The Mask is Off

During a conversation I had around 4-5 years ago with a Venezuelan executive of my old company, I asked him if he thought that a turn to Marxism like the Bolivarian Revolution he witnessed could ever happen here in America. He said no, that such a thing would never occur in the USA. However, he was wrong. We are probably in the 3rd quarter of such a takeover already. If that sounds hyperbolic to you, consider whether the anecdote about the frog that doesn’t realize that the temperature of the water its been soaking in has been slowly raised to near-boiling pertains to you. Americans, who have never experienced such an abrupt and irreversible phase transition in their entire way of life, are naturally less sensitive and can be more easily-inured to it than those who have. Although our news wont report it, eastern Europeans who remember the Soviet Bloc days, are acutely apprehensive of what may be coming soon. The people of Romania have just made a concerted stand against taking the vaccine for COVID. As a result the government there has had to back down, shutting down over 100 vaccination centers. When the people unite against government, it quickly becomes obvious that they, collectively, are the ones who actually hold the power in a society. Government cannot run without the consent or the control of the people – but the reverse is not true.

Call it anchoring bias or whatever you will, but some people I know seem to feel that their personal success shields them to a large extent from any possible coming hardship. But if they had ever lived through a communist overthrow or thought more soberly, they would realize that the reverse is actually more true. People with wealth are the prime targets of such a social crusade, and are the first to be asset-stripped and cast-into a new station of work and way of living alongside the people they used to see clipping coupons and redeeming food stamps in order to purchase their groceries. The change will be much more severe for them than for those poor people.

An investment banker friend of mine spends a fair amount of his discretionary time and budget on food and wine (its a bit much, really). He has a great collection featuring decades-old Barolos and Grand Cru Burgundies that he pays to have coopered at a local shop. He knows restauranteurs around L.A. and brings his own wine to pair with their dishes about 3 times per week. But in his entire life he’s never changed a tire on any of the Mercedes’ that he’s had. Taking a weekly ration of dry goods and canned beans home to consume at a newly government-assigned shoebox apartment (absent a Mercedes) with a glass of water would be a much more drastic change for him than for members of the present welfare class (or for the new Haitian and Afghan migrants that we just welcomed-in and know nothing about). Don’t think that what you do now will have much to do with what you will have or how you will live, after a Marxist revolution. It is time to become keenly aware of what is at stake and to consider action courses.

The people who would be allowed, more-or-less, to keep their current station in life, are those who will have ongoing value to the new ruling power class, and the leftists’ cohorts in tech and fintech are among these. In exchange for carrying political water for these elites over the past few years via their selective censorship, deplatforming, disinfo, and demonetizing activities, they will be allowed to operate the upcoming electronic monetary and banking system that is planned. Because this is a key objective that the elites cannot do themselves, they will privilege those tech execs who will carry it out for them. But the fate of other other pro-Marxist apparatchiks will be different. Although the likes of BLM, AOC, and Bernie Sanders have also been (temporarily) useful in moving the US political climate more towards communism, they would most likely join the ranks of ‘useful idiots’ who are discarded immediately after the takeover is complete – when their usefulness expires.

But instead of drilling down into more specifics on the schemas (the covid oppression, disinfo & lies, open borders, tech surveillance, destructive spending, electronic money, etc.) being brought to bear, I want to revisit the big picture to again lay-out why, according to what I’ve read, we are seeing this systematic oppression happening now in such a concerted way internationally. I have not seen this ‘connecting of dots’ been presented in the media, yet it is crucially important to grasp. Because once people understand it, they will immediately realize why all these schemes will never end, why neither political party will genuinely defy them (so that we will have to), who the ultimate players (generally) are, and what their end goal is.

Recall that in response to the COVID outbreak, basically all of the western countries (except Sweden) simultaneously responded in lockstep by locking-down and destroying much of their own economies, in-spite of the fact that such a response has never been made by even a single nation to any prior epidemic – including the Black Plague which killed over 1/3 of the European population. Is it not odd that no appreciable percentage of these countries pursued alternate courses – like one would expect to see from a collection of self-determining sovereign nations ?

Nearly simultaneously, this collection of governments emphasized that the ‘rebuilding’ of their economies should be pursued in-line with a new green model (that will starve many of the plants in the world of the CO2 that they need to live, as well as those economies of energy and smaller independent enterprises). Not long after, the leaders of many of these countries (Biden, Trudeau, Johnson, Macron, etc.) all trumpeted the same slogan for this universal green economic policy (“Build Back Better”)that had been coined earlier by Klaus Schwab, the leader of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

One might posit that it was just a very low-probability coincidence that this series of costly and damaging moves by all these governments happened to occur in such a lockstep manner, but it would be rather foolish to believe that. Yet hundreds of millions of people obviously did, why ?: Simply because their governments told them to. It was also unlikely coincidental that within the US in the wake of George Floyd’s death, organized riots synchronously erupted in over 200 cities, someone funded and provided transportation for them, and had pallets of bricks delivered for them to throw, and the local governors and mayors first ordered their police to stand-off as businesses and residences burned, then later methodically thinned their police ranks while racially demonizing them. Yet millions of Americans believed that all these things just ‘happened’ in this way, and got their ire up against their president, their police forces, and racially against each other – just as they these planned events were intended to. And just because the media and many in the political sphere told them how they should think about and interpret it all. Check.

Ideas for a new green (highly centrally-controlled) economic system operating under the aegis of a single international (and unelected) governing body have been shared over sips of aperitifs and nibbles of amuse bouches by elites at the meetings of organizations like the UN and WEF, for decades. But the obvious big problem with making it happen is this: How could all the nations ever be coerced to come into the WEF tent by relinquishing their sovereignty ? The responses above help to weaken the county’s unity and strength internally, making it more vulnerable to disruption, but that is not enough.

A historically opportune situation has arisen that has answered that question for them: a sovereign debt crisis of a magnitude unlike any seen before. All empires have fallen the same way: not by being conquered by any external power, but rather by spending their national treasure too profligately until it brings downfall and eventual ruin. As this destruction occurs, the failed rulers try to keep themselves in power by the ever more unconcealed use of force and by ransacking the citizens of their remaining savings. What was once a burgeoning civilization with a vibrant economy becomes economically desolate, and the very governing politicians who made it so become vultures who strip its remain assets for their own benefit.

This has happened over and over again – in Rome, Byzantium, the French empire, etc. AND in all communist revolutions of the 20th century (and those new communist governments killed more of their people, in total, than all of the wars and pestilence of that century did). The difference now is that this is happening across scores of countries simultaneously. Ever since the end of World War II, western governments have increasingly borrowed, printed, and spent money without any intention of ever repaying any of it. All the social promises that their leaders have made to their people (e.g., medicaid, medicare, social security, public pensions, education, etc.) are not going to be there for them. And history shows that once they reach the point where they have to tell the people that ‘unfortunate’ news with a shoulder shrug, they end up facing a revolution – with the end result having often been that their corpses get paraded around the streets. So this debt situation is the reason why governments around the world are all pushing for Marxist tyranny at the same time – and why Klaus Schwab’s model for a new world order provides a very tidy unifying architecture for executing that in a way that will keep them ensconced in power.

Though there are some approaches for mitigating this sovereign debt crisis, they all require that the politicians relinquish much of their authority and power, which they are never willing to do. The other approach, which they chose, is to suppress the people and ultimately to lock them down under tyranny before they revolt. Schwab’s plan for his new world order is basically his own variant of communism (“You will own nothing and you will be happy”) in which our savings and pensions get eliminated, debt/solvency management is discarded in favor of “modern monetary theory” (the idea that money can be printed out of thin air whenever needed), and we will be made economically dependent upon the state, which will keep us functioning at a common base level on a UBI stipend. Our rights, freedoms, and property also go, of course.

So once again, through their own fiscal irresponsibility, the politicians have betrayed the social contract they made with the people of their countries. And once again, now that the time for their comeuppance has arrived, they would rather trash freedom, the goose that laid the greatest golden egg in history (the US economy), and our standard of living to lock us all down, rather than step away from the helm of power. What’s so richly ironic in all of this is that all the young American followers of Bernie and AOC aggrieved with their current economic plight are NOT experiencing the failures of capitalism, but instead the eventual failure of big government socialism that is now upon all of us. Their answer to the fox (government) raiding the henhouse (the people) is to run further into the clutches of the fox – much to his delight. While it is true that private sector power institutions like Wall Street and monopolistic corporate giants have often abused and exploited their power, history shows how naive it is to wholeheartedly trust government for salvation. For government is not only the most powerful institution, it is also the one with the greatest apparatuses of control, with its ability to create inescapable laws and regulations, to create money, and to control the military, the police and the IRS. It can jail you, seize your assets, and even kill you.

Although not in government himself, Schwab is a powerful man who has placed many people into positions of power, including Christine Lagard and members of the UN. He has had most of Europe under the control of his scheme for some time now. The United States remained the big roadblockl, and the election of Donald Trump was their biggest obstacle to flipping the US their way. This is because Trump came-into power as a true political outsider, self-financed and unbeholden to any political party or other institutional power. And this is why the MSM, the US military, US intelligence and law enforcement communities, big tech, and international power holders all went after him in numerous ways including false allegations: Because he was upsetting their plan. And that is the real reason why they are so staunchly aggressive now about keeping him from ever gaining political power again: They can tolerate no more outsiders in the ring spoiling their scheme. This also explains why the presidential election was so corrupted (much more than prior ones) not only domestically but also with international parties participating by hacking into the online voting machines – and why so many people have been programmed to immediately think “domestic extremist” when they hear someone (like me) dare to make such a claim.

So although the recently-swelled socialist left wing of the Democratic party has long wanted to ‘fundamentally change’ America, and is having such a field day running the globalist Marxist agenda that hidin’ Biden is cooperating with to sell out the sovereignty of USA to the agenda of the aspiring global tyrants, realize that there is no established political party nor institution in the USA that will genuinely stand up to this agenda. Government has pushed its own back up against the fiscal wall and is now scheming for more wriggle-room by suppressing the people. The Republicans may want to keep some more business sectors operating with less regulatory and tax burdens than the Democrats, but they also prefer not to see a revolution that throws them out of Washington DC. You will continue to see that their actions remain concerned more with taking power back into their own party than stopping the sellout of the country. Remember that they also went after Trump – albeit a bit more subtly. Be clear that your votes and letters to representatives cannot be expected to turn this lockdown to tyranny around – it will be up to the people to categorically (unified and irrespective of racial and other internecine differences) to stand up to categorical government (government as a whole, irrespective of party) to demand that their rights are preserved and upheld. And it will be difficult.

Some rich and powerful individuals have also thrown-in with the tyranny drive because they feel their own agendas will get served: Soros’ “Open Borders” aspiration certainly aligns with Biden’s opening of the US border to permanently change the composition of the US population. And the current vaccine-only Covid policy has been advanced internationally by Bill Gates, with the help of institutions like the CDC and people like Fauci. But these powerful individuals whose own pipe dreams for power may for the time being align with Schwab & Co.’s, will likely find themselves immediately lumped among the rest of the newly-destitute ‘useful idiots’ if a communist takeover is ever completed. For once they lose their usefulness to ‘the party’, they will get asset-stripped and cast into the proletariat pool of the great unwashed masses like everyone else. This amalgam of power elites pushing their agendas on us ‘little people’ makes it a bit more confusing to discern the agenda behind the curtain, but the big unifying one is the willing accession of so many governments to the ‘Build Back Better’ global communist agenda of the WEF (and other multinational organizations like the UN) in order to get themselves out of the debt bind that they have mired their own administrations and societies in.

Climate change and Covid have been useful devices for authoritarians to incrementally remove public freedoms. Because without committing any particular trespass other than exercising the freedoms that she was granted at birth, the ordinary person can be de-facto implicated as a guilty culprit in exacerbating the climate and pandemic problems. By using vehicular transportation to work and to buy her needs, to travel, and even just by continuing to breathe, she is leaving an onerous CO2 footprint. And by congregating with other people, going out to work and to engage in commerce, she is guilty of being a public Covid biohazard. Any honest and uncompromised virologist will tell you that, just as for the case of the annual flu, vaccination can never eliminate Covid from the human population. Since these viruses have ‘reservoirs’ (they also reside in) the animal population, they will repetitively return even if they were to be eliminated from every human on earth. The only reason the smallpox vaccination worked was that it was a pathogen that occurred in people only.

Over time we’ll understand the complete truth about what the stentorian vaccine frenzy is all about, but it is clearly more than an antiviral health measure. The virus was engineered in the Wuhan lab, and the policies concerning it are now outrageous. Australia has become a full-blown police state, purportedly because of vaccination concerns. But destroying peoples’ livelihoods, rights, and lives for a virus with a 1% lethality rate is insane and indefensible.

The expansionist aspirations of newly-emboldened nations like China, Iran, Russia, North-Korea and soon perhaps Afghan-sponsored groups as well also concern, but as far as the lockdown-to-tyranny threat goes, it is a cabal among the “free” western countries orchestrated by Schwab and other western political leaders. With the US government at-last in the bag, China and Russia actually are now the biggest obstacles to him achieving his megalomaniacal goal of centrally controlling the world and its economy. These countries’ governments just don’t much care how the UN, WHO, and the rest of the world regards their inattentiveness to Covid, to green climate dogma, etc..

We’re now seeing a dramatic step-up in the severity of the lockdown and suppression actions which, like during the initial Covid response, appears to be simultaneously coordinated over all the countries. The lies governments are telling are not even attempts to convince people anymore – they are blunt, nonsensical snubs to reasonable questions. Jen Psaki claimed that immigrants who made a perilous 1400 mile journey to cross the US border are being allowed to do so because the administration somehow knows that they intended to come for just a short temporary visit. That it is fine to admit them with none of the Covid screening and the coerced vaxxing that taxpaying citizens are being subjected to (though she couldn’t concoct a rationale for that one). She and other democrats also claimed that US CBP agents on horseback trying to block the way for some the immigrants are guilty of bringing us back to ‘worse than slavery days’ because they were purportedly using their reins to whip these people (false). The vice president, who has been even better than Biden at hiding out, popped her head up to spout indignations about this before going back to ignoring the real border crisis, with its real humanitarian crisis, that they both purposely caused and are maintaining.

Governments have kept up a mask or pretense that they have been acting in the interests of the people. But that mask is now being dropped. I heard one media voice say that we are seeing this happen because the pols “are just laughing at you now”, but that is not it – self-interested governments act to gain or hold power for themselves, and taunting the people gains them nothing in that regard. We are seeing the mask come off because a good number of the people have woken up and are starting to resist. The power holders now realize that they have limited remaining time, likely only a year or two, to get the people irreversibly shackled or else their scheme will unravel. And because they believe they will most likely succeed, they are opting to let their tyrannical activity show as they move from advancing it subtly and slowly to pushing it more overtly and forcefully. They are like the captain of a ship who makes a good show of caring for the crew and shouldering all responsibility – until he runs it aground and it starts sinking, at which point he flees to ensure that he gets himself and his small coterie launched safely in a dinghy. Because he has gotten himself safely away and afloat while they remain trapped and doomed to drown, he no longer needs to pretend to cares for his crew even though they can now see him – too late – for the purely self-interested wretch that he is. As long as they feel that they have the public well-cornered by their plan, governments and the elites can stop worrying as much about keeping up their con – they can let the mask slip.

History shows that these elites will lose, but not until we go through a great deal of strife, turmoil, and loss. Now that things are coming to a head, history also shows there will likely soon be clashes and blood in the streets; that’s just how these things tend to go. And governments know it when they have pushed the people to a point where they wont take it anymore and will start to push back, so they prepare themselves for that. Voting out Macron, Trudeau, Morrison, or Biden wont end this progression to totalitarianism in any country. Even if Trump returned he probably could only slow down what is now a dam-break in it – and that isn’t possible for 3.5 more years which looks too late anyway at the rate things are moving. He is also an extremely divisive figure. Though this is normally is a significant deterrent to any leader’s effectiveness, I think division will be high no matter who is president.

Of course you needn’t believe this entire (sovereign debt crisis) explanation for why totalitarianism is being advanced on numerous continents at its face-value, any more than you should believe anything else you hear today. But I hope you will keep it in mind, observe, and ask yourself whether what you see happening around you fits with it or not – and whether any other sensible explanation for this global lockdown does.

So what are we-the-people to do in response to all of this ?: Resist peaceably, stay resolute and moralized, cease clinging to comfort and ‘security’, and connect with others and build the networks that will comprise the new ‘parallel society’ (ref. the video in my last post). If you are vaccinated, wish others were, but some in your circle get denied access to travel for it, are willing to run an errand or favor to help them even through you disagree with them ? – or will you vilify them like many tell you to ? Will you work to keep your own little locale of society stitched together in harmony, or will you help to fragment and destabilize it like the elites want you to ?

If you hold a position of influence in some lynchpin industry or institution like fintech the military, the media, or governance, can you risk trying to move the needle a slight bit away from your own business interests towards social freedom, (without losing your job) ? Or if you are more intrepid, to leak implicating information to whichever media outlet you think will run it without getting your fired, censored, and socially outcast ? That would be genuinely socially-responsible business practice now. To remain resolute, calm, and high in morale, it is important to rely on your spiritual life, if you have one, and it needn’t come from organized religion. Many people have cultivated this deeper dimension of life in other ways. ‘The Surrender Experiment’ by Michael Singer recounts the experience of one man who did that in a particular way, and the changes that it brought to his life.

People must rise up and, instead of continuing to remain on-defense, constantly pushed back onto their heels in the face of all the government treachery with Covid, etc., we must run some offense. It is still our right to go offensive to demand accountability from our government leaders for betraying us on all the social programs they promised as its part of their social contract with us, for continuing to spend at an even more societally-devastating rate than ever, and for destroying so many of our rights and opportunities to work our own way back to higher ground and to obtain recourse from them. They are supposed to work for us.

It has certainly been more destructive and socially-destabilizing of them to have wasted the funds for a generation or two’s medical and retirement security, and to wreck so much of the economy with lockdown, than it would have been for them to leave alone the natural progression of the cycles in the climate and the viral outbreak. They claim the latter are the unquestionably certain existential threats, and that the former is more ignorable – but the the factually-verifiable truth is the opposite. So for them to ignore the former, which they (and their predecessors) unquestionably have caused, while wrecking peoples’ lives and freedoms as well as causing food shortages and inflation, in order to instead pursue the latter, which are only purported existential threats ‘supported’ by a great deal of systematic propaganda, falsehood, and disinformation, is simply not justifiable. It’s time to call them on it – and to stand up together to take the necessary fusillades of vitriol and unrighteous slander that will come from them and their water-carrying media dolts like Joy Reid. Being right and true is powerful – provided one is willing to hold to it and to accept the slings and arrows over time. Nigel Farage was ridiculed and tarred for years for his disdain for the power elites at the EU (academic dreamers who don’t know how social order works successfully in reality), and for standing firm for Brexit – but he does not look so ridiculous next to them now, nor do they have much left to say about him anymore. Mandela, Gandhi, King, etc. – someone has to make a stand for the people to rally around for them not to continue to be passively drawn deeper into the tightening net that has been cast around them.

Once it becomes clear to the tyrants that the people wont submit, they will – its that basic. But that requires a willingness to suffer and endure now for the greater good later. I mentioned in my last post the case of the Indian people making such a stand against British rule to gain their independence. They intentionally took beatings – publicly in the presence of news reporters reporting all the action – from the British soldiers without surrendering and without trying to fight back (which would have resulted in them losing both their cause and many of their lives). However Gandhi only directed this action because he understood the British sense of decency, the fact that the British were violating it themselves, and that the colonial economy in India at the time relied upon the cooperative manual labor of the Indian people. I doubt he would have used the same means of resistance against a tyrant like Pol Pot, Stalin, or Hitler, all of whom would have likely been fine with just killing everybody, leaving a decimated society and a barren economy.

So the use of resistance has to be intelligent, but in today’s case we have all of western society in the tightening grip of totalitarianism. If wide resistance were ever concerted across Canada, the US, Europe, and Australia, these crazy elites would have a difficult time ostracizing, jailing, and killing enough people to leave a sufficiently big cooperative group active to keep their new green-dream economy running effectively for them (fyi: it wont run sustainably in any case – its another idealized academic elite’s pipe dream). Their hunger for power makes them stupid people.

The military and police are group instruments of forceful power, and where their fidelity lies is key to how things will play out. Although the top brass in the US military (Gen. Milley) has clearly been compromised, hopefully the rank and file soldiers, as well as the newly-reconstituted police forces, have not yet been. In any totalitarian coup, the new regime succeeds in suppressing the people if the police and military side with it, and it fails when they side with the people. If you work in these ranks, do you have cohorts who will listen to you ?

Marxism is a very base, banal, and mean philosophy that limits its view of human existence to a purely materialistic dimension and nothing deeper. It is actually driven more by envy and resentment of others who are materially wealthier than on any ideal for an egalitarian utopia, which should be obvious from its results. Its revolutionary adherents have always tended to be driven more by a sense of righteous anger and injustice than by optimism, hope, and inspiration. If there are no people richer than you to go-after, then Marxism’s purpose is no more (in fact, at that point it will turn on you). Measuring fulfillment by material acquisition alone is no way to happiness, and these people have not only have no appreciation of the notions of fulfillment coming from contribution/selflessness, creativity, family/community, and a deeper nonmaterial (spiritual) dimension, they also actively persecute those who do. Live and let live is not a part of their world view.

It seems we all are at a point now where we can either acquiesce to at some point receive their persecution and deprivation later, or we can opt to take the deprivations and difficulties of resisting now to hopefully retain our freedoms for ourselves and others going forward. Like it or not, the choice is here: on your feet or on your knees.

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