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Some time ago I turned the focus of my writing from finance-specific topics to the macro-picture, which I believe is at a historic and very consequential juncture now. I have indicated that, in my view, western government is now pursuing its social, environmental, political, monetary, and international agendas no longer primarily in-service of preserving the prosperity, harmony, safety, and well-being of the American and European peoples, but more toward stripping them of their rights and power in order to gain control over them. I’ve talked about how governments have stoked the fear of COVID and existential climate doom and used it to weaken the people economically and psychologically, as well as to physically confine them and strip rights away from them without bothering with the less-convenient but legal way of passing legislation. But beside the ruses of COVID and climate doom, we are now near the tipping points for violent internal or external conflict (racial/social uprisings or war). During these times martial law is imposed and the loss of freedoms, rights, and even property, goes into high gear.

The recent ‘racial-justice’ spouting of prominent blacks like Maxine Waters and LeBron James now include open calls for violence. In any country where the government is working for the benefit of the people and to represent their priorities, such inflammatory speech is not tolerated because it can lead to a breakdown of the social order that the government is trying to uphold – and at the very least that leads to losing reelection. Such speech in usually only allowed (or promoted) by governments that want to use social disorder to their advantage. Joe Biden recently said that requiring IDs for Georgia voters was “Jim Crow on Steroids” – not very ‘unifying’.

This video is eye-opening. After interviewing hundreds of nonviolent black social justice protestors, Ami Horowitz found that less than 1% of them actually disapprove of the use of violence in service of their goals. Most believe there is a systematic campaign underway in America to slaughter them just because of their race, which statistics show is entirely false. When so many people hold such beliefs and operational ethics, it is extremely dangerous. But government is doing nothing but exacerbating these beliefs and feelings. I have indicated my opinion why – because this government views people only as pawns in its power game. Whether they are abused immigrants, unemployed Americans, students & racial activists programmed to believe that everyone of their or another race is a guilty usurper by birth, or soldiers ready to go shed their blood when ordered to, everyone is a mere meat-puppet in its power play. And only if-and-when it gains the absolute power that it is after will anyone be able to see the true level of its compassion and concern. All its social justice and environmental initiatives are just strategies to gain control. The underlying tensions are not just racial: I hope the ongoing efforts to investigate and implement countermeasures to voting fraud make real headway because there is likely to be blood in the streets in 2022 if there is widespread belief that the congressional elections were corrupted.

The important question that noone brings-up is: What to do about it ? – Well, how about just getting noisy and visible ?: Be willing to lose your job, your comfort, get slandered in all kinds of imaginative and nasty ways, and even to spend some time in jail – but not budge. If enough of us have that attitude and are willing to bear those difficulties, the government and their woke tool-people will not be able to maintain control over us. Civil disobedience (‘you can arrest us and try to intimidate us, but we’re neither going to fight back at you nor are we going to stand-down’) works when enough people stand up together. When people are no longer afraid of enduring force and punishment, punishers no longer have any power over them – other than detaining and killing them. And there are just too many iPhones and still-uncensored places to post on the web for that to be effective for very long. And when enough people are disenfranchised, they often establish their own networks and businesses to help sustain each other, outside of the reach of government. When everyone stays hunkered-down and isolated, that works to bolster those in central power, not for the people. It’s what much of the COVID lockdown is about.

Modern westerners have the most comfortable lives of any people ever, and noone wants to walk away from that. But the left is radical again. Here. And they wont be satisfied just to gain some ground and then relax – they always go for full takeover. They are gaining the upper hand fast, and you know (yes you do) that if they win, all of your comfort (property, money, and freedoms) will be removed not only from you but from your children and grandchildren. Your inheritance will go to the state, not them. So for now, may I humbly suggest considering the following three thought experiments for yourself: (1) How bad would things have to get for me to be willing to make such a stand; what would I have to see happening to ‘step out of line’ and out of my comfort ? (2) How bad would things have to get to reach the point of no return ?(3) Does my break-point (1) lie beyond or before the ‘its-over’ point (2) ? It’s worth thinking about this now – but few people are, why? For the same reason they didn’t in parallel situations in the past: because they don’t like thinking about it. Though these questions are nearly-impossible to answer definitively, thinking about them still can give you ‘discomfort-threshold’ to action that you didn’t have before. But that threshold is only necessary if you want to stay comfortably out of the fray for long as possible. If you believe that what I say is coming is in the works and it matters to you, why wait ? If you are an American who now will no longer even say or back what you believe in out of concern that government and ‘cancel-culture’ may compromise some of your immediate comfort and safety, don’t you deserve to be enslaved ? Benjamin Franklin said that you do.

In all the Bolshevistic revolutions from Russia to South America, the majority of the working class people who were promised a new and better station in society ended up under the boot heel of government along with the ex-bourgeoisie, and so it will be with all the stupid BLM and rainbow people whose fractious social uprisings the government portends to be defending, but is only using to divide-and-conquer. If ‘the party’ ever gains total control, those social splinter groups will no longer be useful to its ends. Then they’ll get tossed into the laboring serf class along with all the ex white-collar white people who they were conned into believing were their real oppressors due to their un-demonstrable ‘white privileges’ and subtle ‘micro-aggressions’.

Some people think it’s a reasonable idea for citizen community militia groups to resist government excess with force. This is absurd and any actions taken in that direction will only make the situation more dangerous and give the government more reason to lock everyone down, to make roundup arrests, and to confiscate their guns and assets. The Waco siege that killed the Branch Dravidians and their children was clear evidence of the stupidity of this thinking. Some armed people holed-up somewhere can cause trouble for awhile, but not for long against the government. Because with a single slow flyover of a helicopter with a 30mm chain gun, your entire house will be turned into splinters within 30 seconds.

Personal arms are useful for home-defense. But if trouble breaks out, you happen to be white, and in defense of your home you end up shooting someone who is not, you will likely have trouble getting a fair trial, will be publicly execrated, and the event will used to further fan the flames of racial hatred. You can thank today’s MSM for that. That may be a worthwhile tradeoff for you if you end up saving your family, but its still pretty tough. Without even so much as ever aiming them, the McCloskys got in legal trouble just by showing the mob coming for their home that they were armed. Maxine Waters’ incitement may end up handing a mistrial to Derek Chauvin. But if that happens do you think the BLM crowd are going to hold her accountable ? And nobody protests when white people get shot. The security cop who murdered unarmed Ashli Babbitt at the Capitol protest was finally named, but will not face charges. No cities burned for that one.

I live in Meridian Idaho now where there are guns in virtually every household but mine, there is no racial discord (and hardly any racial diversity), and many in the valley are ex-military. There is just never going to be a violent mob of BLM/ANTIFA people marching down my street. So given my thinking above, I don’t think I need a gun. I certainly wont get one unless I spend the time to train with it, and I just don’t like shooting that much, at least not short range weapons. I had a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol for awhile and going to the gun range with it remained fun for less than half a year – then I got rid of it. Long range shooting (over 250-300 yards) is a true challenge requiring a high level of skill or craft with both science and art to it, but I don’t hunt and have other interests. If I retire with enough money I might move up to the lakes region in Northern Idaho (cold but beautiful – think of the San Juan Islands with fresh water, or the northern lakes district of Italy without the villas). You could protect yourself and your home there pretty effectively as a sniper with a decent chance of getting away with it….but up there you would never have to.

Sorry for all the heaviness, but please remember that staying quiet and just ‘abiding’ while things get crazier eventually will likely become just as hazardous as speaking up now, and it also lets the point of no return draw nearer. It’s time for risk mitigation at the most encompassing level – and a resilient group of peaceful but persistently noncompliant people who build their own support networks (food-growing, trade and service-exchange, writing, organizing gatherings, etc.) is the best way to in a still primarily-open society. For one, its a very heartening and fortifying to connect in numbers with a tribe of like-spirited others. Also, it’s very difficult for the powerful to maintain a full-ahead campaign to harm, suppress, or persecute such a lawful and harmless group of people. Because when you do that you only make your own criminality openly apparent to the entire world.

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what he faces in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” – G.K. Chesterton.

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