Cracks Widening

The USPS mail service in Santa Monica, CA was recently suspended because postal carriers were being attacked too frequently. Investors have been sour on government debt. Sri Lanka defaulted on its external debt, and its rupee has lost 40% against the USD since March 8. The country is in economic distress with blackouts and serious shortages of energy and food. Everyone is acutely aware, or simply alarmed, about the US inflation numbers, and Europe is hardly a prettier picture. In Germany, price inflation is up nearly 23% since last year; the highest recorded increase. The zealots who have driven the COVID and climate juggernauts have in two years destroyed the modern world economy that took an uncountable amount of toil, innovation, and negotiation to build.

In Shanghai, the dystopian nightmare of totalitarian government has reached levels that were earlier portrayed only in the speculative fiction of Huxley, Orwell, Vonnegut, and Zamyatin. The CPC has decided that getting to zero-COVID (an impossible goal as I explained weeks ago) is worth severe lockdowns, separating families if any members test positive, and ushering the sick off to quarantine camps. The people, who were told this would only last for one week, are still prevented from leaving their homes – many are desperate for food, medicine, and medical care. People are screaming out their windows after a week of lockdown, not knowing when it will actually end. When they go out on their balconies to scream out, they are met by drones warning them to comply with the orders to stop. Robot dogs are out on patrol during the day to enforce the lockdown. Some who have ventured out have been set upon by people in white PPE suits, and there are multiple videos of these guys beating up the escapees. The government sent thousands of military into the area, so it’s likely the military in the suits.

It’s not a good time for real live dogs and cats there because the government is reportedly euthanizing them. But the food shortage is the biggest stressor of all. Hungry citizens typically log on to food delivery apps early in the morning and usually only have a few minutes to place their bulk orders. The food they receive, if they can get it, is carefully rationed since the next meal is not guaranteed. Shanghai, the world’s biggest shipping port, is contributing to the supply chain emergency in a big way itself by prohibiting the ports from operating. This will further drive essential-goods inflation worldwide. This level of governmental abuse of the people – to the point where they are withering from dehydration and starvation is what typically ignites revolutions.

One would think that, in the face of the supply chain crisis and the energy shortage caused by green politics which is driving our money to places Russia and Iran and further driving up the prices of goods, that it might be a time now to put peoples’ ability to provide for the fundamental needs of their households above more green nazism. But noooooo: California, with the largest shipping port in the USA, has stipulated that by January 1, 2023, almost all trucks and buses must operate using 2010 model engines or equivalent, because of – you know – the existentially-dire problem that the existing vehicles, like us, emit CO2. Perhaps they want to solve that problem by reducing the number of emissions from people as well as from vehicles. This law will cull 17% of the trucks operating in the state, something that Joe Rajkovacz of the Western States Trucking Association says will cause a supply chain problem that “we as a country have never seen before“. The California Air Resources Board denies that its new regulation will have any supply chain impact.

I do realize that the people we have in government now are the most incompetent, arrogant, ignorant, and ideologically-intransigent bunch certainly of my lifetime. But when a plan like the WEF’s Agenda 2030 is afoot on the prowl, and the succession of societally-crippling policies and actions comes so fiercely, consistently, and persistently even in the face of clear evidence and public outcry against its effects, I cannot ascribe it merely to the errors of foolishness. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, but these are planned intentional moves to destroy our existing society to make way for the elites to build the new dystopia they envision.

Certainly there are many ‘true believers’ in the climate dogma – I expect people like AOC and Cher do believe that car exhaust and cow farts will end life-as-we’ve-known-it in on earth, but they are merely the ‘useful idiots’ for the power holders running the campaign. Those people are out to consolidate global power and control. Globalization over the past 40 years has referred to the vast and complex network of supply and delivery chains, trade agreements, financing arrangements, and markets developed by countless productive “small” people that makeup the global economy. Today globalization refers to the subjugation of all those people by a small group of elites who are destroying the organically-grown uncontrollable economic system so that they can replace it with a much less free and productive that they can maintain completely under their own control – to the point where you wont be able to make your own way in it unless you comply with their will.

Governments are breaking the social contracts that they forged with their people because they didn’t care to uphold the IOUs that they promised to them. But governments are still sharply increasing rather than curtailing their spending. Instead of pursuing remedial fiscal reform, they are creating serial crises to keep the people laden and occupied with even more difficulties, and are using them to justify their applications of restrictions and removal of freedoms. Just as soon as we saw the COVID scare ending in North America and the American Freedom Convoy launching in-replica of its Canadian precursor, our attention was grabbed by the new conflict in Ukraine that the US government had done nothing to prevent nor to deter.

Putin is a bad actor, but this western proxy war with Russia is also something the neocons have daydreamed about for a long time and have already been actively pursuing, at lower levels, for several years. If it escalates to more direct war, the ability to impose martial law in the US will be a great one for an administration out to remove more civil rights and assets of Americans. They may impose global digital IDs claiming that they are necessary to prevent Russian spies from infiltrating our presently-open border, which they can also use for rationing, especially with regard to food. Watch how management of the western side of this conflict evolves. The WEF gang, which wants regime-change in Moscow in order to bring Russia into its fold, also wants for all sovereignty to be surrendered to the UN. The UN’s role in international conflicts as a peacekeeping force is rightly distinct from NATO’s in this one. It will remain so if and when it is deployed to ‘unify’ and ‘restore order’ – as long as it never assumes any political power nor authority, even temporarily.

The sanctions are intended to bring pressure to Putin from the Russian people. Hillary Clinton said she believes that Russia can be defeated by a war of attrition in Ukraine combined with sanctions on the Russian people. But demonizing and targeting the ordinary Russian citizen will only sow more enmity amongst them toward the west, and make it appear to some that Stalin was right. Neocons like her have egregiously mis-calibrated in their grandiose assessments. Russia will not be toppled like another sovereign domino in their game of world-remaking, for it is a vastly different adversary than a middle-eastern autocracy. With its supersonic missiles and a single submarine carrying 160 nuclear warheads patrolling off of American shores, Russia can take out the United States faster than it could respond.

We keep receiving the stream of provocative news reports on Putin’s barbarity to keep our attention and moral indignance properly-directed. One of the recent ones recounted a Russian missile strike on a train station in Kramatorsk. It killed over 50 civilians, caused no damage whatsoever to any military or infrastructure assets including the train tracks, and on the wreckage of its fuselage, the missile had the message “for your children” painted on it in Russian. Apparently this is because Putin the savage prefers to utilize some of his so-far inadequate military capabilities not for military gains, but instead to make the rest of the world hate him even more. Right. The peace talks between Russia and Ukraine just ended in failure. Putin said Kyiv had derailed them by concocting false claims of Russian war crimes. Of course no one believes him. Noone in the west has any good reason to – that is not the question. The question is: Do we have any good reason to believe our own reporting conduits ?

Russia’s foreign minister has rightly noted that the United States is already engaged in ‘total’ or ‘hybrid’ (economic, propagandist, cyber, etc.) warfare against Russia. Meanwhile, Washington not only continues to leave America’s southern border wide open, but has promoted heavier illegal immigration into the country by announcing that it will rescind Title 42. 18,000 unknown and unvetted people per day are now crashing our border – that equates to nearly the population of Idaho every 3 months. Though its been frustrating to see Biden openly violate his federal immigration laws since the day after his inauguration when he swore to uphold them, it has been more frustrating to see the country being changed so fast and irrevocably, against the will of the native-born American citizens, law enforcement, and the Republicans, with none of them able to take him to task on it. Today’s congress wont stop him, and lawsuits against the administration can only be filed by the Department of Justice whose leadership, like that of our Department of “Homeland Security” is on-board with Biden’s revolutionary treason.

There is scuttlebutt that Biden will sign an executive order granting all illegals citizenship so they can vote. I don’t know if it is possible for him to do this, but it would explain why his administration is not even pretending to care about, much less attending to, the serious concerns of US voters which it has primarily been the cause of. It is possible for us-the-people to float an initiative to stop this, and with the adequate number of signatures to then advance a referendum on this, but even if that worked it wouldn’t be voted on until well beyond the midterms. These immigration violations are impeachable offenses, but there is no possibility that congress will initiate a motion to impeach until after the 2022 midterm election. Even then there may not be great appetite for that, with the prospect of Kamala Harris taking over the Oval Office being an even greater deterrent than the pro-left votes of millions of new illiterate unskilled citizens. But at least we would have a non-white, non-male human in charge (apologies for my binary cis-normative gender-categorization, there). To see the democratic party making such a brash and naked power grab for itself with the media silent or portraying it as social virtue, and with a good many people apparently still buying that, is quite dismaying and stupefying.

Besides hoarding food, barterable goods, water, medicine, a small propane stove, a gas-powered electrical generator along with a tank of gasoline, and writing our representatives, there’s just not too much for any of us to do about any of this wicked big-power deviousness. Electronic money, electronic tracking and surveillance, and the other tools of control are ramping up, and today’s governments, just like the failing governments of the past, can be counted-on to destroy prosperity, freedoms, and civilizational achievements before giving-over their power. We just have to live through it.

One thing I am doing personally is to just give my attention to other, more-uplifting things (though not here, obviously). Work is clearly vital and consuming for the majority of us. But I am also going back now to study areas of math that I never learned, just because mathematical discovery was always a great experience for me, because its very attention-absorbing, and because its good to maintain focus now on some of the more positive and useful things that people have created, so here’s a diversion for you: Symmetry analysis has afforded a powerful inroad into problems in physics, and Noether proved that all the conservation laws of non-dissipative mechanical systems stem from an inherent symmetry or invariance in the underlying equations for the system. This is the geometrical basis underlying the formalisms of conservative Hamiltonian and Lagrangian mechanics, which has been developed further in recent years by people like Marsden in works like his book called Geometric Mechanics.

Symmetry extends beyond the familiar right-left (or ‘mirror’) symmetry. It is defined mathematically as the invariance of an object (such as a geometric structure or an equation) under some transformation of coordinates. 2D Mirror-symmetry is invariance only when the coordinate transformation consists of the sign of the horizontal axis being flipped (x -> -x) or of a rotation about the vertical axis y through a positive or negative integer multiple of Pi . Newton’s Second Law of motion holds in any ‘inertial’ coordinate system, meaning one that is neither rotating nor accelerating. In other words, it holds in any coordinate frame, at any location, that is moving only at constant velocity c. So in the simple case where the motion is along a single direction x, Newton’s equation of motion is invariant under the coordinate transformation corresponding to a translation along x by a distance a combined with steady motion along the same axis at speed c: x -> (x + a + ct) (where a equals a constant, and t is time). This ‘Galilean’ invariance, or symmetry, is associated with conservation of linear momentum, which is the very essence of Newton’s Second Law.

Symmetry is characterized by mathematical structures called groups; a developmental exploration that has unified concepts in algebra, geometry, representation theory, and differential equations. Galois characterized the n roots of n-th order algebraic equations as a set of discrete rotational symmetries on the unit circle in the complex plane. Sophus Lie generalized the concept to characterize the symmetries inherent in ordinary differential equations. This subsequently was extended, by introducing the notion of an infinitessimal generator of vector flows on manifolds, to the continuous symmetries in the infinite-dimensional case of partial differential equations. The tangent-plane representation of these Lie groups, called Lie algebras, are in-turn related to other preexisting mathematical entities like Grassmanians. Their commutation operator on the manifold or Lie Bracket, generalizes Hamilton’s Principle when the manifold is symplectic. My point is that although the structures of society are being destroyed, there are plenty of other great things to focus on. Its actually an exciting time in mathematics when a number of discoveries being made are unifying previously-disjoint areas of the subject. The participants of the Langland’s Program have made several of them. Geometric methods are also making their way into more financially-applicable fields like optimization and sampling and high-dimensional statistical inference.

Tending to our families is probably the most important focus for most of us. I also have been spending a fair amount of time on self-cultivation, which is more guaranteed to make a degree of positive difference in overall society than mathematics. Because all of these problems I write about that recur (in their general form) throughout history have only one origin: us (the inherent impurities that we all carry around). There exist sciences for purging them, and pursuing those practices not only eliminates negative tendencies, but also makes life a much easier and peaceful experience for the practitioner. Having an indestructible inner peace and fulfillment independent from what is going-on now is both invaluable, and its a very worthy goal. Message or email me if-interested in this – or anything else.

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