I Did Not Make This Up

I cannot understand what drives the ambitions of certain people – and it stuns me that certain individuals like this guy can talk openly now of striving to ‘hack’ and control people without it causing a stir or at least some level of scorn like it would have just ten years ago. Biden wants to make everyone, vaccinated or not, who boards a flight in the US (except illegal aliens) submit to a COVID PCR test. PCR is not a recommended procedure for detecting COVID, and there are many who are concerned that the underlying reason for imposing such tests is to harvest our DNA, decode it, and record everyone’s genome in a database ‘for future use’. That sounds as far-fetched as the suggestion did 3 years ago that COVID was bioengineered in a Chinese lab – until you consider all the other covert legerdemain going-on, as well as listen to this noxious specimen of a human being talk about it:

It is clear that the powerful are doing things that weaken the security of ordinary people and are drawing some encompassing fishnet of monitoring around us now: Homeland security still has never been able to explain how our national security is served by dissolving the border, and government officials could give no rationale when questioned on why the administration is shutting-down our domestic energy production in the midst of a growing energy crisis:

Lest there remain any doubt that government (worldwide) is purposefully foisting suffering upon the people, Biden said with regard to gas prices that America is undergoing an ‘incredible transition’ and that ‘when its over, we’ll be stronger and world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels’. Sounds nice. The only problems with this are: (1) The transition was formulated overseas as part of the ‘Great Reset’ agenda. It is another covert agenda that Joe never campaigned on nor advanced before the American people, who would have protested, as POTUS – he just imposed it. (2) Its at least as stupid and destructive as everything else he’s done and wont even achieve the green-utopian goals of Schwab and the WEF because there are no sufficient energy replacements available yet for fossil fuels. (3) It is extremely irresponsible, particularly now that the economy has weakened and his administration is saber-rattling for war with Russia.

But the topper may be the notion that anonymous bureaucrats in a corrupt overseas international organization (the WHO) may soon hold personal biodata on citizens in the US and elsewhere, and be able to order them to submit to both medical procedures and civil health-response policy directives that are completely divorced from the FDA nor any other US government approval, at the same time as this guy Noah Harari is openly eager about using such data and means to ‘hack’ into humans to ‘operate’ them. This week at Davos, the CEO of Pfizer gave a talk in which he touted their ability to put microchips into vaccination tablets which would inform the ‘authorities’ of your compliance as soon as it detected that you had swallowed the tablet into your stomach – obviously these chips can be encoded to report on more than just that. This work is underway and has been openly discussed for some time, yet the press will not cover it and there seems to be no general public alarm about it, much less any pushback. And time is only on their side.

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