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I indicated in my last post that the punitive and restrictive policies enacted purportedly to fight COVID now make sense as political, but no longer as health, actions. Clearly public skepticism and resistance to these policies is higher than ever. COVID was modified in Wuhan to give it the ability to infect humans, and many from around the world who attended the World Military Games in Wuhan in late 2019 apparently brought it back to their home countries. Suppose some evil group of Machiavellian political elites did deploy the virus as an ruse to impose lockdowns and controls on their economies (which almost all western countries did in lockstep; a contrary response to every single previous pandemic including the Black Plague that killed one out of every three Europeans) as a first step in forcefully transforming them. Then what might they do when they encounter a juncture like we have now where people no longer universally fear COVID, nor believe that the policies for it are appropriate, and there is widespread suspicion of the vaccine mandates? Well, if you were a capable evil, rich, and powerful conniver like the ones that appear in James Bond films, you might have a next-disease ready to uncork; one that is a bit scarier.

About the same time I made that last post, Bill Gates was warning governments that they are woefully underprepared for the impeding next pandemic which he somehow was able to divine will be “way worse”. He wants the governments to spend about a billion dollars per year, which would flow to the WHO. Gates is the prime funder of the WHO after the USA and has been highly influential in its direction. The funds would be used to setup a multinational task force to conduct ongoing disease surveillance of some sort and to conduct ‘Germ Game’ exercises wherein the actors practice their responses for new outbreaks, or for bioterrorism attacks, involving viruses such as Smallpox. In October 2019 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation partnered with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security to conduct a “high-level simulation exercise for pandemic preparedness and response” labeled Event 201. That was just a month before Covid-19 was first detected in Wuhan. Setting up a global body to surveil and dictate all the countries’ pandemic responses is a bad idea. The ones we’re getting from just our own governments, which at least supposedly answer to us, is bad enough. Again, in Australia peoples homes and bank accounts are being seized for not paying their exorbitant Covid penalty fees.

Mr. Gates is a very effective, ambitious, and clever man. However not at writing computer operating systems nor at developing new vaccines. He is a college dropout with no deep expertise in any such domain knowledge, but he is extremely keen at identifying product niches where he can gain a foothold and eventually establish dominance and a a monopoly. And he certainly is no philanthropist: He sells his vaccines to government for a very handsome profit and then entreats the government to donate them where needed. What is amazing is that because he has been so successful at this and has become so wealthy, he can speak now on the future of infotech or world health safety policies and he gets the rapt attention and buy-in of the public and of the experts who actually know the subjects he’s talking about. But his grandiosity is not always so wise: He believes that cutting meat out of your diet will save the obviously-endangered climate, and he even wanted to chemically “seed” the atmosphere to promote clouding so-as to mitigate global warming. He is a megalomaniac. He gets acolytes nonetheless – the domain experts usually come around because he funds them.

I remember when Barack Obama said that the dominance of the US economy was over because it “was just time”, and that GDP growth would never exceed 3% again. As soon I heard that I thought: “Who gave you such a handy crystal ball to see the future ?” He was president, but that still did not give him the ability to ‘see’ all the ideas, initiatives, and new potential industries that were brewing in the minds of the people – the stuff that creates new economic productivity. Yet many Americans amazingly just accepted his statement as fact. What he did know was that his regulations and taxes on business were hurting growth – something that was proven by Donald Trump when he removed them and GDP growth reached near double Obama’s 3% ceiling. I had the same sense as soon as I read Gates’ warning that the next pandemic is on the way and it will be “way worse”. If these pandemics arise naturally (like Covid 19 did not…), how could he know that unless he is gifted with prescience ?

I know this bioweapon ops scenario is full Alex Jones conspiracy theory stuff, but the times are just that crazy: Look back on all of the things Jones ranted were coming and then check how many of them he nailed correctly. Gates and his father were both Eugenicist fans of Margaret Sanger who supposedly think the world would be a better place if they didn’t have to share it with so many other people. That fits. Gates’ vaccine trials on black and brown people in India and Africa left a lot of people dead or maimed. Of course I’m would not claim that Gates is willing to indiscriminately kill people by being party to a bioattack on the public. But he did make an ungodly amount of money on vaccines over the past couple of years. One more round of that (selling a compulsory vaccine worldwide for a new disease) would make him the wealthiest person to ever walk the earth. Just sayin’…

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