The elites are now your abusers (but how you treat others is still up to you)

Its going to get serious now. Again, the fundamental looming problem we all face stems from this: western government leaders, in their aim to look benevolent and thus keep themselves perpetually reelected, have used the money of the people (and of at least two generations of their descendants) to bribe their favor via continual borrowing and spending without any concern of repaying any of the debt. Now that these administrations are going insolvent, they know that they will face the revolutionary wrath of the people, as so many monarchies in history did at this point where the working class are all are about to realize that their trust in government’s management of the social support programs (now social security, pensions, medicare/medicaid, etc.) was ill-placed.

Having betrayed the peoples’ trust on this first count, the leaders of western governments, still fixed on keeping themselves in power, opted to turn to globalist organizations like the WEF, UN, WHO, etc., agreeing to collectively put into play a sequence of ploys (COVID & lockdowns, social division, and degrading the rule of law) to finally screw over everyday people for good. This involved culling individuals’ voices, freedoms, physical & mental strength & clarity, wealth, as well as their security with regard to their basic needs (finances, health, food, power, and their rights to move about, assemble, and to freely express their convictions). With all the governments in-league with them, the globalists were finally able to move their plans from pipe dreams into implementation. Corporate power-centers (media, tech, banking, healthcare,..) were conscripted in this scheme, each assured a piece of the consolidated power and control to-come.

In-turn the governments gained a means for subduing those they had been pretending to serve all along: their citizens. Having betrayed the trust of the people once, they fell in-league with people like Klaus Schwab with long-held aspiration to turn the masses of ordinary folk into a new type of human chattel serf. We are to live as government says we will in tiny city dwellings on a government UBI stipend, confined within “15-minute” ghettos, where our thoughts, movements, and activity will be under constant surveillance and ‘evaluation’ by the state. To accomplish that, Schwab wants to go as far as to install monitoring chips into peoples’ heads. Synchron, Blackrock, Neuralink, and Neural Edge each have AI chip intitatives underway, and the implantation of them into peoples’ brains has already begun [1, 2, 3]. With the takeover of our monetary system by a CBDC now imminent, as well as created crises including superpower wars, food & energy shortages, and economic collapse, we are likely at a point where turning back all of this will treachery soon become much less possible – we will be just too-tightly yoked. Just a reminder on where we are all headed if we continue to just ‘keep our heads down and wish for the best’. We will all be slaves living shorter lives of servitude to the few elites in control. These government have also aligned with the US neocons’ aim to use military force to reshape and consolidate global power.

Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that when Americans find themselves suffering under the control of such a despotic government that it is our duty to “throw off such government” and replace it with ‘new guards for our future security’. Well here we are – if there is no collective (peaceful) resistance to this government, we should not fool ourselves as-to where we are being herded. The scale of this scheme is unprecedented, but analogous attempts at overthrow have occurred in numerous places (Venezuela, Cuba, etc.) around the world. Once the people realize that they are being herded not into Elysium but under despotism, the result of the overthrow then hinges critically on who the police and the military choose to side with: the despot or the people. It is no coincidence that the ranks of the preexisting police forces in America’s cities have been drastically thinned, and that the military now indoctrinates woke ideology into its ranks. I don’t know how to organize, I don’t know counter-revolutionary tactics, but I do know that I’d rather sit in jail or die on my feet than let myself becoming a remote-controlled human drone just so I can continue to breathe for a few years longer in that horrible status. There is no political solution to this, no matter which party holds power. I was born with inalienable rights enshrined in the legal fundament of my country, and I am going to have my rights.


Paper assets are tokens of value or of obligations to deliver value. Tangible assets are the physical goods whose utility value to humans tokens like cash were designed to represent. The value of paper assets is dependent upon the level of peoples’ prevailing confidence that the value or obligation that they represent will be honored and held-up by the parties that back them, government being foremost among them. Tangibles like gold or wheat obviously exist as-they-are and need no such validation by human parties to maintain their (utility and hence their) value.

When full scale direct war between NATO and Russia in Europe is declared (or finally admitted to), European capital, seeking a safer haven as it did during both world wars, will migrate more vigorously to the USA. When Americans’ confidence in their own government completely dissolves (which has just started), capital will flow away from cash, derivatives, and the debt market into commodities, property, and into the stocks of large blue chip companies that produce essential nondiscretionary goods like food, energy, and shelter, and which have tangible assets like factories and physical inventory. These two migrations, combined with the fact that war expenditures are always inflationary, should lead to a final runup in tangible assets and in US stocks (the Dow more so than the Nasdaq) regardless of whether the US is experiencing stagflation or a resurgence of inflation. The amount of money in the treasury market is 10 times that in the equity market, so the rise may be significant. As always, timing these moves will be key, but they are not far off now.

Moving from paper assets to tangibles is also wise to get out of the CBDC surveillance trap to the extent possible, and to avoid risks like bail-ins (confiscation) from bank accounts as well as non-ERISA retirement accounts. Gold will again be a good ‘hedge against government’, governments and institutions have loaded-up on it, but we all know that “you cant eat gold”. Buying gold and silver coins affords you the possibility of using them to buy what you need. For those who can afford it, buying condos or other apartments and renting them out as cashflow assets is a worthy option, though it may be riskier in hard-blue states: Recall that during California’s COVID lockdown when many out-of-work people could no longer afford rent, Newsom declared a ‘rent moratorium’ during which landlords had to let their renters dwell-for-free in their properties.

CBDC rollouts are coming faster than many anticipated (surprise !). The World Bank in conjunction with the IMF just deployed one designed for global transactions called the Unicorn or the Universal Monetary Unit (viz Universal Monitoring Utility ?..). The launch was announced by the Digital Currency Monetary Authority (DCMA), an entity recently formed by the two global central banks for the stated purpose of “enabling trade globalization” during this time when the west’s economic hostility just destroyed the unity of the previously-global economy. Let’s see how eagerly China, Russia, India, and Saudi Arabia jump to adopt it. With the terms of their new trade agreements already specified, they dont need it. The new global CBDC, also called Unicoin, is configurable to accomodate the federal banking regulations of each country that adopts its use. It can effect direct cross-border payments with instant settlement while entirely bypassing the extant banking system. Although there is negligible media buzz about it, it seems like big news to me.

For those who cant afford to purchase whole properties, there now exist offerings enabling direct fractional investment into farmland and residential properties[1, 2]. Getting your capital into tangible assets and standing your ground is the best general strategy, but there will be no absolutely safe havens nor bets. When governments are go bust and the politicians become desperate to hold on to power, they completely discard the rule of law and do whatever they choose to. FDR outlawed gold, Truman moved to seize the railroad and steel industries, and the CEO of JPM has already called for government to invoke eminent domain to seize private properties, ostensibly in-service of the green energy agenda, like numerous other recent violations of our civil rights supposedly were.

The crazy preppers who moved to places like rural West Virginia 5 years ago to plant crops & raise chickens, dig water wells, install solar panels, put up wire fences, and acquire arms and ammo don’t look so crazy now. They are self-sufficient in a place where they can defend themselves against anyone who they don’t invite in. They will sit in their quiet forest redoubts eating their lunches with cold beer while watching the coming civil uprisings in the cities on their TVs from distance, just as everyday Americans have watched our wars and sporting events for decades. Stay stocked up on food, water, and now that Taiwan may be blockaded, it might also be good to buy any electronics (smartphones, laptops, etc.) that you anticipate needing.

As I expected, Dutch farmers’ land is now being bought-out by their government, the very same agent that put their businesses under pressure by outlawing the use of nitrogen fertilizers. This is being done in the name of preserving the environment (very novel, no ?), however the deal that the government is offering the farmers indicates there is more behind it. The farmers not only must agree to hand over their farmland for a lump sum of Guilders or Euros; but also not to take their considerable farming knowledge and expertise elsewhere to again start producing food for humanity, regardless of whether they find ways to cut their use of nitrogen fertilizer or not (!) So much of their farming knowledge and expertise will be lost. The EU is fully backing this scheme to forcibly shut down thousands of the most productive farms in Europe and to ban the farmers forever from returning to agriculture.

It is true that an overabundance of nitrogen in the waterways can cause blooms of algae and other aquatic plant life that can disturb the balance of aquatic ecosystems. But nitrogen (like carbon) is a naturally-occurring nontoxic element, and the level of it in the water column can be restored by much less destructive means. This, together with the high level of political attention being paid to doing it so destructively all indicate this to be another WEF-inspired grab to nationalize personal property and to make the citizenry more dependent on government for its basic needs – in this case food. New York City has not only started to eliminate the use of gas stoves for cooking food, but will also control the sort of food that its inhabitants will be allowed consume, all to benefit (you guessed it) the climate. Mayor Adams aims to reduce ‘food based emissions’ by 1/3 by 2030) by tracking every household’s food consumption and carbon footprint. As-if NYC has no more dire exigencies to prioritize first, right ? It appears likely to become one of the first ‘fifteen minute cities in the USA. Get out of it if you still live there.

Along with the Dutch farmland grab we saw another curious government-sponsored deal that further consolidated assets and power into big government-crony institutions while making questionable business sense, this one in the US banking sector. The WEF’s favorite American bank JP Morgan Chase, headed by WEF young leader Jamie Dimon got $63 billion from the FDIC ($13 billion from the DIF and $50 billion in FDIC-arranged financing) so that it could take receivership of the failed First Republic; another mismanaged bank that served primarily wealthy coastal clientele. The acquisition does not bring a vibrant new business operation under JPM’s umbrella, however it does bring all of First Republic’s depositors and accounts in. There is talk that such bank consolidation is a preparatory move in converting everyone’s money into a new CBDC, likely through financial lockdowns, capital controls, and executive action. As-of April 13, First Republic’s assets totaled $229 billion, $173 billion of which were loans. The FDIC also pledged to provide loan-loss coverage to JPM of 80% on the mortgages,and commercial loans including real estate, similar to the loss-share agreements JPM got on real estate loans when it acquired Bear Stearns in 2008. Shares of PacWest Bancorp and Western Alliance Bancorp slid sharply yesterday, along with those of other regional banks. Management of those two banks said the losses were driven primarily by speculative short-selling of their shares, not by any acceleration of depositors withdrawing their money and causing any increased degradation in their solvency.

Many are calling the $50 billion in 5-year fixed rate term financing from the FDIC a bailout that enabled JPM to absorb FRB. The rate, and other terms, of the financing have not been disclosed as-yet. From the 2008 crisis to COVID lockdown to now the trend has been for government to prop-up too big to fail institutions and bringing them into greater control or influence of government while allowing smaller ones to die. This makes them even bigger; JPM now controls over 10% of us retail deposits, which is technically illegal. Complicity and obeisance of the private sector power institutions with government (usually in conjunction with a rabid level of nationalism) is the correct definition of fascism. So more people’s savings are now held in this government crony bank. Glen Beck points out that the arrangement of financing by the FDIC may be due, in-part, to the fact its DIF, as-of the start of the year, held $126.8 billion, less than the losses associated with the banks that have failed so-far. Then there’s the looming debt-ceiling deadline which has made the risk mitigating movement by bank depositors of their deposits into money market funds more risky.

China brokered a peace deal between Shia Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia; two countries that have hated each other since their inceptions. They both agreed to a new oil trading compact to be settled in Yuan. Russia and China are now working together after Xi’s meeting with Putin in Moscow, and Russia has banned the exportation of oil to the west, redirecting it to China, India, and other BRICS countries. The response from the west ?: Continuing to destroy itself from inside while throwing spitballs and acting evermore belligerent to the rest of the world. A Ukrainian-sourced drone strike, the second in a week, on the Kremlin failed to damage it and had no chance of killing Putin since he wasn’t even there. The US is setting up two new military bases in Finland which just joined NATO, as well as four new ones in the Philippines in preparation for conflict with China over Taiwan. The plan is for an increase of 40 % in US military spending. China is selling US federal debt furiously now, and it appears that the balloons from China may not be spying platforms but rather delivery mechanisms for a catastrophic EMP attack on our power grid. Apparently, the one that recently passed over most of the United States was literally a trial balloon.

Even after experiencing the dire shortage of energy that Germany’s green agenda foisted on its people, and acknowledging that a number of them would likely be dead if last winter was not such mild one, Germany is closing down its last 3 nuke plants. Not only does this constitute madness, but also mass murder. If you cutoff anyone’s supply of food or heating or air to the point that they perished, that is the legal charge your would be facing. Governments haven’t figured-out how to deprive their people of breathing yet, but they have weakened the supply of the other staples underpinning modern life (water, energy, food, currency that you can own, privately store, and control by yourself, freedom of thought and opinion, and personal sovereignty over your own health decisions).

Zelensky is absconding with state assets, lining his pockets which already are filled with hundreds of millions, in preparation to flee to (likely) Miami after obediently leading the destruction of his country and of his people for the US-led NATO command. Everyone in power seems to grabbing at what they can while the roof still holds up. So it goes.

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