Their Truth, Their Justice, and Our Tyranny

Trump’s indictment has publicly broken long-standing norms of prosecutorial conduct and has weaponized our legal system which used to function (mostly) in service of justice and maintaining civlity, turning it into a club to bludgeon one’s political rivals with. The idictment came as the investigations into Biden’s foreign influence peddling deepened. Most Americans see this for the ruthless and unfair political strike that it is. Trump’s trial wont happen until December, and the corrupt New York court will drag it from there out to tarnish his name throughout his campaign. Better to do that, I suppose, than present a democratic candidate who ordinary unwoke people could vote for without fear. But the democratic party is far too left-oriented now to do that. It is hell-bent on completing it’s transformation of the country. Now that kangaroo court charges can be so brazenly levied on an ex-president thatthe current adminiastration finds inconvenient, they obviously can be levied on anyone. If the government has a grievance with you, just shut up and pay; Over 95% of “The People vs. Citizen Z” cases result in Citizen Z losing. And its the same throughout the federal complex: if you want real feedback on how the military is operating, ask someone from the rank-&-file up to mid-level officers because the generals say only what their political bosses tell them to – that is why they have been given their positions. Everyone is assuming that Trump will not be convicted because “the courts and the government would never go that far”). But that ‘commonsense’ derives from the way that our society used to operate – not on the way it does now. Depending on how things go, an appalling imprisonment of Trump could send the public the sort of intimidating message that govenment intends.

This dirty attempt to cut the legs out from under the Republican front-runner for the 2024 POTUS election will of-course deepen the division in the country even further beyond repair, which that is just fine with the people driving it. We will see civil unrest rising this year. People realized from the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill false-flag that government and the media stand ready to use any civil uprising to amplify the narrative of the threats of ‘Q-Anon domestic white nationalist terrorists’ and ‘ultra-Maga insurrectionists’, to lock the public down under more control in-response, and to further the gun-grab politick that just reached a new high water mark. Regardless, the people can only be pushed so-far until they finally will (have to) react; and so that is part of this administration’s plan.

More Americans are starting to slip into poverty, their rights are regularly violated, and they know that they are being targeted just for striving to be allowed live the same way that they did up until just a few recent years ago. Sitting mum isn’t working for them – they are tired of the abuse. They are just not going to indefinitely tolerate the things the state is now foisting upon them, without their say, using their own tax dollars. Like funding destabilizing foreign military conflicts not only with their pocketbooks but possibly with the lives of their drafted children, when this only internationally ostracizes America, with its own open borders, wobbling economy, and crumbling institutions, while depleting it and its citizens: The cost per-US household of the Ukrainian conflict so-far is already around $900, and Ukraine is falling as you read this. You haven’t heard that in any (conservative or lefty) MSM news, have you ? (check-out colonel Douglas MacGregor’s interviews on YouTube). More people are realizing the irreversible damage that the deep state US neocons have used our military to cause for decades now with their private dreams of reshaping the world by force.

Ordinary people will also not continue to allow states to sexually indoctrinate and to chemically castrate their kids without informing them. Transsexuals have comprised less than 1% of the population. Just what has been driving the international pan-cultural transexual agenda is a question apart from what I intended to post about here, but one that some independent journalists have begun to make discovery on. Apparently, the trans movement is anything but a bottom-up civil-rights social movement naturally allied with the gay/lesbian community. It is the contrary: a well organized, top-down push funded by big banking, big tech, and government serving as the first wave of cultural renorming neccesary for the wackos like Meta’s Zuckerberg, the WEF’s Klaus Schwab, and (yes) Neuralink’s Elon Musk to bring-in the transhumanism that they have been openly talking about for some time now (I always wondered how they intended to ‘sell’ their sick Harlan Ellison-esque vision to us…) . That vision is one of an “improved” human produced with genetic engineering, by melding brains with computational ‘intelligence’, and by trying sever the connection we have with spirit, nature, and our own biology – starting with the way we continue to recreate ourselves in the original way that nature made us and a large part of the way we identify ourselves: by gender and sex. I dont buy everything 100% of what Bilek said in her piece on this, but you have to read independent investigative pieces like this now and apply your own discrimination to read the tea leaves and connect the dots. The MSM, whether it be CNN or Fox News, will you about new developments when they are about to happen or afterwards, which is too late. And they dont connect enough dots on why they are developing as they are.

So a new level of civil turmoil is brewing. If you intend to move-out of a dense blue-state urban zone where arrested murders and rapists are released back onto the streets, while those who forcefully defend themselves against such assailants receive long prison terms, stop waiting and make your move. Those places will become increasingly uncivilized. Talk of the country dividing has now moved into the mainstream, and all you can do about it is to pick a red or blue state to dwell in to best serve your life preferences. Here in Idaho it looks like we may soon absorb the more rural traditionally-valued eastern counties of Oregon that wish to part-ways with the western part of that state that includes Portlandia, the capitol city of ANTIFA. If you already live in a state like Florida, Texas, or Tennessee, write your governor regularly about keeping state sovereignty over food energy & power supplies, environmental and other fiat regulatory controls, immigration policy, privacy, and acceptable forms of currency. These things can still be done without becoming a targeted by the Federal government, and the state governments are the remaining foothold against it. Once I left California, I knew that I could relax regarding the risk of riots. So the only remaining noveau social risks that I have to weigh now are ones like whether, in the event of a severe food shortgage, I am prepared to shoot a neighbor who enters my property to steal because his kids are starving (what a relief !).

Despite Russia’s decisive upper hand in its key conflict over Bakhmut, you may have noticed that our western media are not reporting on this. Before the house armed services committee several days ago, general Milley testified that Russia is ‘getting hammered’. If that were true, then it highly unlikely that a half-dozen western European countries would have penned this letter urging (the US government to further push) Meta and other US tech companies to censor reports posted on their platforms regarding the status of the war. The deep state is no-doubt working on crafting the next chapter of the narrative on this that want to spoonfeed us, and we will know it soon when it will be pushed into our mouths for us to consume. The Russian victory can vbe expected to be painted in the most heinous way, and may be followed by a reposnse of new force escalation. Military lines are being drawn more sharply around the world now, as countries that used to fear the US no longer do. North Korea is acheiving the nuclear weapons capability they have been working on for years, and plans to send 50,000 troops (which may not be needed in light of current developments) to join Russia in its fight in Ukraine. The US sent F-35 fighter jets to Estonia, Lithuania, and Romania, and will deliver 400 Javelin portable anti-tank missiles to Taiwan. Finland, which shares over 850 miles of border with Russia and has always had comitous relations with Moscow, just joined NATO; something that Putin has openly said for years is unacceptable.

The leaders of the weakened western states appears to be beholden again to the deep-state neocons out to reshape the world as they see fit using western (primarily US) military force. They have influenced the launch of basically all the US wars since WW II, lost all of them, and the countries that they went-after never came close to transforming into the ‘free-market western-style democracies’ that they planned they would. Yet they (e.g. Lindsay Graham) are still stuck on their same fantasy, this time hoping to balkanize and reconstitute Russia through effecting forceful regime change. What is new is that this time, war is also being advanced as a tactic in the western leaders’ moves to retain power and social control as the insolvencies that they have spent their nations into all start to redline and those governments face the prospect of overthrow or collapse.

Government can be expected to apply more social control with the advent of a new crisis like a financial/economic collapse or war & martial law. The next phase of social control moves it has prepared are new and serious. Many western governments are in late-stage preparation for replacing their physical currency with CBDCs, which times well with the prospect of those governments going to war and/or facing financial chaos. Going through a world war affords these nations the opportunity to again have their debt loads forgiven, and to allow themselve to be brought into a new international monetary regime. In 1944, the Bretton Woods agreement created a system of fixed exchange rates with the dollar, and the pegging to the dollar to gold. Dollar-based lending institutions like the IMF and the (precursor to the) World Bank were established in 1945, followed by the WTO in 1947. With the London Agreement on German External Debts in 1953, 50% of Germany’s debt accrued during both world wars was written-off. Hitler’s rise and World War II were precipitated by the harshily punitive level of Versailles debt saddled on Germany after WW I that drove the economic distress of the Weimar Republic. The inability of the US, France, and Britain to agree on forgiving these debts in 1932 helped Hitler come to power in 1933 and soon after declare that Germany would make no more war debt payments. So if our government embroils us in a third world war (and you survive it), watch afterwards for it to claim that its sovereign debt must be forgiven in the interest of world peace to avoid plunging us back into another war again. Whether the governments would then try to instantiate a global CBDC is plausible, but too conjectural and distant to assess now.

So that is the geopolitical utility of imposing a federal CBDC. With regard to its impact on social control within our own country, Glen Beck said that this new form of money would “close the cage on us” for good. So lets break-down what he’s referring to. We know that replacing physical dollars with a CBDC would enable government to see all of the (licit or illicit) transactions that occur. The preponderance of payments are already digitized online ones (via credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, wire transfers, online payments, etc.). However because all of these existing digital payment channels are private, the transfers you use them to make with your employer, bank, and service providers are all private between you and those parties. But once the government is able to see how you spend, save, and invest its e-coins, it will be able to build a profile on you based on what those transactions reveal about your priorities and values. Expenditures that may trigger disapproval by the Biden regime, like your political & religious contributions, gun purchases, and even the amount of red meat and gasoline that you consume can be flagged and recorded. These data can be algorithmically combed using AI methods to autogenerate a blacklist of ‘conservative types’ultra-MAGAs’ and other supposed dissidents who the government can then sanctioned in a multitude of ways. It can program the currency itself to limit or cut-off the amount guns, red meat, and gasoline that you can buy. Though the US government does not have the capability to do this with a CBDC yet, it already conducted this sort electronic identifying and exiling of certain citizens within the realm of social media. The AI surveillance was run on US citizens’ social media chatter (rather than on their money transactions) to generate lists of people to ban from the social media platforms. Their accounts and identities were also passed along to the US State Department. The tool they created to do this, called Hamilton 68 , was revealed recently along with the ‘Twitter files’ by Matt Taibbi. Otherwise noone outside of the deep state would have ever known about it.

So the government using technology to auto-generate lists of ‘dissidents’ for it to corral, harrass, and control is something already in-play. Though this was a potent tool when it was implemented via social media, it will be much moreso when applied via digital money for one simple reason: When you express yourself on social media you can choose to exercise caution and restraint to keep your politics and other viewpoints private. But when you do the things you want and need to do that involve money transfers, there will be no way for you to be able to keep those transactions private (unless you can use barter outside of the e-currency system entirely). Recall that Blockchain’s mysterious inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto, never identified himself, despite the billions in royalties that he could receive by doing so. Some therefore surmised that blockchain was a trial-balloon floated by government to get people used to using a form of electronic money each of whose coins carried a complete traceability history of all the people whose hands it passed between. This historical traceability is unneccesary for the integrity of a digital coin – only the distributed ledger which certifies each new transaction that it is being used for is needed., So many of these people suspected that a blockchain-based CBDC would be used to detect all attempts to launder money, and to conceal who transfers to ‘disfavored’ recipients (e.g. the Trump campaign, etc.). What’s funny is how many of them breathed easier when it was announced that the federal CBDC would not be Blockchain-based. Because when such a coin is federal with all the ledger-holders being members (e.g. Fed branches) of the federal government, they can aggregate the sequence of all coin-holders to reconstitute the blockchain historical record on their end.

It will be impossible for anyone who disobeys the government or is put under its sanction for any reason to ‘go underground’ to hide from it for any length of time because the government can shut your money off, making it impossible to subsist. That capability enables it to force public compliance with onerous and odious policies. For instance, Oxforshire UK and some other places have been trial zones for the implementation of ’15 minute cities’; a euphemism for confinement. Specifically, these are places where you will not be allowed to travel futher than 15 or-so minutes from your home except on limited occasions determined by the government. Even if you knew how to thwart roadblocks and other physical enforcement mechanisms for this, you would still be defeated once you discovered that you are unable to use your e-money outside of the 15-minute zone, and since the government would be able to instantly locate you each time you tried to use your money to buy gas, food, or a hotel room. Government may also be able to watch-over how portfolio managers invest institutional assets. Yes, the trade execution itself will remain private between the institution and its prime brokerage firm, but if the execution is made in an e-currency that checks what is bought from whom by-whom, then ?… This is a good question for asset managers to put to their prime brokers and to the SEC.

Government also profits with a federal CBDC at your expense. Lowering interest rates has been the central bank’s main enticement tool to get people to ‘stimulate’ (spend and invest); one whose negative consequences are painfully evident. But instead of using that ‘carrot’ to encourage that behavior from you, with its e-money it can instead employ the ‘stick’ of imposing ‘use-it-or-lose-it’ time limits on your coins that force you to either spend them by a certain date or lose them. And since electronic money will be 100% captive in digital accounts within the financial system, there is no way for people to withdraw it and hoard physical cash that is independent of financial crash risk. This also will allow the central banks to flip their policy stances over to negative rates that they will explain with more bullshit in order to bleed more money from you. Nevermind how deflationary that will be. The government then will not only take some of your wealth each time you spend some of it, profit from investing it, or each year that you hold a home – it will also take some of it from its last refuge against taxation: your savings accounts.

These concerns apply to the ‘Digital Dollar’ that would be issued by the Fed, and there are many who feel that the ongoing financial crisis is will be used to bring it in, and some Republicans are pushing back against it. House majority whip Tom Emmers just introduced the ‘CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act’ to prevent government from issuing a CBDC that enables surveillance, stripping US citizens of their right to financial privacy. DeSantis went head-on with Washington on this by amending Florida’s Uniform Commercial Code to prohibit the use of a Fed-issued or any foreign-issued CBDC there. Governor Kristi Noem just vetoed South Dakota’s House Bill 1193 because, as she wrote in her veto letter: “HB 1193 adopts a definition of ‘money’ to specifically exclude cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, as well as other digital assets. At the same time, these UCC revisions include Central Bank Digital Currencies as money….By defining ‘money’ in this proposed way, HB 1193 opens the door to the risk that the federal government could easily adopt a Central Bank Digital Currency, which then may become our only viable digital currency”.

Ted Cruz proposed senate bill 887 along with Mike Braun and Chuck Grassley. It would amend the Federal Reserve Act to prohibit Fed banks from “offering products and services, such as loans, directly to an individual, maintain an account on behalf of an individual, or issue a CBDC directly to an individual.” Powell said that the digital dollar would be linked to individuals’ identities. The bill targets the concern among many that a digital dollar would come with the advent of the Fed adding direct retail banking with all 330 million Americans to its existing duties. This could eliminate private retail banking and allow the Fed to collect “personally-identifiable information on users, and to track their transactions indefinitely.” These responses have come fairly promptly since Biden signed his executive order 14067 on March 9, 2022.

FedNow: In addition to the digital dollar, the Federal Reserve in July of this year will roll-out its FedNow e-payments service for banks and credit unions, which already regularly wire money, to transfer funds. It will complement existing Fed payment services such as Fedwire and FedACH, and will initially facilitate transfers between these banking institutions. It will then enable bank customers to make their own personal payments with it, and the banks to build it out (e.g. into retail apps for their customers). FedNow is not a digital currency. However, since its transactions are validated through the Fed as-intermediary, there is concern that the Fed will use it for financial surveillance. Unfortunately, it seems there is not a terrible amount of scrutiny nor attention being paid to this possibility, even though FedNow’s rollout is just 3 months out.

Ecash: The Ecash act (HR 7231) was introduced on March 28, 2022 by Stephen Lynch and some of his democratic colleagues in the house of representatives. It proposed the instantiation of a federal electronic currency under the auspice of the Treasury rather than the Fed which would rely on anonymous and private peer-to-peer payment protocols, establish a Monetary Privacy Board to preserve monetary privacy and to protect civil liberties. It would be a legal tender of the Treasury excluded from calculations of public debt that are constrained by the debt ceiling. So while it would have protected our privacy better than the digital dollar, it was also crafted to enable more federal deficit spending that circumvented the debt ceiling. As far as I can find, it was never voted upon.

The original Ecash, ironically, was one of the very early private digital currencies, and the one designed to be most private and anonymous. You stored this money on your own computer using eCash software and could use it at any shop accepting eCash without having to open an account there or to transmit personal data like credit card numbers. Many banks like Deutsche and Credit Suisse signed deals in the 90s to use it, but never sold it on as a viable product to their customers, because they didnt adequately appreciate the importance of privacy yet ! Its founder and privacy advocate David Chaum, considered to be one of the founders of digital currency, has combined an encryption technology called Elixir with a secure blockchain called Praxis on his xx network to compose the first online platform which allows you to communicate and share value without exposing your activities to the organizations that will collect and sell your data and metadata. Sounds like a great construct for a black-market e-currency to dodge the digital dollar, if anyone can setup a market with it that is opaque to the feds. Local money has been used many times, even in recent history just in the US. Depression ‘scripts’ were issued by many local municipalities after the great crash when there were inadequate dollars in circulation.

Political action at the local state level seems to be the last bulwark against a digital dollar and the best place to direct effort to (I have to write my governor again). It is also noteworthy that the government is presently advancing legislation to restrict our rights and freedoms that, when paired with a digital dollar, would put us into a beyond-Orwellian society with Big Brother (the state) standing firmly on our necks. There is not alot of time left before the shoes drop on federal CBDCs, so its worthwhile for especially the financially-savvy to pay attention, ask questions, and make themselves heard. Some financial analysts beleive the evolving financial crisis is being allowed to unfold so-as to eliminate small retail banks (which provide most of the small business loans), and bring-in the Fed’s CBDC (watch from around the 37-minute point for that. Watch from the 15 minute point for some provocative notes on the postential impacts of transitioning in June from the LIBOR benchmark over to SOFR, particulatrly on outstanding LIBOR-based derivative positions).

Although some tangible assets have persistent uses in the economy, every asset is cyclical in value, and there is none that holds lasting “intrinsic value”. All value is based upon confidence, perception, as well as demand. And once again its time to move from paper assets (cash, debt) and government assets into private, tangible ones.

I know it’s all so heavy now – sorry. It does force you to consider how much your freedom is really worth to you.

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