Breaking All Unity

When the government insists on persistently pursuing policies that make it increasingly impossible for masses of ordinary citizens to express themselves, feed themselves, heat their homes, transport themselves to work and elsewhere, and to keep their kids’ minds from being toxically programmed, eventually it causes civil upheaval. Once government has clearly and purposefully made life just too unbearable for fair and decent working people while ignoring their distress, eventually they are forced to choose between either rising up aor ccepting the poverty and death that such abuse foists upon them. When it does this at the same time as it is demonizing and condemning its political opposition as evil fascists, using police power to oppress and persecute them, and readying 87,000 new armed federal agents to go shake money out the pockets and to legally jeopardize any citizens it chooses to target, it is preparing to use the coming civil unrest that it is provoking to forcibly crack down and seize unchallengable power. This is not hard for any rational dispassionate observer to see anymore. If you believe that Trump voters who were enthusiastic backers of his campaign motto to ‘Make America Great Again’ are the greatest threat to this country’s democracy, you are blindly partisan zombie. 

Biden was elected to be the great unifier of this country which everyone was told had been harshly divided by Trump alone. His speech last night was scary and unlike any that any US president before him has ever given. My hope now is for a peaceful secession of the red states from the blue ones, because otherwise I think civil conflict is likely. People will only take this abuse for so long. Mississippi has an entire city without water now. And we will see the same in other countries. Mass protests have been occurring throughout Europe for over a year. Now people in Poland have lined up for days in their cars for a load of coal because they are worried about freezing in wintertime due to the new lack of fossil fuels. And for the same reason, people in Germany are going out to the forests to cut down trees for firewood – while the German government continue to talk tough about increasing the sanctions pressure on Putin.

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