Turning Point ?

The markets are soft in spite of the expectation for a new COVID relief bill. This is because if Biden wins, the capitalist system that has pulled more people out of poverty in recent decades than any other doctrine, system, or program will be reversed. Marxist statism with a globalist bent will supplant the extant American system as well as American sovereignty. Greater accord with China and with Klaus Schwab’s top-down ‘Great Reset’ of the world economy can be expected. Schwab is another academic elite who has never built any real economic value, but who talks with the self-confidence of a 007 villain about cute social engineering ideas like injecting ‘microdots’ into our skin and ‘smart dust’ into our bloodstreams to make the world more orderly (controlled).

American free market capitalism has been grossly distorted by central bank fiat money, rate controls, and regulations that disadvantage workers and nascent entrepreneurs while favoring those with political power and wealth. Though this true, Thomas Piketty’s solution is just old (and corked) wine dress-up in a new bottle. The persistence of bad ideas and the cyclical reappearances of the same mistakes are hallmarks of human history. Too many people will continue cling to their emotions and sentiments, never challenging them by holding them up to scrutiny against real historical data.

Trump is a singular lightning rod in this regard. His is a crass and boastful personality, but his track record has been very productive from mideast peace deals, building a booming economy, no more nuclear blackmail from North Korea, etc. etc. The deep state, both domestically and internationally, as well as the media complex, the academy, and many wealthy people hate him because he doesn’t dance to their tune. But many voters hate him merely on emotional grounds, and many of them have been programmed to. If in my travels I reach a point where I have a choice between hopping one of two buses, I’ll make my choice based upon where each bus will take me – not on the personality of the bus drivers.

It is very likely that a Biden victory will bring a depression into 2022, along with the sweeping and intentionally irrevocable changes to America that anyone who wants to has already heard about: opening the borders, launching a $3 Trillion Green Economy program, modifying the constitution, the number of senate seats, and the number of supreme court justices, and destroying the balance of power and the system of checks-and-balances in the US government that have kept tyranny distant in this country. Trump has already survived a coup attempt by the Obama cabinet members as well four years of Muller and agencies continuously trying to unseat him that began before he was even sworn into office.

It’s a bit curious that so many voters remain absolutely convinced that he is deeply crooked after all this. The most powerful and premier investigative and intel agencies in the world (DOJ, FBI, CIA) have worked relentlessly to dig up (or to aid in manufacturing) some dirt on him and have come up with nothing. You cant find anyone who has been more thoroughly vetted and check-into than president Trump. He’s an arrogant jerk, but it’s pretty safe to say at this point that those deeply convicted that he is a fundamentally dirty operator are going off of personal sentiment rather than an evaluation of the factual evidence. To these people, all the evidence coming to light now that Biden has been deeply corrupt for years wont matter. It will probably matter only to any remaining independent voters.

There are so many forces arrayed in flipping the USA into another Marxist cattle farm that it is likely that Biden will be declared a winner no matter what, that mail-in ballots will continue to tally after Nov. 3, that the some on left will declare Trump illegitimate, and that the social unrest the left has promised will appear in the streets (go stock up on food now). But this wont be a shock nor surprise centrist Americans and Trump voters – they have been watching the left operate ever-further out on its own fringe with no indication of letting up. And they know that America wont remain as it has been if Trump loses. So neither side will accept a loss. With Big Tech’s censorship of information at such a zenith now with fake news and the mail-in voting, it may be very difficult to know who is president of the United States on Nov. 3 and issues with the orderly transition of power could arise. Trump will probably have to win by an exceptionally wide and irrefutable margin to be able to walk away as the winner this time. People throughout the country have armed themselves and many Americans will try to fight against a Marxist agenda. We’re about to pass through a historical time. Many throughout the world are watching keenly. They know that this American election may have an outsized worldwide impact.

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