A Confederacy of Dunces

2500 years ago the Greeks were founding western culture with the developments of their poets, geometers and other mathematicians, philosophers, architects, fine and performing artists, and by inventing democracy. We have built amazing things off of that foundation since and still continue to, but there is currently a mass tolerance of self-righteous and aggressive ignoramuses, many of them in positions of power, who are driving much of the capital and human resources of modern western societies toward wasteful and destructive ends. The common sense that used to prevail among most people seems no longer to serve as the brake on this type of stuff that is used to. Often because they get tarred as bigots simply for questioning it – and they allow themselves to be cowed by that.

Yesterday histrionic woman-child AOC hyped climate change again, but also conflated it with racially-driven human rights violations against indigenous (meaning non-Anglo, non-Asian) peoples. I’m sure that she’s as comfortable using electricity as anyone else though. However it was the cringeworthy showing that the USA made yesterday at Biden’s virtual climate summit that made me wish there was still another sparsely-populated undeveloped continent to run away to. Another haughty Latina from New York state, this one actually a physical as well as a mental teenager, was brought online to tell world leaders that they “have to accept that the era of fossil fuels is over”, and that “most importantly, all of these [their stupid carbon] ‘solutions’ must be implemented with the voices of frontline black, brown, and indigenous communities as leaders and decision makers.” Then she said that if you don’t buy that, that you are one of the “naive ones who think we can survive as-is” and hence are the problem.

AOC said she ands her crew are targeting full carbon neutrality, and US climate ‘czar’ John Kerry clarified the colossal extent of the new-gang-in-Washington’s self-righteous and torpid ignorance by further saying they were aiming to eliminate CO2 from our atmosphere altogether (hey John: Its always been there). Doing that (if it were even possible) would kill off all the primary production of green plants on the earth’s land masses as well as all of the green phytoplankton in the upper euphotic zone of the world’s oceans. The result would be the destruction of the food chain and the vast majority of life on our planet.

I understood this when I was younger than the teenager who lectured the climate leaders yesterday. If I still worked in geophysics research and had even an undergrad analyst who said such a thing, I would severely constrain the responsibility of that person, or dismiss him/her altogether for gross incompetence. But Mr. Kerry, who is head of the USA’s international policy in this arena, said this publicly. Let us see if he even gets criticized or excoriated for it – the amazing thing is that I doubt he will. He is a charlatan and a thoroughly arrogant one, and this seems to be characteristic of most of these demanding climate buffoons. I’m sure Biden wanted the other countries participating in his climate summit to take him seriously as a leader, but wearing a COVID mask over his face while holding it remotely over ZOOM is probably not the best way. Sorry, but it’s beyond time to call out grossly destructive stupidity for what it is, even if it’s proponents try to paint people like me as somehow ‘racist’ for that (yawn). It’s gotten to the glaring point where I think if I looked back on this time 10-15 years from now, I’d feel embarrassed and cowardly for having not called it out.

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Speaking of grossly destructive stupidity: opening the border, adding almost $4 Trillion in new debt, alienating key allies like India with a naval incursion into its waters and accusations of currency manipulation, and counseling Ukraine to provoke a regional war with Russia that could easily spread are pretty hefty ‘negative achievements’ for Biden in just his first 3 months. The election was never about Trump vs. Biden, nor even so much about Republicans vs. Democrats – it was about the big state swamp, which today is international, vs. the only US presidential outsider to it here that we’ve seen in some time (rough around the edges though he was).

The reason that Trump, a wild-horse candidate, managed to beat 16 other establishment Republican candidates and get US voters to elect him POTUS was because they were thoroughly sick and tired of Washington professional politicians of both parties playing their insider games games on them. That was the real reason they were willing to take a chance experimenting with completely new blood in the White House. It was also largely the reason that Obama got elected beforehand. I voted for Obama the first time even though he didn’t say much about what he was going to do (mainly just vague things like ‘hope’ & ‘change’). The reason I did had nothing to do with his ‘identity’ – it was because I didn’t want Mr. establishment John McCain.

For me, the best way to vote is strictly on the issues, without regard to personality. Then once someone I considered has been elected, I watch to see how genuinely he works to carry out what he said he would do (and how much ‘drift’ occurs in his talk as well). But in democratic republics like the USA, the politicians understand that once they take office, the people then really have no corrective leverage on their conduct for the full 4 (or 6) years of their term. All that I can do then is to not vote for his reelection to a second term. This has been the peoples’ check on political leaders running amok (in my opinion an insufficient one). The possibility now exists for even this modest check on political extremism to effectively disappear.

Now that US political power has been returned into the hands of the deep state, with Biden as its US figurehead, its strategy is no longer to try to cajole and con the people, but instead to apply an intense full-court press to take discretionary power away from them and secure control over them for generations to come. They are illegally admitting millions of poor latin Americans who will vote for socialism’s handouts as soon as they are given voting rights (the ones that make it to New York are automatically being given local voting rights as soon as hold their hat out to receive Cuomo’s bestowal of $15,600 of taxpayer funds upon them). They are trying to gain a permanent congressional majority by making DC a state and by eliminating the filibuster, and are working to federalize states’ individual voting processes. And if they somehow manage to stack the SCOTUS, they will start undoing our constitution. If the democratic party ever accomplishes this absolute power-grab, the government will become much more heavy handed and will take advantage of its newfound power over the people (of all race, gender affiliation, etc.), to their detriment.

Biden is a longterm establishment politico with a divisive and corrupt history. He has already proven himself a liar on several campaign promises, including unifying the nation’s political and social divisions, and his administration’s ambitions are now nakedly evident. The people running him have already shown not only their gross incompetence even on matters of common sense, but also how discriminatory and destructive their dogmatically head-in-the-sand woke-ideological agenda is. This is not good for the US nor the world, and it has already made life noticeably more expensive and dangerous. If you are an American citizen who still thinks Biden is working for you, you needn’t bother to read my blog – you have CNN. If you voted for him because you thought he would return the US to ‘normalcy and sanity’ after Trump’s administration like the newspeak told you he would, then you deserve what’s coming. I don’t.

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