It’s On.

It appears that Biden launched his ghastly Afghanistan debacle primarily so that he could reap the political capital from being able to stand up on the 20th anniversary date of the 9/11 attack and say: “I was the one who finally got the US military out of there”. And after all the death, destruction, and destabilization that his appalling decisions on this have caused, I think it’s most likely that his administration is still going to try to take some form of that ‘victory lap’ tomorrow. Let’s see.

Is it plausible that this could only be a superficial reason for the military withdrawal ? Could the puppeteers operating him have chosen the course of action we’ve seen for other purposes ? It is completely understandable that Biden could be so disastrously stupid, stubborn, and inhumane, but for the intel community, the top military command, the state department, and others to all close ranks on such an epic sure-to-fail mission is unbelievable. And a week into the crisis, Congress’ focus was on pushing through a $5 Tr spending bill and changing voting “rights” so that valid US citizenship ID is no longer required for in-person voting and so that last-minute mail-in voting with be OK.

Colin Powell was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the flawlessly-executed Desert Storm campaign against Saddam Hussein’s seizure of the Kuwaiti oilfields. Later as Secretary of State he objected strenuously to the plan by Bush’s puppeteer Cheney to take most of the fight against terrorism away from Afghanistan and redirect it at Hussein’s regime in Iraq. Cheney had Bush order Powell to either tow the line with them on Iraq, or to resign. He stuck to his principles and convictions like a good soldier and tendered his resignation letter the next morning. We have seen nothing remotely close to this integrity from the gang in charge now. Only one military member has been held accountable: Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller was relieved for calling for accountability of the top command in a video on Facebook.

So the actions of the entire group of major players is odd. The sequence of events also does not add-up in a way that indicates that US leadership wanted to keep America and Americans safe, and the Taliban out of power:

  • In the preceding months, Ghani told Biden about the growing threat of the Taliban building a ‘full invasion’ force aided by 15,000 Pakistanis. He made it clear that the government could fall. Biden lied about it and pressured Ghani to do the same.
  • The withdrawal “plan” was conceived to create mayhem rather than a stable transfer of power. You don’t have undergo training in a military academy to understand that extracting military personnel before civilians, abandoning Bagram airbase, and leaving $85 Bn of our weapons and vehicles behind are inexcusable table-turning errors. General Milley then saying that he just ‘followed orders’ on this train wreck makes him an unworthy commander of so many lives.
  • After it was clear that many US and Afghans were stranded and unable to make it to the gates of Kabul airport (where a number of them still were not admitted), the administration refused to activate our military to go conduct an exfil operation. Then they callously and systematically lied about it.
  • The bomber who killed 13 US service members had been positively identified en-route to the Kabul airport and we had a drone target-locked on him. The administration ordered for him not to be stopped.
  • The Biden administration acknowledged and negotiated with the Taliban terrorists as-if they are credible, and it now wants to give US financial support to them. However, it has expressed concern that the Taliban junta contains no women and ‘lacks diversity’.
  • The administration handed a list of the names of stranded US and Afghan citizens (a “kill list”) to the Taliban; akin to handing Putin a list of the most sensitive US infrastructure targets (for Russian hackers not to hack).
  • In the absence of any command from the White House to our capable military to go retrieve our stranded people, private groups of financiers and ex special-forces operators organized their own extraction flights from Afghanistan. These efforts have been blocked by the US State Department. It has refused to guarantee to intermediary landing stops like Qatar that the extracted people will be accepted at their final landing for entry to the US. This comes after approximately 80,000 completely unvetted Afghans were transported to and released into our country ahead of many US citizens and Afghans (interpreters and other US aides) who are still stuck in Afghanistan.
  • Before the country fell to the Taliban, most of the Afghan air force fled in their aircraft to Uzbekistan. I heard a report last nite that our State Dept. is now agreeing to return those military aircraft to the Taliban in Afghanistan (!).
  • 5000 terrorists were released from imprisonment in Afghanistan. The Southern border of our nation remains wide open.

Joe Biden’s dementia and incompetence is one issue, but to stubbornly hold onto a decision to pull out by Aug. 31, knowing that Americans, friendly Afghans, and other westerners will be left behind reveals a deeper flaw in his moral character. Honorable people who volunteered to put their lives at risk to serve under his command saw him throw their lives aside like used Kleenex tissues. Pulling out and leaving them to the Taliban was no incidental slip of memory or cognition – it was a purposeful decision that he held to for many weeks, along with his team. Most people who choose to do something that sentences other people to violent death feel horrible and deeply responsible for it, but apparently not Biden & Co. The president is a deeply flawed and dishonorable man, and it has been disgusting to watch him focus on his lies, blame shifting, and pathetic attempts to defend his image rather than on remediating the massive destruction that he has caused. The number of calls coming into veteran suicide hotlines has bumped up since the Afghanistan pullout.

This is the first time I have felt so ashamed to be an American. We have lost so much already: Britain was our staunch ally for over a century, but how could parliament ever vote to throw-in with any US-led initiative now after seeing that our leadership will abandon its allies on a whim ? How can even young Americans feel good about enlisting to serve under such leadership ? Making a mistake is one thing, and covering it up a worse one. But when some of the most capable and selfless people in our society step up voluntarily to help save our stranded people and the administration acts to thwart their efforts, what are we to make of that ? It certainly constitutes more than a mere mistake.

This marks a watershed moment in America’s standing as a world leader, and perhaps that is the real purpose for this ongoing Afghanistan catastrophe – the puppeteers behind any such action would certainly be delighted to let Biden take all the fallout for implementing their plan. Confidence in a leader is what maintains others’ respect and belief in his strength. When that confidence evaporates, so does a good portion of that respect. The Roman emperor Valerian was captured in battle by the Persians, who made a slave of him. The news shocked and spawned fear in people throughout the empire and it emboldened the barbarian tribes, who began to regard Rome as growing weaker and more vulnerable. They attacked more frequently as the empire increasingly descended into decline. But now it is important to understand that the current repression, deception, and sabotage by the US government will not end by removing Biden (or even the control of a party)- he’s only a handy US front man for the real operators, who are working to impose tyranny across the western world. It is up to us, the people of the west, to be keen and active now or else tyranny will be our destiny. But the fact that recent events have caused many Americans to ‘wake-up’ to the realization that our leadership is acting against (all of) us, presents us with a newfound opportunity.

A number of people I know were vigorously anti Trump leading up to the 2020 election. I primarily avoided political discussion but now and again I asked these people what they were hoping/expecting Biden to do as president, since I believe that actions are all that matters and because future expectations of a candidate’s actions in office are the only benchmark one can establish by-which to judge his performance later. Almost none of them had any list of concrete policy expectations – they were mainly motivated by hated of Trump and the desire for him to be replaced. As a result, the list of expectations that I did hear involved more squishy qualitative things like unity/healing, stability, decency, honesty/transparency, sanity (!), compassion & caring for people, humility, and a return to ‘normalcy’. Right. When the institutional powers-that-be stir-up senseless fear and anger among the people in order to gain approval for assuming and asserting more power, without laying-out a specific action path that they can be held accountable to, it is very likely that the people are being played by them. Though many of these people were very vocal about their choice before the election, they are silent now. I hope some of them will be a bit more open to (re)considering facts and information (gradually) that they previously dismissed.

“No weapons, no matter how powerful, can help the west [remain free from tyranny] until it overcomes its loss of willpower.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

It is crucial now for everyone to form their own viewpoint on what is happening based on the best information and data they can get, digested by their best critical inductive and deductive reasoning abilities, devoid of emotion and sentiment. And have open, critical discussions with other about it who are also open and willing to think before doing anything else (the ones who wont dox you or try to get you censored). We are so used to relying on our institutions and their ‘expertise’ to hand us their conclusions, but they can no longer be counted upon to support us that way – quite the contrary. The medical establishment, CDC, FDA, federal and local governments, the intelligence agencies, the media complex, big tech, and financial institutions are all rotten, and their corrupt plans have made you, the ordinary citizen, the target of their schemes and deceptions. It is now key that you not only decide what is going on, but then to take some action. If you are still willing to passively wait to see what happens or to let others do something, you deserve whatever you end up getting. This creeping tyranny takeover will not cease until it has either achieved its goal or we, the people, stop it beforehand. Our elected officials are not authorized to take us and our country in any direction they want. They work for us to serve our goals and wishes, and it’s time for us to enforce that.

It is so obvious now how egregiously politicians will lie to us daily about the most serious matters. The good news is that this shock has forced a lot of people to wake up. At this point, anyone who browbeats anyone else for something like not taking vaccine boosters because the White House, FDA, CDC, Bill Gates, and Tony Fauci say to, are only showing what an easily-programmable brownshirt robot they are (don’t be a Joy Reid !). Over a year ago, those institutional voices were reasonably authoritative ones to heed, but they certainly are no longer. However far ahead it may lie, the final booster shot is communist tyrrany.

It’s on now: Those in power know that the people are waking up to their scheme for domination, and that their time to get everyone locked-down under it is now growing short. As a result, we can expect to see them step on the accelerator with their plans (e-money, more movement restrictions, etc.). Volatility (both market and social) will increase. Biden just broke another promise by unconstitutionally mandating many companies to require vaccination or weekly testing of their employees in order for them to remain employed. The staff of Congress and the White House (and apparently the Post Office) are exempt from this decree. This will not end until the people stop being compliant with it. The time is now to stand up to it, and the prime way is with civil disobedience surrounded by many iPhones and cameras to document and broadly display whatever abuses the government may inflict. Take a look back at Attenborough’s movie ‘Gandhi’ for an example: When the Indian people made a stand to produce their own salt (a basic necessity) for themselves, the British authority set-up a phalanx of soldiers to beat them as they showed up to work at the salt factory. The Indians took the blows and kept stepping up to receive them, all in the presence of western news reporters who recorded and published all of it. The British government took heavy international humanitarian fire for it, and not long afterwards, it returned rule of India to its own people. It’s going to require that people make such an uncomfortable and dangerous stand together, and not waver, and it has to happen very soon: “On your feet (now), or on your knees (later).” It is beginning. Here’s some general thoughts from experienced people on how to proceed using civil disobedience and by establishing a parallel society.

The collapse of confidence in government that we’ve been awaiting is now being catalyzed by this chaos. Our expectation has been that it will drive a rotation of assets out of treasuries and cash into tangibles and stocks (from the public sector to the private), and from Europe to the US. However, the flows to the US may be more muted than we anticipated now that Biden’s behind-the-curtain Bolshevik puppeteers have done such a fantastic job of wrecking the US and the world’s confidence in it, that it looks like a much less secure place to park capital now.

America still has some of the best human capital in the world: people of enormous talent, ability, initiative, fortitude, and goodness. Unfortunately, serving for the country (under government) is no longer a reliable way for these people to advance the greater good. But at this juncture, we don’t need our best & brightest to work for the degenerate human specimens inhabiting government. We need them to work privately for the people against (or around) the schemes of those now in control of government. This fight is ours to shoulder, the cause (freedom) is righteous and precious, the time is now, and our descendants will never forgive us if we fail.

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