Here we go again

Not long after future-seer Bill Gates warned that a new, more dangerous infection was coming, we now have a Covid variant called Omicron (oh my god!) spreading from South Africa. This one need’t have been bioengineered, it could just be one of the mutations of the Wuhan-hatched Covid 19 that should have been expected. Anthony Fauci, who noone with any sense should listen to anymore but who Biden will never fire, has already indicated, without time for study of the new virus, that locking down again must be contemplated (it has worked so well, right ?). Medical officials in South Africa say that Omicron appears not be significantly more dangerous, and the initial four people found to be infected were all Covid-vaccinated. But regardless of this initial data that we do have, calls for more jabs, and booster jabs, have been made, of course.

The United States has been invaded and its sovereignty is now being subverted from within. Many agents in this operation were already in place in the US government and elsewhere by the time Biden took over the White House from Trump, but that is when it came up to full speed. The 2020 presidential election was the most corrupt one in US history, and was aided by the deep state as well as by offshore actors. If asserting that makes me a “domestic terrorist”, fine. I’ll share that calumny with all the parents who don’t want public schools to teach their kids to hate, nor to read books containing explicit homoerotic encounters. These actors put Joe in the Oval Office in exchange for him to do their bidding, and he is the perfect puppet/robot to carry-out those instructions – although he sometimes botches it by saying things like “I’m not supposed to take any questions here” in his pressers, and “…end of quote” when he finishes reading a prepared speech off of a piece of paper in front of him. He is so hapless that he evades criticism – we feel it would be unfair to unload on such a debilitated man. He can even crap his pants when meeting the pope without getting lambasted for it in the press, nor on late nite comedy TV – imagine any other president getting away with that. But if subverting the democratic electoral process so effectively put such a sad pair of P/VP candidates into office, why stop with just that one election ?

Look for the democrats to insist that unsolicited national mail-in ballots for the November 2022 election are a crucial health necessity in the face of the new Omicron threat. Unsolicited mail-in voting will complement the move to equip Biden’s newly-imported alien constituents with votes via the US Citizenship Act of 2021. The New York City Council is already set to approve legislation that will enable hundreds of thousands of non-citizens to vote in local elections. Approval from extant voters, the American citizens who have lived, worked, and paid taxes here for years, is no longer what the left is appealing to in order to retain power long enough to complete the ‘fundamental transformation’ of the USA in preparation for the ‘Great Reset’ of western society. They and their international cohorts are out to make that reset without the approval of even a single voter in any of the countries involved on any of their respective continents. That is beyond mere hubris.

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