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I am traveling to Sun Valley today to attend the wedding of my niece, the events of which have pretty typical of the times that we are living in. The original plan was for the wedding to be held there a year ago, but because 4 cases of Covid were reported in the Wood River Valley the week prior, the church cancelled their wedding arrangement about 5 days in advance. So the couple got legally married and rescheduled the church ceremony and the reception party for this year. Sun Valley is in Blaine county, the only one in Idaho that has just locked down again in-synch with California. It where the most affluent people in the state live and, ironically, is known as the most liberal one. So with 3 days to go, the church cancelled again. Life under lockdown – like most, they thought things would normalize just by waiting a year and were wrong. I detailed in my last post why, without a vigorous uprising of the people, the tyranny and lockdown will only continue to ratchet up and never abate.

There is something afoot with the vaccines, although what I don’t know (I doubt its microchips or anything of the sort). The Biden administration is mandating that all members of the military must take the vaccine or face dishonorable discharge along with the rescission of their pensions and benefits – and 46% of the military don’t want the jab. This is an extremely indecent and unrighteous way to treat someone who’s spent their life in military service. But also a stupid one – Biden is evermore acting like a dictator and, as I’ve indicated, aspiring dictators looking to takeover a political system always do their best to keep the military close and loyal, because that often becomes a necessity. It is also a move that will be unpopular with almost everyone in the population except the radicals who have been haters of the country for some time.

The administration is also issuing a vaccine mandate to CBP officials, but it still wont require vaccination for the masses of illegal border-crashers. In the $3.5 Trillion ‘infrastructure’ bill, there is a mandate for companies in the US to compel vaccination of all their employees, otherwise they must pay a crippling fine of $700,000 per every unvaxxed worker (!). Project Veritas revealed the crazy comments from an FDA economist who said that people who refuse to receive the vaccine should basically be attacked. Specifically, he suggested said that “blow darts” could be used to pierce people and involuntarily put the vaccine into them, that “forced” vaccinations should be carried-out, and that a ‘registry’ black list should be established for all those who haven’t been jabbed. Hospital workers, including many who have been front line caregivers for Covid patients since day 1, are being fired for not taking the jab. New York says it may replace them with members of the National Guard. This is not something that anyone sane does during a genuine health crisis.

There are many healthcare workers who have no quibbles with the vaccines. However many among also seem unbothered by the measures that have been taken to enforce population-wide vaccination. A group of over 5,200 doctors and scientists have signed the “Physician’s Declaration”, implicating Covid policy makers of possible ‘crimes against humanity’. The media wont report this, but the text of their declaration can be read here. Health complications from the vaccines have been indicated by the Vaers data, and elsewhere. Tess Lawrie and other medical professionals have reported on the suppression of Ivermectin, and other effective prophylaxis drugs like HCL.

Meanwhile, YouTube is going into Goebbels overdrive to remove content critical or questioning of these vaccines. When you have to be persuaded, chastized, prodded, reminded, pressured, lied to, incentivized, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, punished, locked-down, and criminalized, etc. …. When all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance, you can be very certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest. Bill Gates was the instigator of the world-vaccination initiative before this lab-engineered virus was released upon the world and governments joined-in behind this push-the-vax initiative (see Shari Markson’s 1-hour special on “What Happened in Wuhan” on this, if you still can). Gates is supposedly for reducing the population, but just what the actual reason for forcing everyone to take the juice into their bloodstream is still a matter of conjecture. I think it’s quite understandable that many people now want to know that before they submit.

Remember, stay moralized and willing to stand up for yourself because that is critical, as I wrote in my last piece. Here’s another reinforcer on that from someone who writes better than I do because he’s a pro (so he has the time for it). God bless.

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