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A noteworthy article by Bragdon & Whitson in the opinion section of the Wall Street Journal highlighted Biden’s order to “expand citizens’ opportunities to register to vote”. The constitution disallows this; authority over federal elections is under the purview of congress alone. Per Biden’s request, participating federal agencies have already submitted their suggestions and plans for this to the White House, but Biden refuses to reveal them. The left-wing group DEMOS, which is involved in organizing it, urged the administration to “turn the bureaucracy into voter registration agencies.” FOIA requests for disclosure have been met with stonewalling. So Bragdon & Whitson’s Foundation for Government Accountability is filing a lawsuit to compel the DOJ to release the previously-requested documents on this.

I am doubtful of the rumor that Biden intends to issue an executive order granting asylum and voting rights to all the immigrants that he is persistently and defiantly allowing to pour across our border, because I don’t know that it is actually possible for him to do that. But this news of his unauthorized drive to in some way affect the voting roles and/or process is concerning. If he could get millions of grateful newly, illegally-arrived migrants to vote his way, that certainly would be consistent with his administration’s complete abandonment of any willingness to genuinely address the very legitimate concerns of the American people now. It would also constitute a treasonous move to subvert our democracy.

I hope that his scheme for more mail-in voting included provisions for the over 6000 American citizens that he abandoned and stranded in Afghanistan after pledging to get “every single one of them out”, since they clearly will no longer able to visit the polling places in their hometowns. If he wants to grant novel voting rights now, shouldn’t he extend them first to the native-born voting Americans who he deprived of their existing ones while serving under his watch over there ? Do not forget that his plan for a federal CBDC in the United States would move the authority to create new money from the Federal Reserve to the White House (this White House), and transforms the roles of existing retail banks. There is a good deal of talk of the need for Biden to be defenestrated now, but little on how-to do that.

Things no longer function like they used to. Supply chains, freedoms, and affordability have been broken-down. Someone I know got T-boned in her car by another driver and has had it in the shop for months. When parts have to be ordered, the typical response that it will take at least six months to get them. The shop said they found providers that could deliver two like-versions of a particular part that they could put together to make the needed one. Her insurance company is now deciding whether to pay for this option or not – it never had to make such decisions before the supply chain disruption. She has been without a car for 4 months already – she never had to deal with that before either. And she is not even among the growing horde of seriously cost-constrained people.

I no longer trust doctors to act and advise foremost in the interest of promoting healing, health, and wellness. I no longer believe that our top intelligence officers and military brass are acting foremost to protect American citizens from foreign threats. Hopefully noone still believes that the news media establishment is working to impartially provide the most impactful and important news for citizens to consider and decide upon for themselves. I do not believe that the public educational system anymore aims to provide our youth a working knowledge of their own society’s philosophical origins and principles, nor a general knowledge allowing them to independently select a career and life path on their own (and it no longer allows them to even discover their own sexuality at the natural age when it presents itself to them).

Biden and CDC want to allow unknown migrants into the country without COVID (or any type of) screening, but also to reverse the ruling of a Florida judge that just ended the mandate requiring passengers on airline flights to wear masks; an egregiously incoherent set of COVID policies. The names of over 60 recently-apprehended illegal immigrants recently turned up on the terrorist watch list, yet the southern border remains wide open. If direct war with Russia does develop, I wonder if the administration will continue to keep the US border fully open and penetrable. The US neocons are trying to provoke war with Russia using hybrid war and by-proxy war in Ukraine. Russia’s WWII Victory Day is May 9, and there are rumblings of a plan for Ukraine to aggressively attack Russia to undermine that holiday to provoke broader direct military conflict.

Some new and interesting data on COVID vaccine deaths that you wont hear about on the news have come from New Zealand. Because of its isolation as an island nation, the Kiwis experienced a particularly low incidence of COVID entering their society. This, in turn, made it simpler to isolate the effects of vaccines on deaths there. A study compiled the monthly numbers of vaccinations and deaths by all causes in New Zealand. These two time series show a significant, visible correlation between vaccinations and deaths (scroll down to see the plot here). The to-be-expected denial and suppression of this startling result by authorities can be overviewed by going-through the presentations that the two links in this paragraph bring up.

The same podcaster relays another disturbing fact in the early minutes of this other podcast. The actuarial profession, whose margins depend on keeping close track of these numbers, reports that in 2021 the death rates of working age people (18 to 64 years old) shot up over 40% above the historical baseline (pre-pandemic) rate. This is an astounding result that in more normal times would be considered a public health crisis. It would headline news shows and trigger critical studies of heath and public policy practices – but not today. The actuarial community’s data on annual death rates aggregates into a probability distribution in which a 10% excess death rate marks a 3-sigma (one-in-a-thousand) outlier event. So the 40% excess rate is statistically significant and is being caused by something that was not in-operation beforehand. Nobody in public health seems concerned by this. Or at least none of them are willing to speak out and say so.

Although I have no data on the rates at which this occurs, such a number of US food processing plants that have gone up in flames in the past month that I am confident that that number is another statistical outlier. Tucker Carlson just reported tonite that “well over a dozen” of these plants have been razed by various causes including boilers exploding and small planes crashing into them. In a recent post I mentioned a clearly-deliberate action that will further impair the already-faltering food supply chain, namely California’s new requirement that all trucks operating in the state have post-2010 power plants in them; a dictat that will take about 80,000 trucks out of the fleet. Whether this and the mysterious outburst of food processing plant infernos were purposefully done as part of some sinister plot to further impair the food delivery chain obviously cannot be said. But their timing is unusual impactful in that nasty way, and their frequency is clearly higher than historical norms. Again: stock up now.

The announcement by ‘free-speech-absolutist’ Elon Musk of his intention to buy twitter has certainly upset many in the company and outside of it, and it will be something to watch. His accomplishments are unquestionably amazing and admirable, but one of the tech “advances”, trans-humanism; that he is pursuing is a very weird thing whose other proponents include the WEF. T-H promises to ‘enhance’ the biological and mental functioning of human beings by hooking their brains into computing systems, and by other means like genetic engineering. When I hear that, it immediately brings to mind all the lovely freedom of information access, electronic commerce, and sharing of online communities that we were told the advent of the internet would bring us, and how it has been turned into a tool for surveillance, propaganda, and psychological capture.

Imagine the same tech titans now running Facebook, Google, etc. when their outreach channel to influence you is no longer a keyboard and screen that you can get up and walk away from, but rather a brain-implant that feeds two-way information between your thoughts and their computers. That’s just not for me – no freaking way. Musk’s Neuralink company is focussed on developing such a mind/machine interface. Two thousand years ago the mark of the beast was written about in revelations, and amazingly there are people who have been working to essentially fulfill that prophecy now (ref. ID2020, electronic COVID visas, and RFID implants). Two decades ago my spiritual mentor warned us training with him that soon we all would live through a time when “people will be turned into machines”. And now there are initiatives underway to connect peoples’ brains up to AI and ‘the matrix’. The intent is for one worldwide matrix that will comprehensively track everyone. The WTO and WEF have published a report encouraging the implementation of a global digital identity program for people and objects. They say this in neccesary, in service of global trade (which has already been broken down) to a prevent digital IDs arising in a “siloed” fashion. In other words, they don’t these AI-trackable IDs to arise in separate fashion in different countries like existing physical passports. They want a global tracking system operating under the auspice of a global organization.

Those in history whose (tech and other) advances improved our way of life were for the most part just inquisitive people investigating new ideas and chasing them down to find out where they might lead. But the self-anointed ‘big thinkers’ who instead start by imagining how they would like to remold society (others’ ways of life without their consent) in their own ‘grand vision’, and who plan a course of action to achieve that, have done untold damage. The latter group obviously includes all the tyrants, fuhrers, and despots, but it also includes climate totalitarians and the WEF mandarins dreaming of their ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Many of them believe that they are doing good, and that if the path to their utopian goals results in the death and impoverishment of legions of people, as well as the censoring and cancelling of dissenters, then so be it – that is all for the good. Their good.

Those of us who are not part of their elite cabal are viewed as lesser; the ‘unwashed masses’ whose main usefulness is providing labor. These people do not believe that people are part of a greater universal divine consciousness, nor that they possess an eternal soul. They believe that “consciousness” has no mysterious deep intuitive and spontaneously-creative component, but that it merely consists of “processing” previously-recorded data (memory). This is something obviously untrue to anyone with even a modicum of perceptive awareness. Many of the richest among them (e.g. Jeff Bezos) are captivated with pursuing the indefinite extension of mortal life in their existing bodies – because they do not believe in any continuity of consciousness beyond the bodies that they have now. The body count from their ongoing pursuits already includes all those excess worker deaths, the deaths at the border and the fentanyl deaths (more than covid), the deaths in Ukraine that could have been prevented if war was not viewed as a useful tool for reengineering the world, and likely the upcoming deaths from world war.

Technology and science are useful capabilities that can be deployed for good or bad. But the next great leap in humankind will not occur from such outward-directed efforts. Its will come when a sufficient number of people decide to turn a certain percentage of their efforts from working externally on ‘the world’, to going deep inside to work on themselves. Elon Musk wants to colonize other planets because he believes this will make humanity more sustainable – but he is wrong. If we cant sustainably exist on the earth, with all its bounty and life-needs already provided here for us, we wont succeed in some pressurized quonset hut on Mars. Because the problems do not lie with our external environment. The problems (flaws) lie within us. If we have everything we need, but we are still driven by our egos to invent ’causes’ and rationales to ravage and destroy here on earth, we’ll continue do that anywhere else we go set up shop.

People say that “the foibles of history repeat themselves because the passions and prejudices of people do not change”, but the only reason why that is true is because the vast majority of people spend no effort on changing themselves. But real change and evolution is possible, and the ‘technology’ for effecting that change has been around for a long time. Human consciousness can be purified.

“We cannot solve our problems by means of the same type of thinking that we used to create them.

– A. Einstein

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