Il Capo Biden

The Biden administration appears to be treating key European ally nations the same way it treats US citizens who may disagree with its directives; it appears to be using force to prevent Germany from stepping out of line. Using sanctions and illegal seizure of private property (i.e. of Russian luxury yachts, etc.) as its bludgeon several months ago, it succeeded in driving the biggest non-western countries of Russia, China, and India away from continuing their prior levels of cooperation and trading with the west, as well as away from the dollar and the SWIFT banking system. That also was what prompted Putin to shut off the Nordstream gas flows to the west.

It appears that the present United States government, in yet another escalation of its destructive stupidity and arrogance, is the party responsible for the demolition of the Nordstream pipelines. Biden told the press in February that if Russia invaded Ukraine that he would see to it that he would “bring an end” to the Nordstream pipelines. Without waiting for clairfying details on the incident, Zelensky immediately blamed Putin and demanded that the west ratchet-up aggression against Russia…yet again. The motive presumably being to eliminate the possibility for any future capitulative agreement on the part of Germany with Russia in regards to the Ukrainian conflict, to make it more dependent upon (now much-less reliable) America for energy, and to economically hurt Russia (which it will be as ineffective at as its sanctions against Putin were). Notably, the demo operation was carried out on the same day that a new pipeline from Norway to Poland came online.

The leaders of both the EU and of the US are pushing around nations and peoples who are noncompliant with their collectivist and pro-war ambitions. However, Biden blowing up these pipelines is beyond an act of bullying; it rises to a callous act of war against our ally Germany, one that will cause many German people to freeze to death in this winter that is just beginning to arrive. I hope everyone understands that the sane majority of America citizens abhor this act as much as anyone; our government is no longer ours.

The US military is deploying reservists to Romania to train European soldiers to fight against Russians. NATO is building-out the Cincu military training facility for this and will install four additional “multinational battle groups” in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Bulgaria. Colonel Vincent Minguet, the commander of the NATO Combat Group in Romania, said that the training will last for four or five years. They are planning for a long-term battle fought among numerous nations, something having the smell of world war. And it’s all elective on the part of the current western leadership; they want war. There has been no effort on the part of Biden nor NATO to engage Putin in diplomatic discussions over this conflict. Whenever things got hot during the cold war, engaging in discussion and negotiations was always understood to be the preferred preventative step to war with the biggest nuclear adversary on the planet.

As I have written before, the war-ambitions of western governments is driven by their aim to use war as a cover for them defaulting on their national debts. Europe is in particularly bad shape regarding its debt burden. European pension funds were ordered to allocate at least 70% of their assets into government bonds, and reserves on the continent are also tied to government debt. Then in 2014 Draghi took rates negative, wiping out these pension funds as well as many pensioners. All of these pension funds are now insolvent. The ECB like the fed has to announce rate hikes to appear to be fighting inflation. However, since inflation is now due in-large to a (orchestrated ?) breakdown in the supply and the supply-chain of goods rather than due to a glut of liquidity available for speculation and investment, central bank rate manipulation will do more to further damage western economies’ strength than it will to mitigate inflation. Banks have no ability to ‘print’ goods like food and and energy.

A likely breakup of the EU is nearing, as well as a final run up of the US stock market owing to an influx of flight money from the elder continent. We are facing an international banking crisis that will break-out in and spread from Europe. Don’t count on it being bailed out with public money this time. Risk management can be reasonably quantified during times of global stability when markets are more or less in equilibrium with modest volatility. But in an unprecedented time like we are experiencing, it can only be based upon expectations and personal views on future developments. This poses great danger since noone has ever lived through such a time, nor is otherwise qualified to forecast how it (the actions of the peoples and their governments in numerous countries) will unfold.

In the US, we may soon see if indeed Biden’s ongoing open border crime was in-fact a device to admit and suddenly give illegal aliens voting rights. If that does not happen for the upcoming midterm election, it still could be a ploy held in-wait for the 2024 presidential election. In either case, it will likely be a trip switch for mass civil conflict. Many working US citizens already feel very unjustly cornered by their growing inability, due to no fault of their own, to afford their monthly needs and by their government demonizing them (as ‘semi-fascists‘) for simply exercising their ‘inalienable rights’ to say what they think is right and to vote as they choose.

2023 Is going to be very challenging as war likely comes-in, markets and societies dislocate, and the globalist elites in government, tech, Wall St., the MSM, etc. use the chaos to maneuver so that they can take further control and advance their agenda. From then until a few years forward, metropolitan city centers may become even sketchier and scarier places to dwell in.

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