Ian Plimer on Climate

I read his book ‘Heaven and Earth’ several years ago and recommend it for anyone interested in an easily understandable scientific narrative of the subject from the side that is not being constantly pushed down your throat. None of the points he makes in this eight minute interview will be legitimately debunked by anyone – because they are all true. People like him and Willie Soon, who I know from graduate school and who is now at the Harvard-Smithsonian Institute for Astrophysics, have for years invited climate doom ‘scientists’ to meet and engage them in public debate. They never show up for those challenges.

Meanwhile Biden wants to limit the per-capita meat consumption of Americans to four pounds per year (you’d get to eat one 1/3-lb. burger each month) in-order to mitigate the effect of methane production from cow farts on ‘global warming’. Is that a priority among the American people now ? The average American presently consumes over 220 pounds of meat each year, and people on paleo or ketotic diets significantly more. The plan prioritizes afforestation (OK) and biofuel production (not so much), and would push more than 2 million US farmers into welfare dependency. Yet another class of productive self-reliant citizens that would be debilitated by the state into servile dependence upon it. The meat industry constitutes around 5% or US GDP.

The people in this administration are acting in such a reckless and destructive manner with our future that it baffles rational comprehension (plain common sense) – like naive kids playing with dynamite in an ammunitions storehouse. It’s true that Kamala and Joe are out of their league now, but they are not the ones actually calling the shots. When you consider the proposition that the people in-charge behind them may want to bring the US to crisis and collapse so they can take it over and turn it into yet another Marxist dystopia, the priorities that we are see being put into-action make perfect sense.

It looks like the NYPD roster is now about to fall off a cliff. Watch closely who De Blasio replaces all the early-retiring cops with, if he does. As I’ve written before, Marxist revolutionary takeovers succeed when the new tyrant (or ‘dear respected chief comrade’, if you prefer) has the military and the police forces so loyal to him that they will obey orders to forcefully suppress their fellow citizens. The aim among some to eliminate policing altogether in crime-ridden urban zones is absolute lunacy – unless there is a plan to flush out the good cops so that they can be replaced by nastier pro-revolutionary enforcers. If we ever reach that point, it would interesting to see how high BLM’s level of hatred for the police remains, but of course I hope that we never do.

The vast majority of cops would never carry-out murders and incarcerations just to preserve the state’s power. They would rather just leave the force, and this might be why they are basically being driven out now in the more leftist municipalities. In the more conservative ones, it’s different though. The Riverside county police in California openly refused to punish violators of Gavin Newsom’s lockdown orders like he directed them to. There are signs that the military, both here and in Europe, is also fragmenting and that many soldiers would prefer to face courts-martial than to carry out suppression orders from above. Those are patriots in my book. If the craziness heats-up far enough, how the cops and the military align themselves in this regard will be key to what our future will look like.

I know the degree of dot-connecting I’m doing would typically be considered rash or conspiracy-theorist. But we’re seeing government do egregiously strange and very damaging things now that demand explanation, and they are not even bothering to. Creating the biggest humanitarian crisis in decades by opening the border during a pandemic to not only let unidentified people flood in but to also put them up in hotels and fly them around the country ? Defunding and dissolving our police forces ? Come on. If there were some good reasons for these actions that you approve of, they would happily advertise them to you and take the bump in their approval ratings. But the answers given for these moves are so specious and more often the questions are just ducked or dismissed altogether (easy when you don’t hold pressers like all the other president’s in my lifetime did). If you don’t start connecting dots on your own at such a time, you have only to wait until you find out why they are doing all this stuff. Good luck with that.

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