Joe Rogan Experience #1780

Just after Joe Rogan did this interview with former-radical Maajid Nawaz, Neil Young and others called-out for him to be censored for spreading COVID disinformation, his past use of the “N-word” was then dug up and publicly revealed, and he was unsuccessfully threatened with being de-platformed. As a result, this talk didn’t come-out until just recently. It covers a lot of ground over a total 3 hours. The last hour of it, which concerns the nexus of CBDCs and vax digital IDs (“papers, please”), I think is worth hearing and would have done a greater service if it had been released immediately. The talk was released on Spotify, in case you have the app. And if you don’t have a good portion of an hour, here’s a 10-minute extract. It would certainly be nice to see some other people or entities with deep pockets throw-in with Elon Musk now to ‘uncensor’ Twitter.

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