Countdown to Tyranny

Senators Sinema and Lummis introduced a bill on March 21 (“The Improving Digital Identities Act of 2023”) to create US digital identities. The bill calls for collaboration of private sector businesses with governments to universally meld the gathering and synthesizing of personal information that can used to build social credit profiles on everyone. I wrote years ago that the government would likely outlaw cryptos once it shifted from cash dollars to the digital dollar, and that that new CBDC would become the only fungible money throughout the US economy. Now that the government is near to launching its digital money (FedNow activates on May 3), it appears that it has begun to go-after existing cryptos. Coinbase, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, just received a Wells notice from the SEC, and Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, was sued by the CFTC. I like living in the mountain west (Friday was my last ski day of this season on my local mountian), but after DeSantis outlawed the use of domestic or international CBDCs in Florida, it made me think that maybe I should have moved to that humid, flat, and now-expensive-&-evermore-crowded state. Living in a society where money equals a federal CBDC is bondage and subjugation under central control. We are headed into the final stage of the collapse of western civilization. Everyone knows that First Republic Bank lost 97% of its stock value over the past 6 months, and that the economy and financial complex are in delicate shape. Perceptive people also realize that the government is poised to use a financial (or any) crisis to drive faster changes.

The people of the world watched in stupified angst as Biden became the first to announce, via a carefully-produced video presentation (that obviously touted no acheivements so-far), that he will be the democratic front-runner for president again in 2024, against the will of democrats and every other demographic on earth. The tagline in his vid, “Let’s finish the job”, sounded ominous given the course that he has taken America down so far. This announcement is even more worrisome in light of the fact that his physical and mental decrepitude makes it around a 50/50 bet that Kamala Harris would end up taking over from him as ‘leader of the free world’ through the latter half of his term. It would matter in terms of international relations and public projection, but as far as what the US government does, the puppeteers now operating the Biden mannequin would continue running things, just with Kamala Devi as the new puppet dangling on the end of their strings.

Government now protects powerful entitites instead of the individual citizen, and privileges heedless & rash individuals over lawful & responsible ones. It allows companies like Amazon to change their services so that they can remove stuff you’ve already paid for. New home buyers with high credit scores are being made to subsidize those with lower ones. And it continues to push us all into world war III. Jens Stoltenberg’s pledged support for accession of Ukraine into NATO is a sure tripwire for war with Russia, and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that he is preparing his country for war. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is now drafting soldiers. Central banks know that war is a primary driver of inflation; the Fed began to raise rates in mid-March 2022, within a few weeks of the Ukraine war. I cannot begin to digest the mental image of president Kamala Harris, during wartime, giving one of her nonsensical word-salad soliliquies to Putin and Xi or cackling like a harlequin; her familiar tact for ‘breaking the ice and building rapport’ as well as for covering for her own insecurity. The American media continue working to keep the public as aligned as possible with the neocons’ war agenda, although a few voices, apart from Tucker Carlson’s, are calling them out in dissent.

New York has begun banning the use of gas stoves because that is more of an imperative for Kathy Hochul and the rest of the state’s governance than turning back the murder rate, the office vacancy rate, the tax rate, and the growing exodus from the state. There is a relabeling effort under way to drop the term ‘natural’ from natural gas so that this cleanest-burning and very abundant fuel source can be more readily demonized in the minds of the sheeple. In my post on January 18 (‘The Gas Stove Kerfuffle’) I sketched how government will use environmentally-justified dictats to serve the ‘ You Will Own Nothing and STFU’ agenda by making it too expensive for many homeowners to remain in compliance with their dictats. Watch: once ‘no gas stoves’ gains a broader foothold, it will soon extend to no gas anything (clothes dryers, HVAC, etc.); because obviously once natural gas is verboten, all of the devices that use it will be too. Then mandated solar, higher-efficiency thermal insulation in your windows, walls, and roof, along with god knows what else will make it too costly for many people to ‘upgrade’ their homes in order to accord with the new enviro-regulations that none of them had any opportunity to vote on. Then those people will have to start surrendering their homes over to private financial proxies of government’s agenda like Blackrock.

Most of what is happening now has been told openly to us for some time but we’ve dismissed or neglected it. Its time to abide by the saying that “When people tell you what they are about, believe them“.

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