The problems and their solution lie inside

“Evil men will burn down their own country to rule over the ashes” – Sun Tzu

Our invertebrate population allows and accepts the steady and incremental ratcheting-up of authoritarian control measures. This one we saw 30 years ago in science fiction films. Now that it is arriving in our lives, people (so-far) are just acceeding to it:

Because New York City has one of the worst violent crime rates in the nation as a consequence of its soft policing and prosecution policies, its residents have been clamoring for safer streets. In response, NYPD will soon deploy robo-dog cops as part of its policing force. How many dopey New Yorkers will there be who immediately welcome the move, forgetting that the mayor there could eliminate the crime problem simply by reversing the policies, implemented just 2-3 years ago. Why chooswe to take this action instead ? Apparently there will be no debate nor discussion, much less a vote on all the obvious questions that (should) arise, such as: How effective will armed robots be at preventing crime ?: I dont expect they will be very good at developing rapport with the local business operators and residents who have always been a good source of advance information on what and who the local police should keep their eyes on. I doubt they will defuse hostage situations effectively, nor talk many suicidal people off of building ledges. However, they will be impervious to gunshots as well as very effective at identifying people, chasing them down, and accurately shooting them in crowds. And if you interact with one, expect the audiovisual data it picks-up to be uploaded and stored not only for case-evidence, but likely also in the file for your social credit score.

Nobody is going to ask a robo-doggie cop for directions, for an explanation of what is going on in an unfolding crisis, where the closest hospital is, nor for a recommendation on where to get a good deli sandwich. But more seriously, if/when these robots commit violent abuses against citizens, who will be held accountable for that – the company that made them ? And to go a bit further with this: what if the US government at some point decides to use police and/or military force to control the population with force, as others have in social revolutions in many countries ? Are the robo-cops 100% autonomous, or can they be remotely-controlled (remotely-directed) to act as the unjust enforcers of a new police state ? Many human cops would refuse to do that if given the order, but not a single robo cop would.

Even individuals with a sound case of robocop malfeasance against them might have difficulty finding justice unless requirements are put in place for all the robo-doggie’s data on the encounter to be released by NYPD to the court. The New York Judical District is the most corrupt in the nation; it has been protecting big Wall Street for a long time. In the next election, democrats will promise to fix this crime problem that they caused and they will get votes that way – watch. The dopey New Yorkers who wanted to defund because they beleived in the narrative that cops are systemically racist should realize that machines can be programmed to discriminate as well. And if they can face-identify you and immediately scan your records, they will be able to discriminate against you on many more dimensions than just your physical appearance. Such things as political affiliation, social media expressions, etc. can be brought into play. But discriminating against people along these lines is already OK today, isn’t it ? Elon Musk just announced that he is going to develop a truth-based AI (‘Truth GPT’) now that it has become evident (based on how it has answered many questions) that Chat GPT was trained to operate with a woke bias.

California just mandated fixed monthly rates and unlimited usage for electricity, obliterating any economic incentive for people to conserve electricity. This in the state that has been suffering rolling brownouts during the warm months for several years now. Another example of socialist idealism imposed from top-down with the noxious combination of hubris and stupidity for everyone to suffer the results of. It is expected that some Californians will conduct large scale cryptocurrency mining at home for immediate profit for as long as this lasts. The IMF released its UNICOIN on April 10, so those concerned that CBDCs may eventually go one-world global have more to worry about now. As of now there is no telling whether UNICOIN will eventually supplant its SDRs. There will be another vote next year on whether the anonymous and unaccountable mandarins at the WHO will be able to tell us to take vaccines and stay locked down. How did things get this bad ? Of course there is a blow-by-blow timeline explanation, but the encompassing, apothegmatic answer is because we allowed it to – and that is also the reason why it will get worse.

Americans have been (able to be) ignorant of and unconcerned with worldly affairs, trusting in their government to handle foreign relations for them and tell them the truth about it, for decades. This is why Washington has been able to wage wars of its own choosing without accountability while taxpayers obligingly keep paying for them. Our constitution says that the individual is the sovereign and that we are endowed by nature at birth with a set of inalienable rights like freedom of thought and speech. But our government has alienated us from our rights. Ed Snowden, Julian Assange, Daniel Ellsberg, Matt Taibbi, Jack Teixeira, and Douglas ManKey, who is threatened with 10 years in prison for posting a meme mocking Hillary Clinton, are all examples all spoke up who revealed government malfeasance or satirizeds, and the government went after them with a vengeance. I remember when mocking government and the president was mainstream and the subject matter of Saturday Night Live every week.

I just recently posted that the US government is pushing America into war as a cover for its sovereign debt default and its imposition of a new (electronic) monetary regime. Also because the deep-state neocons have been dreaming about forcing ‘regime change’ in Russia for decades. There appears to be another reason as well, which accounts for why they are driving to get direct war underway by 2024: The left has no viable candidates in lieu of Biden. Although none of the rank-&-file in any political party nor any demographic wants that old corrupt, brain-dead bag of bones to sit in the Oval Office for another four years, it seems that keeping him there as their sock puppet will be their play based on the past record showing that Americans never want to switch leadership during wartime – I’m not so sure that pertains this time. Hillary Clinton told Sky News that Donald Trump will not win the next election and that cardboard cutout man Joe Biden will be re-elected, regardless who the Republican candidate is. Huh. Who cares if noone wants him ? He signs off on whatever EOs and legislation his puppeteers want him to. At this point, as long they keep getting their way they needn’t bother worrying about appearances anymore.

If you have small children, you have to be wary of the state indoctrinating them to deny history, to hate you and your society, to embrace LGBTQ+ before they ever feel the sex urge, and to for gender transition. And now your children ranging in age from 20 up have the likelihood of the state sending them to go fight in elective wars whose American imperative and benefits have never been explained because they dont exist. Some of these young Americans will suffer injury and death as many US soldiers have before. All of them will return home as programmed into woke doctrine, like the youth who have gone through today’s public school system. So far, drafts have been exclusively for male recruits aged 20-25 selected at random. Lets see if these limits on gender, age, and on unbiased selection remain in place.

China is dumping US debt even faster now and is also preparing physically for war with the US. The US’ ‘preparation’ includes lifting the debt ceiling again, this time by $1 trillion, in preparation for more inflationary war expenditures following immediately on the back of it funding the Ukraine imbroglio which to-date has been America’s costliest war since WWII. Biden’s measure to tax unrealized capital gains at rates up to 86% wont make it through the Republican House of Representatives. However, because it is a tax on inflation, it shows again how aggressively the people who operate him are out to destroy the living standard of the American people. With this tax, if they stayed in cash, inflation would most largely kill the value of their savings, yet if they move from cash into metals, land, and other tangibles assets that soar along with inflation, they would have to pay heavily even if their gains only existed on paper. No way out. This would also destroy Wall St., and the investment mechanisms that have spawned so many new companies. Government would become dominant sponsor of new enterprises. For the past half-year has been deflationary, but that could change with the launch of war. Everything this administration does is destructive, and that can no longer be sesibly attributable to naivete and the randomness of its mistakes. The administration is executing takedown. Not a single one of our wars since WWII was declared by congress, approveds of by the people, nor were any of them fought to protect the United States of America. They were all deep state necon operations.

With our own border completely open and undefended, it is likely that there would be a substantial number of kids who defy a new draft to purportedly go defend Ukraine’s border. Enlistment is down; the young people dont want to go through pronoun training. I think they also realize that this administration regards them (all human beings) as disposable in its game of power. This goes for foreigners who used to be close allies of the US as well as for Americans. We just saw Kirby ex-Rear Admiral of the USN, shamefully lie along with Karine Jean-Pierre to defend the administration’s disastrous pullout of Afghanistan. We left-behind Britain’s forces, our most stauch military ally since WWII, without notifying them in advance. Also tens of thousands of American volunteer teachers and aid-workers, as well Afghanis who loyally fought with and provided intelligence our military. That betrayal was far-greater even than what was reported. What young American wants to sign up while that leadership is in-place? What foreign government is going to trust Washington enough to support it in its new military adventures ? Enlistment was high under adminstrations that were clear that the US would go to the mat to defend its citizens and its allies under capitivity or threat around the world. After the succession of destructive actions this administration has acheived, do you now wonder if it really was just an oversight (or a giveaway) for it to leave tens of billons of dollars’ worth of military equipment behind in Afghanistan ?

The leftists in power, the elder of whom used to stand for unions and the working class, are now allied with big tech and big corporate in what Robert F Kennedy Jr. just called a cushy socialism for the wealthiest who back their agendas. The venture capitalists and the tech industrialists who will be helping government inplement its CBDC got 100% bailed out after the SVB collapse. Any ‘commoner’ who is still pro-Marxism, beleiving that it will make US society more equal and fair, is a hopeless fool. A sober review of ‘the data’ shows how inadequately socialism has typically worked elsewhere. But now a sober inquisitor doesn’t even need to examine that. They can simply give an unbiased look at how lopsidedly and unfairly it is already operating here in the US, before its final takeover is complete. But they wont even do that.

This is not a democracy. America as the great social experiment in self-governance is coming to its end. And despite all the reasons more commonly given for the great melting pot now dividing into camps, the fundamental reason is that a big part of the lower egoic nature of humans is our desire not to assimilate and to cooperate. We want to be special, different, and have our group apart from other tribes, despite the clear prosperity and other enriching benefits that occurred when America was at its highest in pluralistically harmony. Its a stark irony that the globalist elites are fomenting divisions among groups of people in order to further a one-world governmental system. They obviously are not doing that because they beleive that everyone, once heaped into the great all-in-one melting pot, will be in harmony with each other. It because they will all be forced to behave once they are all brought together under tyrannical control.

We have to stop looking to systems of government, science, and technology to improve our lot and start working on our selves. We do have a higher nature that can be cultivated while our lower nature is purged, and the methods for that are there. Its the main thing I am working on now in this phase of my own life. – I’d post about it if I thought people would read it. But people continue to turn outward rather than inward for solutions. Their egos tell them that the problems lie everywhere but with themselves. To borrow a line from Vonnegut: ‘So it goes’.

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