False Flag ?

Top Russian advisors are now preparing for “a provocation aimed at accusing the Russian armed forces of using chemical, biological, or tactical nuclear weapons,” Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, the head of the Russian Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Force, stated.

The Russians are preparing for three possible scenarios that would be used to initiate World War III. The first scenario involves an attack on the Russian-controlled Zaporozhskaya Nuclear Power Station. The Russian Defense Ministry said the nuclear site is in critical condition, which could lead to a radiation disaster that would be blamed on Russia. This would be framed as evidence that Russia used nukes – and a concerted response from world leaders would be demanded.

Kirillov said that in the second scenario, the Pentagon itself may deploy weapons of mass destruction (WMD), targeting a large steel mill in the port of Mariupol. He believes the US would do this “discreetly” and in small quantities to avoid being detected. The last option, which he said is the least probable, would be deploying WMDs directly on the battlefield.

Russian officials believe that spy drones which have been spotted in the Kherson Region may be spraying biological and chemical weapons, which would be a major war crime. Zelensky appeared on CNN to say that “all countries have to be worried” about Russia using nuclear or chemical weapons. Russia says it got rid of all of its chemical weapons more than five years ago. Ukraine denies that it has any chem or bio weapons.

Tucker Carlson commented on the recent visit of Pelosi, Schumer, et. al to Kiev, a war zone, in which they vowed that the US would fight Russia until victory is secured. That is not how war is supposed to be declared by the US government. The White House just did its own similar follow-on visit, but Biden stayed home. It was “Dr. Jill” who went over and met with Zelensky (“honey I did that little errand for you that might be instrumental in leading humankind into world war II”). WTH !

On other notes: The reason we have this administration now is supposedly because Biden won more votes than any president in US history. Americans who have questioned that been called insurrectionists, extremists, and other things, all of which you well know. Dinesh D’Souza’s new film proves, with evidentiary data, that those slurs are unjustified. Also, the FDA has admitted that J&J’s Covid vax does cause blood clots and poses the risk of thrombosis, and has limited the availability of the vaccine. But neither it, nor any other agency, has offered an apology to the doctors and others who were censored, fired, or otherwise sanctioned over the past 2 years for suggesting that this risk existed.

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