What then ?

So far we’ve had one round of a health crisis due to the lockdown and vaccinations: 70% of ten year olds cannot read at an adequate level after being locked out of school for over 250 days. Our supply chains remain irreparable with the increasingly high diesel prices. We are beginning to experience rolling brownouts in the west due to the dismantling of our plentiful fossil fuel supply, and famine and food shortages are imminent and underway in several places due to the banning of fertilizers and other governmental policy stances with regard to farming. Now apparently the western United States and other parts of the world are soon going to experience a severe shortage of the vital necessity that can only be done without for a few days while staying alive: water.

Dane Wigington’s’s explanation of geo-engineering (“chem-trails”) as the purposeful cause of the water shortage makes no sense to me. But it does fall into the list of tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories, most of which have recently been proven to be basically accurate, amazingly enough. Killing-off people en-masse looks more like a plausible intention these days, but killing California’s economy (by far the biggest in the nation) ?… But apart from the chem-trails, just his data on our perilously low water levels, and the fact that disseminating the direness of this is something government agencies like NOAA and the media are being told to keep from their reporting (to a similar extent that the food crises and protests around the world have been kept out of our news reporting) is something to that demands attention by sensible people. According to Dane, we will only have wait until next year to find out whether his predictions are accurate or not – cheers.

So how important work is the work most of us are doing now, really ?

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