Project Icebreaker: A Move to Bring all Federal CBDCs Under the Auspice of a Multinational Central Bank and to Bypass the Use of the Existing Banking System

‘The Lord of The Rings’ is J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythologized medieval epic of the classic battle of good against evil. In it, the evil forces led by the dark lord Sauron are seeking dominion and control over all of the creatures and peoples of Middle Earth. Subjugation by force was central to his campaign, but the prime device for bring everyone under his control was black magic. Magical power (white and black) for the leaders of the various lands of middle earth was concentrated in a set of rings which they were to wear on their hands. The one particular ring that Sauron needed to regain possession of in order to complete his evil imposition of universal enslavement and tyranny had been found and was being held by a lowly and humble Hobbit named Frodo. On its inner-circumference a secret, normally-invisibly-concealed phrase written in Elven tongue was inscribed. It read:

“One ring to rule them all,

one ring to find them.

One ring to bring them all,

and in the darkness bind them.”

To thwart Sauron’s plan and to preserve freedom and goodness, the ring had to be destroyed. This could only be accomplished by the successful execution of a very dangerous mission to carry the ring into Sauron’s own dark land of Mordor and then throw it into the caldera of Mount Doom. The ringbearer designated for this op was none other than ordinary-citizen Frodo, owing to his uplifting, humble, simple, loyal, & caring nature, his hardy courage & character, as well as his unobtrusiveness, rabbit-like nimbleness, sense of adventure, and quick-learning. He was also supposedly good with boats…

The following video outlines the essence of the breaking news I want to relay here pretty well, so I’ll just link it in here so that you can watch it rather than recast its content into a few paragraphs of my own writing. You can go through some emails or other things during the first ho-hum part of it which describes the hierarchy of existing banking institutions, but you may want to focus more when it gets into the breaking news on Unicoin and what it looks like the powers-that-be are up to with it. Like the COVID outbreak & lockdown, as well as all the other nefarious chicanery since, its probably not a coincidence that the IMF’s Unicoin was activated prior to most countries’ own “sovereign” federal CBDCs. The video connects some dots, but in a time like this when noxious ‘surprises’ keep getting dropped on us, reading the tea leaves in-advance is a must. Bloomberg, Reuters, and the WSJ wont give it to you.

Mark, the guy in the video, says he made it because he wants to awaken all of the ‘Sleeping lions’ among us. So now that you know about this, are you going to do anything about it ? Its Frodo-time: Intimidating, yes, but also very invigorating as a call now – especially compared to living just for the goals of paying off the mortgage, funding your retirement and your kids’ education, as well as securing some fulfillment with travel and other enjoyments. Its not everyday that you get the chance to step up and fight to save the future of mankind to prevent all of us (still somewhat) free, self-determined people, and our descendants, from being turned into techno-serfs. That’s what this is about, and it not our doing. The ‘dark ones’ are using the power of all ‘their’ resources, paid-for with our own tax money, to come after us to put theire. yoke on us. What are we going to do now; sit still and wait ? …

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