest because they had no pressing need to learn about it. They largely beleived that the force that their government projected internationally was a good and stabilizing one, and most trusted what it told them about that. Wars were foreign conflicts on other continents experienced only through the media and occasionally personal news of lost or wounded friends and relatives.

Most Americans beleived it when their government told them of its virtuous and righteous justifications for going to war. The security, freedom, and economic opportunity in America also influenced its people in certain ways. New American immigrants focussed on using that to fulfill their aspirations to own a home, secure their future, and to live as they chose. But for many native born Americans who never had to immigrate to live in a stable place nor struggle to feed themselves nor nor to meet other basic needs, and who had no gratitude for any of that, it allowed them to focus on envying their fellow countrymen who had more than them, and to resent the US system for enabling them to get it. Basics like keeping the country safe and functioning was not their main concern. The envy and resentment of these people are now a big factor in the transformation of the USA, just as it has been elsewhere.

But all of this is now changing quite abruptly and sharply, as the US government is pushing NATO into a purely elective war with Russia. Watch the upcoming reactions in the US as Russia rolls-over Ukraine, destroying the narratives that the western media and the US government have upheld. Watch the next turn in Americans’ sentiment once they realize out that the US administration has invited military attacks on our home soil this time. European peoples and governments are beginning to balk, now-realizing that this has all-along been an intended war that has been allowed to build so that the west can move to take down the Moscow regime. Germany is considering instituting a military draft. Seymour Hersh revealed that the US definitively blew-up the nordstream pipeline. America and NATO have broken every agreement they made with Russia on border containment since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and Angela Merkel recently revealed that there was never any intent to honor the Minsk agreement from the moment it was signed. That it was merely a deception to buy time for Ukraine to arm itself and to prepare for conflict with Russia. It still dumbfounds me that the network of US-intalled bioweapons labs throughout the country are still not the subject of hearings, and a reason to at-least pause the march toward war while taking a deeper look.

There are so many things about this conflict that an engaged and enquiring American should already know: Zelensky entered into peace negotiations with Russia early-on in the conflict, and was ordered by the US (with Boris Johnson as frontman) to walk away from them. The interim government that set the stage for the Kolomoisky-puppeted Zelensky to take office was installed by the CIA-backed Maidan coup. The US has been backing ethnic cleansing by some of the same Nazis in this conflict that it defeated in WWII; they never vanished. The Donbass has always been Russian in composition. Since it was drawn-into Ukraine it has been a rebel holdout that the Ukrainian government has persistently bombed. Ukraine is now losing the war, and its forward prospects are dimmer than ever. This conflict could have ended peacefully if Zelensky stayed in negotiations and handed Putin the Donbass, but now the entire country of Ukraine is going to be slowly and systematically blitzed, and Zelensky wont be around when that happens – he will be living high in one of his lavish properties around the world, likely the one in Florida. Nonetheless, 65% of brainwashed Americans still back the ‘Liberation of Ukraine’. Scott Ritter comments here on how the US-led deception of westerners on the progress of the war is about to crumble for those of us who read more than the mainstream newsspeak (start the video at 11:00 for brevity).

The Iraq war was initiated with no clear end goal defined other than to take down Saddam Hussein (and hopefully find a cache of WMDs to justify that). Once Saddam no longer ruled, the Kurd, Sunni, and Shia factions in the country were freed up. They promptly engaged each other in a power grab conflict that soon became a huge civil war. Because this debacle was the making of the Bush administration, it had to keep US troops engaged for a prolonged period of ‘nation-building’; a role that they never trained for, and which thousands more of them died performing. No United States nor world-community interest was served by that war.

The only objective of this new war with Russia has been Biden’s statement that “This man (Putin) must go”. It is the same objective of regime-change (and subjugation of another country) that motivated the Iraq invasion. It is illegal for the US government to invade another country in order to remove its leadership, but we do it. The constitution requires a 2/3 vote of congress to take the country to war, but we’ve also found ways around that with the newer congressional Authorizations for the Use of Force (AUMFs). This was created because of the concern that when an existential threat from another country arose, congress might not be in-session or it might take too much time in deliberation of war. AUMFs have been used many times, but not for those reasons. If Putin were ever removed, he would be replaced by more hardline people who have already been urging him to nuke Kiev. Not only would Russian leadership be more hostile to the west, it is also likely that Russia would balkanize into ~5 states. Both developments would be negative for international stability. The fall of Russia would be very unlikely to happen without a nuclear exchange, and the western leaders who desire that would then shut down Russian fossil fuel energy in their campaign to forcefully armtwist everyone to convert to their climate change religion.

Not only is the west’s end-goal planning lacking, so is its plan to attain it. General Douglas MacGregor points-out here how the remaining Ukrainian forces have been depleted and are about to be systematically routed by the Russians. He point out here that the US military is not prepared to fight a large scale traditional ground war in Eastern Europe, nor anywhere (“we are predominantly an aerospace and maritime force”). If your government wants to take your country to war and throw your children into battle, a few of the most fair and basic questions to require it answer are: 1. Why is going to war essential for the security and the interests of our country ? 2. What is the end goal that, once attained, will stop the war (and exactly how will we know that we’ve acheived it) ? and: 3. What are your assurances that we are prepared to control the conflict and drive to a win in this (elective) war ? The US government has no answers for these questions – nor is it being pressed to give any.

Russia now understands that this is a strategic war whose goal is to destroy their country for good, and they are preparing accordingly. Purposely choosing, without any real need, to push a nuclear superpower into a corner that it can escape only by fighting an existential war is far from prudent and responsible. Elon Musk has smelled the rat and is pulling out his Starlink satellite network service that is widely-known to have kept internet access for Ukrainians, but which Kiev has also used to direct drone strikes, and for ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance)-driven targeting of battlefield fire. Palantir’s software is still in-use for data synthesis into strategic orchestration purposes, but this is not terribly surprising since the company has had deep-state ties from its outset (it received significant early-stage funding from the CIA).

The selloff of US sovereign debt, particularly from the Chinese, is due in-part to commonly-cited reasons like de-dollarization, but it is also a pre-war move that has commonly occurred through history. After the world saw how ruthlessly the White House sanctioned and seized (even private) assets of Russians, any nations expecting that they likely may be in direct conflict with the US soon are repatriating their capital away from it. No country wants to end up helping to fund it’s enemy during wartime.

The perfect storm continues to brew at-home inside the US as well with recession looming, and all the gradual soft/outsourced coup activity going on. Fundamentally, the country continues to polarize and to divide ever more sharply. In my state, you are legally justified in shooting any unknown, unannounced person who breaks-into your house, and in some states I beleive you can still do so when people trespass on your land. But in New Jersey, you have to let an intruder proceed with what he’s doing and run out of your house (I suppose likely leaving family members behind) before you can use force against him and still be a free person – I guess you can only defend yourself if the crook tries to pursue you as you are running away through the snow in your pajamas. There are states that have banned abortion and a number which are banning sex-change operations for minors. But if a kid runs away from his state to California to get re-sexed, the providers there are compelled by-law to provide the procedure for that. There’s just no putting our cultural Humpty-Dumpty back together again. Decide which side is yours, pick a state suited to it, and make your opinions heard with the local government there. The United States will not remain united. Resident Indians have an option for their future that I wish I had. India is a country that still needs a lot of development, but its a freer place and ironically less-corrupt place than the United States now, and its direction for the future is positive.

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