The People Rising

You wont hear about it in our mainstream media, but there are mass demonstrations underway now against the Covid ‘passports’ and lockdowns in Vienna, Rome, Genova, Brussels, Paris, London, the Netherlands, Zagreb, Tokyo, Perth, and South America.

Remember who is pushing all of this oppression across so many countries: Although China has its money and influence in western news media and governments, it is not the prime orchestrater of the west’s ongoing suicide. It is Klaus Schwab’s academic pipe dream of imposing a new world order which he envisions as being more green-clean, less populated, centrally-controlled by elites like him, and which will put the rest of us into Marxist submission to it. He and his elite cohorts in government and multinationals have been meeting on this for decades and have planned for this point when all the western governments that have borrowed and spent since WWII have kicked that can down the road all the way to its end, and now need an “out” for their sovereign debt crises. His proposal for them to join his plan to “build back better” has provided them their answer, and is why in their own countries they are all going along with this same plan for suppression of everyone’s freedoms and economic independence with simultaneous up-ratchetings of covid lockdowns, climate regulations on business, and government takeovers. He saw the pan-national debt crisis coming and planned ahead to use it to gain buy-in on his plan from all of the government leaders.

The megalomaniacal billionaires Gates and Soros are part of this elite club, and have their own money employed to serve their individual preferences on how this new reordering should go. Soros’s ideal is another stupid fantasy: That a one-world government will forever end war and sectarianism. Gates is a fan, as are many of the other elites, of reducing the population to make the world ‘cleaner’, plus he never can get enough money and power. The world will be a nicer place for him and his people if it has less of you and yours.

This has been in-play for some time: For any imaginably-successful plan to turn entire continents of democratic societies into totalitarian Marxist ones, It takes years to formulate strategy and to build-out the tactical elements like funding gain-of-function research in a Chinese virology lab to make a covid virus transmissible to humans, creating and gaining societal adoption of blockchain based electronic money, indoctrinating the academy and a generation of students, and installing collaborators at the head positions of the military, FBI, DOJ, NSA, & CIA (Obama did a great deal of this), as well as getting government leaders and members of multinationals like the UN and the WHO on-board. This gang of political leaders want to retain their power despite their fiscal iniquity, and locking everyone down under the tyranny of this plan is agreeable to them in order to achieve that. The biggest obstacle to this elite clique’s plan has been the USA, but no more. Now with Biden in the White House, they have finally on-boarded America and are pressing ahead rapidly. Biden works for them, not for us.

This plan is crazy, immoral, and obviously inhumane, and it wont work (replacing preexisting energy with green energy itself wont). Now that the people are resisting, we have the hope that they will fail to make us their worker serfs under communism 2.0. We must succeed at that. Unfortunately, they will probably do so much damage to our economies and societies in the process that it will most likely lead to the decline of the US and the rest of the west, and the rise of China. Just as the financial center moved from London to New York with the decline of the empire and British power, so will it move from New York to Shanghai. We will live less-prosperous lives. But if we fight well now, we can still retain much of our independence and freedom as individuals. It’s worth it.

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