Moving Too Far Too Fast

The Polish president Andrzej Duda has apparently been in talks with the White House about staging NATO nuclear weapons in Poland. This needs explanation – there is no sensible reason for it, and it is recklessly provocative with the highest possible stakes. As-if blowing up the Nordstream pipelines weren’t enough. US Secretaries of Energy and of State Jennifer Granholm and Anthony Blinken have both parroted the now-familiar WEF line that the pipeline’s destruction represents yet another “opportunity” for moving away from fossil fuels. What a truly masterful piece of statesmanship there, Tony. Regardless, I expect that German people fearing that their children will freeze this winter will still find it somewhat difficult to fully take those words of ‘encouragement’ to heart.

These people are off-the-rails. They have no sense of proportion for risk, and though they cloak their agenda in a sweeping concern for the universal betterment of all people, they have no more humanity than a crocodile. Their own agenda is all that they care about, with as much ruthless ideological zealotry as any fundamentalist insurgent group. They do not represent the majority will of the American people as they are pledged to do.

Perhaps that is why Biden is denying that he had these talks with Duda. Meanwhile Tony Bobulinksy came forward again showing that the FBI has been ignoring hard evidence that the Biden family committed felonies against the USA in its corrupt dealings with foreign governments. Biden created the crises we now face, is the worst person to be in charge of managing them now, and wrongly gained the presidency in the first place with the help of corrupt media and tech organizations, corrupt federal agencies, and very likely offshore actors as well. So it goes….Have a great day !!

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