Tyrants Are Stupid

The COVID lockdowns have been particularly destructive to small independent businesses, 30% of which are now gone in major American cities. Most of the largest and more left-leaning corporates (e.g., Wall Street, big tech, MSM), have held up (except for Hollywood), and even thrived. The disinfo campaign by tech and the media complex on this and in other areas such as the election is outrageous, as-is the extent to which the agencies and institutions of our government have been turned into political instruments. COVID is no more deadly than most annual influenza outbreaks, and is both curable and preventable using existing drugs that nullify the ‘urgent need’ that we keep hearing about for new vaccines that some states will apparently require their people to take, possibly along with sub-dermal RFID implants (ref. ‘ID2020′) that may feature capabilities beyond electronic identification. The vaccine manufacturers, several funded by Bill Gates’ money, have complete indemnity against liability regardless of the harm that their vaccines might cause. Legal precedent also exists within the US for government to require citizens to receive them.

Government arrogated itself the power to lockdown without consulting the voters when COVID broke-out, which is excusable when it has been surprised by a real potential crisis. But it was the first time in history that any government decreed a shutdown of their societies and their economic activity in response to a plague, including the black death – and this was worldwide. The epidemiological model of Neil Ferguson, the initial harbinger that an incipient crisis was underway, proved to be startlingly crude and egregiously over-predicted the virus’ spread.

Fine. But we now know that children rarely suffer from COVID infection and almost never pass it to adults, yet they are being kept locked down at home. The average annual infection rate for influenza has dropped by two-thirds this year, as medical facilities get compensated for COVID diagnoses. Frontline COVID doctors’ voices have been censored and the economic devastation of locking-down is undeniable now. Huge demonstrations in Rome, Berlin, and elsewhere in Europe have broken-out, yet hard lockdown is being imposed again across the continent.

When governments crush the population in the name of saving them, it’s time to refer to historical precedent and ask what ulterior motive they may be working on. For one, western governments are bankrupt, having financially abused all their lovely-sounding social programs that they promised to their people to get themselves voted into office. But governments never admit nor capitulate on their failures – they are much more prone to erect an apparatus of oppression to keep themselves in power. One can only speculate on what they might concoct ‘behind the curtain’, but there are indications that a latest form of tyranny in-work may be rolled-out in the stupid-but-politically-cool guise of a ‘wonderful’ new socialist green world-order, likely governed by the UN or another multinational organizations led by unelected elites who know how we should live (and actually are occasionally willing to tell us in-advance !). Checkout this one:

The World Economic Forum and its supporter elites like Gates, Soros, the UN, central bankers, the WHO, and media conglomerates (not to mention other luminaries like Bono and Leo DiCaprio) have a plan to use “the extraordinary opportunity presented by the [elites’ response to the] COVID crisis to reshape the global economy into a new model”. Hmm. They call this winnowing-down of our existing economy, followed by the instantiation of their new one “The Great Reset”. These 8 points outline what their new model will look like: Global Green Marxism (“trust us – you’ll be happy”):

It sounds presumptively pollyannaish to me: New York is already supposed to be underwater from climate change (did you forget ?) and until China, India, and the Russian Federation go-along, nixing fossil fuels in America and the EU will slow the annual global output of CO2 by only about 18% while crippling their economies. And when ‘guaranteed basic income’ is to be guaranteed by people who already have large scale failures at balance-sheet management, I’m not interested. But the most concerning thing is that this is all to be decided by some unelected multinational body for us. And some of the elites on-board (e.g., Macron, Merkel, Lagarde, Draghi,…) are the very economic puppet masters who have ineptly driven the economies of their countries and of the EU into very grave trouble. Forgive me if I am circumspect on how wonderfully they might govern ‘the world’ next. To get ex-EU countries to join-in probably requires that their leaders are ideologically aligned and/or bribable which is one reason why so much throw-weight has been directed at eliminating the Trump administration. Biden has already talked about ceding some degree of US sovereignty to the UN, and has obviously (to anyone not willingly blind) already sold US interests out to foreign powers like China and Ukraine.

If this is actually the goal in-play, they will fail at it but are apt, and appear willing, to do inestimable economic destruction along the way (and they may be culpable for much of what has already been done). Make of it what you will. With the issuance of 17 Billion Euros worth of the new EU bonds, Europe just took a step further towards the collective federalization of the European states, and the auction was successful. There was high demand for this debt, yet the yields remained higher than the bunds of comparable tenor. Meanwhile, 40% of Eurozone sovereign debt remains on the ECB’s book, thanks to Draghi’s hyper-aggressive QE measures, with such nil and negative yields that they will never get a bid on it. The bank is stuck and it policies have destroyed the European bond market. The states might be able to restructure by converting their outstanding sovereign debt to perpetual (no principal repaid); something Britain did before. If gets that done, then all new European debt sold would be federal. But how long can such a house of cards remain propped up by such calisthenics ? I suppose the answer would be forever if it could keep everyone trapped in it and make them live with the conditions there. But it cant.

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