Over the Rubicon

‘Crossing the Rubicon’ is a colloquial term for having reached a point of no return, which we have now in America and elsewhere; without rewriting it, our social contract has been irretrievably broken. In the next two years, our country will experience large scale social unrest leading to its division. The post-Civil war period of our genuinely United States of America is over. The historical origin of the colloquialism itself has some parallel with our current situation. By 50 BC, the republic of Rome had become a world superpower. Caesar had successfully completed his pursuit of the Gallic wars, which brought the territory surrounding the Mediterranean Sea and beyond under the control of the empire. During this time the First Triumvirate, a political alliance forged between Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus in 60 BC in opposition to the Roman Senate, had collapsed. After Crassus died in 53 BC, Pompey had realigned himself with the Senators in preparation to challenge Caesar, who had gained substantial power and regard from his military victories, once he returned home.

The Senate ordered Caesar to surrender his military command and then return to Rome. Roman law prescribed that any military force had to disarm and disorganize itself before making an approach to enter the capital. Caesar, knowing full well the consequences, purposefully defied this order by maintaining his legion of soldiers as he crossed the Rubicon river and marched on Rome, igniting civil war. After taking control of government, he issued authoritarian reforms, including granting citizenship to many non-Roman people in the far conquered regions of the republic and centralizing control of the bureaucracy and of power. He had himself declared ‘dictator for life’. He was later murdered by a cabal in the senate as an ensuing series of civil wars broke out. Caesar’s heir Octavian assumed power after the final civil war, marking the end of the republic and the beginning of the Roman empire with Octavian as its first emperor. History shows that republics rarely last more than 2.5 centuries.

As an empire, Rome did flourish for the next two centuries of its Pax-Romana, after which growing corruption and resentment among the people weakened the empire internally. Its periphery also became more susceptible to attacks from the Vandals and other barbarian tribes. After the Persians captured, humiliated, and later killed the emperor Valerian, confidence in (and fear of) the empire collapsed. Five centuries after it became an empire, Rome was in decline and dissolution. It separated into three independent regions: The (remaining) Roman Empire, The Gallic Empire to the west, and the Palmyrene Empire to the east. We will see the US separate into regions that will primarily be groups of either blue states or red states over the next ten years.

Today’s timeline is of course much more compressed (no empire lasted as long as Rome’s did). The lefties seeking to take over and convert the US are nothing like an overt military force. They are a diffuse bunch already deeply embedded throughout the government and in the private power institutions of America. They are working on revolution from the inside rather than from the outside as Caesar did, and their preparation has been underway for some time. Caesar was an exceptional military strategist, a shrewd power politician, and a self-leader. But the political leaders of the west today are the most incompetent, juvenile, and corrupt we’ve seen, and they take their marching orders from foreign globalist leaders like Klaus Schwab. About the only attributes they share with Caesar are their arrogance and ruthlessness.

Nonetheless, in terms of taking some landmark egregious action that finally breaks the cohesion and cooperation among the people of their society, those in the USA have just crossed their own Rubicon with the raid on Trump’s home and their take-no-prisoners determination to permanently hold power. Prior to this, no matter how bitterly contentious their disagreements were, US politicians were never willing to consider such a Rubicon crossing because they valued maintaining our pluralistic, tolerant society and keeping it at safe distance from morphing into a suppressive totalitarian uniparty system analogous to an empire. But the current gang on the hard left has no such preservation instinct: destroying the existing constitutional system and replacing it with totalitarian control is precisely their goal.      

These people in power are also burdening America with a series of painful problems, from economic hardship and IRS persecution to war with our greatest superpowers. And as they impose more pressure and stress on the lives of the everyday people, they are also increasing their demonizing and political exiling as ‘domestic extremists’ the ones that are speaking up in complaint. It is not hard to see where they are driving things – and that it is in the opposite direction that any government out to stabilize, unify, and activate its people would choose to take.

So it’s a time for choosing now. There are over 1.5 million Americans living in Mexico, and the outflux of US citizens to that country is at a high. But the US government is much less tolerant of citizens holding dual citizenship now – if you plan on leaving the US for good, you most likely will have to surrender your citizenship and passport. On the other hand, living abroad as a US expatriate also has new tradeoffs. The federal government keeps track of the income of every American no matter where they dwell. And it requires each of them to pay US income tax on all of it. So if you move offshore with the intent of continuing to work, you may end up paying income tax to both the governments of your new country as well as to Washington.

If you are running a small business LLC, your choice is to sell now if possible or be ready to be attacked by the gargantuan leviathan that soon will be our newly-reconstituted IRS. You must be prepared to defend every expense as a legitimate business expense and not a personal benefit, and be ready for the agency to bring real heat on you. The IRS will again be used with particularity to attack conservatives and their interests while bloated windfall payments from the Inflation Reduction Act’s distributions will flow richly and automatically to big business supporters of the democrats and their top-down social reconfiguration push directed by their destructive and idiotic green religiosity. If you want an easy path, The IRS is obviously hiring, and you can curry favor with the Biden revolutionaries who are destroying freedom and prosperity by cooperating to help turn-in, cancel, and repress people who disagree with it – have a great life.

I have previously emphasized that into the close of this year, the choices that we have made on whether to stockpile food and to prepare for unreliable electric power will most likely prove consequential. We will see growing civil unrest, economic difficulty, and geopolitical conflict. If you choose to stay in a high-density blue state urban environment where law enforcement has already been sharply curtailed and crime freely allowed to ravage ordinary good people, you now face the question of whether to and how to prepare yourself and your household for civil conflict and disorder. The most fundamental preparation is to know what your responses will be to worst-case scenarios and to have the self-control to remain calm and analytically operative under frightening circumstances.

Buying a gun is easy, training with it is a bit more work, but knowing the conditions in which you will instantly know that it’s worth it to shoot someone dead is a deeper question for many – one most still won’t think about because it marks such a sad personal Rubicon point. Americans have lived such a rich and permissive life that many have become weak and brittle when it comes to these unfamiliar and severe situations. When you read about a group of teenagers in New York destroying a restaurant just for serving them cold French fries or of a fast food worker who got fatally shot in the head by a disgruntled customer, it bodes poorly for how many of the American people will likely react in a time of genuine chaos. In the 2020 riots there were some good Samaritans who tried to step-in and help the victimized (e.g. Kyle Rittenhouse), but most of the people who came-in did so merely to pile-onto the destruction to loot stuff for themselves or to burn other peoples’ livelihood business properties for ‘fun’.

For everyone who has maintained their critical discriminative faculties over the tendency to become incited and to fall prey to programming and propaganda, who loves their freedom and is not a Marxist, it also has already been a time over these past 3-4 years to decide whether you will still speak up as your real self, or if you are going to shut up and allow your voice to be successfully cancelled. For so many, the remaining channel they’ve kept at-hand to quietly and anonymously express and exercise their real political beliefs is the ballot box. I have written before that I do not expect that will be a safe and reliable system in the upcoming elections. A number of the very wealthy have ‘prepped’ by building remote retreats and underground bunkers, outfitted with air purification systems, for longterm food, energy, and water independence, as well as with bowling alleys and personal chefs.

Democrats have broken too many laws, attacked and purposefully made enemies of tens of millions of citizens who disagree with them, and have corrupted too many of our institutions and operational standards to relent now. If they allow the ‘red wave’ that stupid conservatives believe is inevitably coming to turn the ship around to ever happen, they know that many of them, their families, and their cronies in the CIA, FBI, DOJ, IRS, military, etc. will be investigated and that some of them may finally be held accountable for their crimes and misconduct. This is another consequence of a Rubicon crossing: Even if the goal it serves is not attained, it means that once the opposing political party takes-over, it will stoop to those means also, so that conciliatory and cooperative rule gets destroyed thereafter. But the left will never allow any day of it own judgement or conciliation to ever come – and they are not fearful of forever destroying American unity and democracy as they press ahead because doing that is already in their playbook anyway (at least for the more radical ones who are leading the party politick now).

They are willing to provoke war with our greatest nuclear superpower adversaries to push their ambitions, which is particularly crazy of them since if any city in the US likely to see bombs fall on it, it is Washington DC. And even though they know that a sudden move to equip all of the illegal human flotsam that they have enabled to enter the US to vote will likely be the final straw to unleash civil war, they are willing to. Rather than backing away from that, they will prepare the military to respond against its own citizens and to use their (finally real) rebellion to impose martial law and overtly lock the people down. They are willing to destroy the castle in order to loot the treasure, pocket the gold doorknobs for themselves, and to take power to rule over the surviving rubes, who their WEF masters plan to microchip and herd like cattle. They are the real insurrectionists.

I think it was a tad smug and quite disingenuous of Pelosi to tell the people openly indignant and angry about the Trump raid to just calm down, as-if it were just that incident alone that they were upset about. But of course their reaction to the Mar A Lago raid was a cumulative one that culminated all of those times they had remained quiet through so many prior abuses: 2 contrived impeachment attempts, the Muller investigation, the FBI mobilizing against parents attending school board meetings, the interminable Russian collusion hoax, the NY civil case against Trump, Lois Lerner’s IRS division going after conservative nonprofits, as well as the doubling of the number of IRS agents who will now carry guns and be enabled to apply force to shake money out of the poorest pockets as well as those of richer American people. The IRS already audits the poorest households at five times the rate of other income brackets because those people cannot afford to hire attorneys and tax accountants to fight them. They pay-up knowing that their lives may be likely decimated by their efforts to resist. The IRS’ audit targeting rate had been declining prior to  2020, but in 2021 it increased by 25%. Now it likely won’t bother so much with audits, it will just send a bill. The Biden administration’s storyline about what it is doing with its new indomitable IRS force is just another overt lie, and another one they won’t answer questions about it. The agency can be expected shake down conservatives more than liberals in light of the governmental precedents of unequal justice in the IRS and other agencies.

I can go-on making the point that the administration is after cornering Christians and conservative constitutionalists in this country into facing the choice between making the Scarlet Letter of ‘domestic white extremist’ that it has tagged them with (since Biden’s inauguration day) a more publicly tenable label by protesting more loudly now, or of continuing to be steamrolled until their political representation is ultimately run out of the halls of power forever. Though you already know about this additional historical effrontery that it has committed against conservatives, let me go-on for a bit more to list some of it: The Hillary Clinton server and over 30,000 classified emails that never brought any federal heat on her much less a raid of her Chappaqua home. The same FBI non-pursuit of Hunter Biden’s felonies and his dad’s acceptance of graft from overseas governments adversarial to ours. The nonenforcement of the laws that protect SCOTUS justices from intimidation at their homes after they ruled against an element of the leftist agenda. Strock/Page, Admiral Flynn, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Holder, Lynch, the 50 ex intel officers who said Hunter Biden’s laptop was ‘Russian disinfo’ (a scapegoat as tired and discredited as white supremacist racism), blah blah blah….

This government destroyed the small business ecosystem with lockdown and flooded the county with drugs and millions of human placeholders whose functioning positions within our society remain a big open question mark when it opened the border on day 1. It enabled rampant criminality in the cities as well as impunity for BLM/ANTIFA gangs to rampage and destroy private property and lives while suppressing the constitutional rights of lawful citizens. Despite the fact that the majority of the people do not want green energy policies that make it unaffordable for many of them to maintain their heating and transportation needs, the government is pushing that down our throats. And the same is true with regard to their support and spending for the Ukrainian war. The government has gone from having to at-least convince us that it represents our will to using our own money to openly pushing us around extralegally. Because we’ve let it.

The administration has gone from seeking to operate in ways that satisfy the people, as designed, to operating in menacing ways that signal: “We are going to have our way. We don’t have to please you anymore – you are going to have to please us.” People who backed Trump, or who dislike the leftist democrat power push, now correctly believe that the government, media, tech, and much of the rest of the establishment is out to shut them down (their voices, their funding, and their freedoms & rights). That leaves them with 3 unsavory choices: (1) surrender their ideals, convictions, aspirations, and become compliant, accepting that their constitutional rights no longer function to protect these things. (2) Leave the USA (as a small fraction are doing). (3) Fight – first within the now-corrupt system tilted against them, and then forcibly against it if necessary, provided they still have the means. No matter which options these people elect, it signals the end of the free, pluralist, diverse, and accepting American society that we have known.

Suffering has sharply jumped throughout the country in the past year with the government completely indifferent to it, and it is resolutely continuing to increase it. This is a brutal and ruthless time in American civil and political life. The people whose EEG scans show anything other than flatline know their government doesn’t give a damn about them and is out to either convert or persecute a large portion of them.  It’s actually been admirable how reserved conservatives have been (and it has been revealing how passive Republican politicians have remained) in light of the steady train of abuse against them. It also has been dismaying to me how readily lefties are willing to persecute-as-evil and to harm the people who don’t buy their agenda and who primarily just want to be left alone to live out their lives in the political system that they were born into. But that is characteristic of leftist revolutionaries.

Trump will certainly be indicted on some charge. The WEF, deep state, and deep corporate plot to irreversibly takeover the country and bring it under control of a single world government to-be is too far-along now for them to permit the possibility for an independent self-leader whose aim is to keep his country sovereign, free, prosperous, and strongly independent to ever return back into power – even if a fair vote among the citizens would put him there. They will never stop until they eliminate him, and when they do all of the American people who have been programmed to hate him will celebrate. Despite all of the irrefutable evidence of so many other politicians and other power holders’s corruption and criminality the deep staters and all the lemming people they have trained remain dead set upon making some (any) conviction stick on Donald Trump; already the most investigated and framed man to ever walk the earth.

People are not happy, and many are fearful. They are clear on their negative answer to today’s equivalent of the simple question that Reagan urged the American people to ask themselves while considering whether or not to reelect him: “Are you better or worse off than you were two years ago ?” Expect controversy and civil disruption going into and through the upcoming midterm and presidential elections, and likely a war by 2024. As I’ve said, Biden (to whatever extent he realizes what he is doing) may light the fuse on civil war by giving all the new illegal aliens by-fiat the right to vote by November 8. One of the best forecasters I follow says that there is a significant probability that the 2024 elections may not even be held, so Americans may never again vote, as one nation of 50 states, for a president ever again. Which leftie would then try to assume the role of Octavian ?…

The system of law enacted by the US Constitution was the first to establish the individual citizen as the sovereign power with inalienable rights and the government as his servant, purposely divided up into three branches setup to prevent them from colluding and co-aligning against the people. It was a wonderful system to live under while it lasted that way, but it’s over. The people behind the ‘Great Reset’ are acting against human nature and spirit. Despite the clear indications available from history, many in our government and our citizenry who are pushing it in the US have little appreciation for the damage they have done and for the value of their freedoms that they are squandering. They will find out too late, and only then discover how rare and difficult it is to attain individual human freedom.

I’m thankful that I got to live most of my life in the US while it still largely remained the great social invention and experiment. For generations, young Americans have set out ‘On The Road’ to ‘discover America’ with no understanding of what a strange thing that sounds to people from other places like Europe. French people don’t tour their own country to go ‘discover’ it. Its disparities are already so well known to them and so modest that noone has to actually drive around the country to ‘discover’ them. But Americans whose roaming spanned the newer west, the conservative Midwest, the traditional south, as well as the oldest cities of the Eastern seaboard made real discoveries about the varied peoples in their nation. Some wrote books about all the variety they found, from Louisiana voodoo to the Amish to the Mormons to the Hopi Native American Church. If I want to eat and practice speaking Norwegian, I do not have to travel back to that northern European country of my ancestors to do that – I can just drive over to Minnesota for a stay. All that variety and freedom that has allowed the American people to continue assimilating, inventing, and experimenting with new and different ways to build prosperity and to live out their own unique lives is being brought to its end. Any new ways of thinking and doing things will have to accord with what government wants. Even during the cold war, the American Communist Party was allowed to exist because the people in government who were against it still valued and upheld the constitution. That tolerance and freedom is over.

Even work, the route for exceptionally hard-working and innovative-thinking Americans to gain financial independence, has turned anti-innovative, compliant with political folly, and full of woke nonsense and racial discrimination. The teacher’s union just unconstitutionally decided that, if staff cutbacks need to be made, the one simple criteria by which they will be made is that white people shall be dismissed first. Investment management is still going-along with the ESG agenda, despite its poor performance; just plot VSGX or ESGV against the S&P 500. Performance in this space would be substantially worse were it not for big firms like Vanguard, State Street, and Blackrock directing massive amounts of retirement assets into it. The Inflation Reduction Act will give those funds a fresh huge unnatural boost as well, but they still won’t pay handsome returns over the longer term. Working at a private company run by a performance-driven libertarian would be an ideal haven now – at least until it was noticed as-such.

Schwab & Co. want all of us packed into little state-owned bungalows in the cities, owning nothing, living on a guaranteed minimum income, with no freedom of movement, choice, or opinion, and living in a dictated manner that doesn’t seek to maximize our growth and happiness, but to minimize the amount of food and carbon that we consume (and to maximize Klaus & Co’s power and lifestyles in a less-crowded world).

I began this blog theme about five years ago because pre-COVID, most people weren’t aware of what was brewing and didn’t realize how serious it would become. But now that our predicament has become so obvious, it feels silly to me to keep at this; I began by relaying significantly more valuable and uncommon information, but now I more often find myself harping on the obvious. And the outcome that I had hoped I might help make a bit more preventable by shouting out about it earlier has now become inevitable. So I’ll most likely stop my political blogging to the people in my LinkedIn network except for when I believe that I may have novel and worthwhile information to share.

It is also time for me to pay less attention to all of this ongoing stuff. My personal approach to navigating the future is based on the more spiritual approach to life that I have cultivated for myself in recent years. There is no worry about life for fully spiritually-awakened people, just a great internal peace and surrender to its flow. Perhaps my next blog will address this if I find an appropriate venue & a receptive audience for it. That would be more fulfilling and worthwhile since real spirituality, a change in consciousness, is actually also the only way that humanity will cease going through these regular cycles of destruction and devastation. But only if I can find a novel contributive way to do it – there is so much written about nearly every subject now.

Spiritual realization is the greatest opportunity of any individual human life yet one that everyone ignores. Every person doing so is like a caterpillar who never transforms into a butterfly and chooses instead to just keep itself preoccupied with finding and nibbling leaves on the near branches that it can perceive around it and that crawls upon. But the one that takes time to retreat into a Chrysalis to work on itself to emerge with wings and to forever fly away from its branches beautifully and triumphantly up-levels itself to a new existence. Such a transformation is possible, in its own way, for everyone; you already are so much more than you realize. I urge anyone who feels that not to waste your opportunity for it. All the external drama I’ve been blogging about here is just staying preoccupied with the happenings on the little branch. There is ineffable peace and ease available to you, even with all of those externalities unfolding exactly as they are.

No matter how you navigate the coming years nor what they bring, I wish everyone the greatest of peace, happiness, fulfillment, and freedom. The people stuck on the notion of controlling everyone will never know that, regardless of what they do or acquire. People like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are not happy and fulfilled. Trust me.

“It is no measure of health to become adjusted to a society that is profoundly sick”

– J. Krishnamurti

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