Crazy Like a Fox

Putin is not the bloodthirsty raving madman that we are continually told that he (similar to Trump) is, just as the overwhelming percentage of 84 million Americans that Biden called ‘semi-fascist extremists’ are undeserving of that label. Putin has his ambitions and his hard-requirements for Russia’s security and, yes, he did invade Ukraine in support of them, but he could be rationally dealt with if anyone would try that – read his speeches. If we had a capable secretary of state or president who sat on the opposite side of the ‘chess board’ from him and drove the play to the point where he realized he was in danger of checkmate or at-least stalemate, then he could be told that its in everyone’s best interests to sit down and negotiate, and he would. But the leaders of the west are ideological zealots who prefer to pursue destructive and massively dangerous policies in pursuit of their pipe dreams even as they watch those policies destroy many peoples’ lives and so much of what western civilization has built in these past few centuries.

The result is that we at the closest point to nuclear war than we’ve been since the Cuban missile crisis held the entire world gripped in fear for day, and over what ? An ostensible ‘Ukrainian defense’ war campaign that has already failed. His country’s massive supply of fossil fuel resources have been his trump card in his ongoing clash with the west, but he has another one up his sleeve that noone has talked much about: The only other energy source besides fossil fuels that can be realistically applied to sustain a modern economy and society today is nuclear power. Russia has plentiful refined Uranium. The United States, which has the most nuclear reactors of any country, does not. Not many Americans know this situation. Nuclear is also verboten for many green energy hardcores throughout the west even though nuclear power plants generate zero CO2. But Putin knows this situation, and he’s holding it as his next trump-card.

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