Repeat the Doublespeak or Keep Quiet

Have you noticed how tolerant (or knowingly compliant) you’ve become with lies from your ‘authorities’ ?: Ones that show their complete indifference and intransigence to the difficulties they have foisted upon you with their policies ?: Ones that you would have immediately rejected as outrageous effrontery just 2-3 years ago ? Since WWII, the onset of recessions have been marked and recorded by the completion of two consecutive quarters of contracting GDP, but now that that just happened, the Biden gang changed that definition and claimed the economy is strong – because they want for you to be so stupid, numb & lethargic, or cowed that you will just shut up about what they have done to our economy, your economic security, and your living standard. Will you ? Congress looks likely to approved a bill that authorizes a new 0.8 Trillion dollars of spending, more climate and faux energy boondoggles, and which imposes a 15% minimum corporate tax, and it has the Orwellian temerity to call it the Inflation Reduction Act. When pressed again on the burgeoning border debacle and influx of human specimens of any sort from any place, Mayorkas assured us, from his position of sinecure, that ‘The border is secure’.

People responded with an angry scoff to the urging of government officials to buy a $60K electric in response to them imposing a 4.5$/gallon price on gasoline via their dismantling of US energy production; one of our greatest assets and source of national security. The people shouted back that so many of them already are under pressure just to meet their monthly budget for basic needs. So in response, Klaun Schwab just suggested that we all do away with the idea of personal transportation altogether and get used to relying on public transportation. He will not personally set an example for the rest of us on that, though. Because then it would equally troublesome for him as for you the next time you or he will have to run out to the hardware store for some fertilizer and mounting screws – or to the grocery store for an ingredient for the recipe that you’re making – or the next time you have to make a dental appointment on time – or your work.

Biden is running the country, women and men are indistinguishable, domestic white supremacist militias are the greatest threat to the future of the US, the Jan. 6 disruptors were Trump-orchestrated insurrectionists aiming to effect a coup, Trump not Biden was the POTUS corrupted by foreign governments, etc. etc. People have already been arrested, prosecuted, and their lives ruined to prop up these deceptions. The congress, even though it has only the power to write law – not to prosecute nor adjudicate it, subpoenaed people like Steve Bannon to testify to their Jan. 6 storyline, without legal counsel, a jury, nor the right to call his own witnesses for cross-examination. They are engaged in an exercise to assemble evidence that they can hand over to hatchet-man Merrick Garland, so that he can invoke section 3 of the 14th amendment to prevent DC outsider Trump from ever running for office to interfere with their corrupt plans again. And now that Bannon told them he has genuine contempt for their kangaroo court, he may go to jail. At least he’s drawn his own line on what he’s decided is intolerable. It’s a shame the constitution made no provision for the people to vote on a plebiscite to impose an interregnum in the event that they came to believe that their government was betraying its duty to serve and represent them.

Everyone (with brain activity) is aware they are now the proverbial frogs, knowingly going-along passively with the the fact that the water they are in is being incrementally heated to boiling. But noone wants to be the first to jump. We can all see where they intend for this to head now, and they have told us outright: you’ll own nothing, eat insects, and be allowed to continue living as long as you are converted into a human serf-bot for their “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. How long will everyone continue to wait for someone else to make the first move against all this anti-human megalomania ? Not having a certain course of safe action to take is something they built into the plan we are now facing the binary choice of either accepting or resisting. But continuing to ‘abide’ in undecidedness while they purposefully and systematically destroy our way of life, lie so obviously and callously to our faces about it, and continue to draw their net of totalitarian control tighter around all of us, never was a viable option and is now one that they are making less available to us as fast as they can. It’s no longer a rational course forward to avoid facing and making the decision – is it ? I don’t expect anyone in my family would accept it if I knowingly let our house get robbed because the robber told me that, despite what my eyes told me, he really wasn’t robbing it. Nor should they. Steve Bannon’s daughters wont ever have to accept any story akin to that from him if they end up living under tyranny.

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