Dirty Mining for the Cause

The German government’s plans to eliminate all nuclear-generated power by next year, and 95% of the GHGs from fossil-fuel power generation by 2050. Taking into account the wattage-replacement schedule this imposes, the wattage that is practically generable by wind, solar, and hydro, along with the losses due to power transmission and storage, this plan is silly (and historically German engineering and tech has functioned far more effectively than that). The German government is already struggling to meet its near term milestones. I have shied away from writing about the pollyannaish green energy goals of this and other western governments (e.g., Biden’s Jan. 27 EO, the UK’s total ban on fossil fuel automobiles by 2030, etc.) because no matter how well you can lay-out the fundamental problems with them scientifically, it’s a subject where this quote from Caesar remains stubbornly true: “People are nearly always willing to believe in whatever they want to believe”.

But when belief in real issues becomes strong enough that the believers willingly ignore facts, eventually the fallacy of it will become evident – at least to those who are not stupendously stubborn. One of the negative environmental impacts of the drive toward ‘clean’ electric vehicles (itself a fallacy since close to 50% of US electrical power is still generated by burning fossil fuels), is the destruction that strip-mining for rare earth metals, principally Lithium, is causing in less-developed countries and will continue to. Since solar panels produce no power at night, these compounds are necessary for the battery storage that provides the key link in ‘at-your-disposal’ solar-generated electricity. Even the nonphysical ‘mining’ of bitcoins, thought by many greenies to be a clean investment, turns out not to be so clean owing to the large concentration of coin miners operating in coal-filthy China. Much of them are now there because bitcoins used to be the main way for Chinese people move their money offshore.

These are just a couple of the economically-constraining and silly activities underway that are indicative of how meaninglessly they service the objectives of the great reset and green new deal. The naivete (or willful blindness) extends well beyond the private jet flying elites. But at some point it will no longer be amusing. Energy is the lifeblood of modern economies, and Asian states like China and India aren’t applying the ideological tourniquets to their future energy supplies that western leaders are. And here is just one quantitative fact, often ignored: the proportion of our atmosphere that CO2 makes-up is only 0.04%. And it is not a ‘toxin’ as you may hear it referred to – ask any doctor or bioscientist what type of chemistry they were required to learn for the life sciences. They will tell you that it was ‘organic chemistry’, which is another name for carbon chemistry. Plants need CO2 (historically in higher concentrations than 0.04%) to thrive. That is important since via photosynthesis they do two very important things for our welfare: (i) They generate the ‘primary production’ of biomass (as green plants) that is the foundation of (the bottom base rung) of our world food chain, and (ii) They convert the CO2 that animals and we humans exhale back into O2.

There is one thing about the scourges of the COVID ‘pandemic’ and the ‘climate crisis’ that is notably convenient for power-acquisitive government policy makers and inconvenient for your personal freedoms and rights: Without engaging in any misbehavior at all, you (everybody) is automatically ‘guilty’ of contributing to these two purported crises, and this gives government a rationale to restrict or to curtail our activities and freedoms. By engaging in most types of modern productive activity, you generate a problematic ‘carbon footprint’. By relying on vehicle transportation and electricity, as we all do in order to carry-out our daily life needs, we are CO2 ‘contaminators’. Even your breathing is a ‘problem’ in this regard. And because we exist in physical bodies, we all are also dangerous ‘transmission vectors’, for coronaviruses and any other diseases around which mass panic has been fomented. Modern western democratic governments were setup so that citizens can vote and take other actions to maintain checks and balances on the actions of their elected politicians. Now climate and disease exigencies are being invoked as worthy reasons to reverse the checks and controls so that they can be applied more to the citizens. Everyone has to decide for themselves which is the real crisis: COVID, climate armageddon, or creeping tyranny ? The human cost of lockdowns has now reached a point where it is criminal for officials to keep ignoring it. The suicide rate has soared among teenagers who feel that their futures have been ruined.

Bjorn Lomborg is one climate voice worth considering for those willing to give him a listen. One of his messages is that if clean energy is left for the private sector to develop, it will come, on its own timescale driven by the real innovations that are necessary, in an affordable and efficient way that will spur all countries to want to adopt it. But despite compelling evidence like his that it is a fool’s endeavor, Joe Biden is now holding an online Earth-Day summit with 40-countries to push governments to spend and regulate their way there on imposed hurry-up schedules that are economically destructive. China, which produces 1/3 of global GHGs, will certainly goad other countries to choke off much of their existing energy production while failing to abide with cutbacks itself. If you can count on the CPC for anything, it is that: (1) it will remain consistent in its aim to dominate the world, and (2) that its interactions with other countries will be conducted primarily to serve that aim.

On another note regarding my post ‘Government Risk Appetite’ a week ago: Soon there will be 150,000 of Russia’s troops massed on its Ukrainian border, and Putin is sounding very aggressive with his warning to other countries “not to cross our red lines – wherever we choose to move them”. Not a lot of coverage on this situation in the US MSM, but definitely worth keeping an eye on (!)

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