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In order to force others to fund the delay of their default, one of the earlier moves by European governments was to require that their domestic pension plans invest wholly in their own sovereign debt – like the US Social Security fund did. The target annual return required for these plans to just meet their future payout promises is 8%. But following the mortgage meltdown, Draghi’s ECB instituted a QE program that took rates well below that, and eventually stepped them down into negative territory, thus finalizing the destruction of retirement pensions across Europe. The ECB bought-up so much of this toxic paper that sensible traders would not bid on, that it also destroyed the European bond market, and trapped itself. It now is stuck holding all of this toxic paper (over 40% of European sovereign debt) on its book. It may act to turn it into perpetual debt so that it wont have to roll it through a future higher-rate environment; something that would bankrupt European governments even faster. But it appears that the plan may now be for these governments to push straight for the final lockdown and default. War and martial law would be useful for this. To this day, none of all that strenuous QE insanity has achieved its intended goal of stimulating the European economy, nor has the US QE stimulated the US economy. The EU Superfund is now pillaging the capital left in those pensions. Government overspending and this type of chicanery that accompanies it as it nears its endpoint, has always lead to revolutions throughout history. One thing noone will never hear any government say is: “Sorry, we messed-up”. Instead, we are always the problem.

Although post-Brexit England and some Scandinavian states like Finland and Norway are in somewhat better shape, continental Europe is beyond the point of repair. The WEF is in solid control of the continent. Schwab has the heads of the IMF and EU on his board, as well as Lagarde at the ECB. By now we all well-know how the EU and the individual governments are imposing controls on the people to repress the coming revolutions against them. Residents of EU countries already are governed by leaders who they never voted for and who are unaccountable to them. The head of the EU is appointed by elites, not elected by the people. The members of the lawmaking body, the European Commission, also are never elected. The people only vote for the members of parliament who have no power to overrule the chief executive nor the commission. This is the type of model they want to install for the world with a central government. No matter whether they succeed in their plan to push all of the pain they created onto the people, it is safe to say that by the mid-2030s we will see a new European (monetary and federal) regime in place. Changing the monetary framework is less of an ordeal in Europe than it is in the US. Unlike the dollar in the US, European countries have cancelled and replaced many of their currencies multiple times over the past century. Europe as it has existed since world war II is presently dying.

In America the economic and political situation is similar but not yet quite as bad because the Fed never took rates into negative territory and also due to our federalist system of states. Macron has the power to shut down all of France if he chooses to, but Biden cannot do that in the US. The American states have their own rights and powers, and governors like DeSantis have resisted Biden’s administration by doing things like sending the immigrants it has sent into Florida on up to his home state of Delaware. However, the recent spending approved by congress during record-high inflation does appear almost purposefully destructive.

The governments of the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have all thrown-in with Schwab’s Great Reset scheme as their way-out of their insolvencies, although of-course they are trying to make it look as though they are taking their actions for the sake of the people rather than for themselves (“you will own nothing and you will be happy”…). The rest of the world beyond these nations appeared not to be in-play in their crazy scheme until now. It seems likely that these schemers have breached a new level of crazy by using war in Ukraine as their next gambit to control more countries – as well as to divert attention from some inconveniences they had been experiencing: suddenly noone is paying attention nor holding anyone to account on the collapse of the COVID lockdown narrative, and the same is true with the US trucker convoy protest against lockdown. The potential for nuclear war has a captivating effect on everyone’s attention. The horrible suffering in Ukraine has been emotionally captivating to many viewers in the west. Less-so the famine in Yemen or the suffering of the Africans caught in any of the numerous conflicts on their continent, because those events never appear on our news.

The neocons in Washington are an unaccountable government within government who have kept America in perpetual wars in every recent administration (except Trump’s because he stood up to them). US military force was established to be used for national defense as well as to help defend against aggression and to stabilize conflicts elsewhere. But the main drive of the neocons is to use it offensively to reshape the world according to their vision, and they have been able to do that in many places by getting their members in congress to gain the necessary appropriations without going through the process specified in the constitution for only that entire body to declare war on another power. The last time the United States formally declared war in this way was during World War II.

The neocons actually include neolibs because they exist within both political parties. Since they craft their designs for world-reshaping by themselves, they seek neither the approval of nor great visibility with the American people. However, some have been very visible politicians who didn’t hide their aims at all. Hillary laughed and gloated over the killing of Qaddafi after she successfully pushed Obama to invade Libya, and whenever G.W. Bush began to wither under questions about his Iraq invasion, Dick Cheney didn’t hesitate to step in front of him to go on attack against the questioners – he didn’t like having to answer critical questions on his decisions. The company he ran, Halliburton, was given exclusive no-bid ‘cost-plus’ contracts for energy and military support services in Iraq from the Bush administration. Later in 2007, when the company was being investigated for these dealings, it moved its headquarters to Dubai, thus eliminating legal obligations for it to hand-over records on the matter while simultaneously saving itself hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes.

Russia has long been one of the neocons’ fantasy dream targets for forceful transformation and regime change, and in recent years they have meddled in Ukrainian affairs to make it more forcefully adversarial against Russia. The US channeled funds to the Maidan revolutionaries, and setup the new leadership to replace Yanukovych, who at the time was seeking closer ties with the EU. In a leaked phone call, neocon assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland told the US ambassador to Ukraine: “Fuck the EU, Yats (Arseniy Yatsenyuk) is the guy who’s got the economic experience.” And Yatsenyuk was the man who become prime minister of Ukraine in the post-Maidan interim government. Putin’s primary and clearly-conveyed concern with the country has always been that it never join NATO; an event that would bring NATO’s troops and tactical nukes right up to its border with Russia.

Now it appears that Schwab’s puppet administration in Washington has joined-in with the neocons to provoke war with Russia because they hope to eventually remove Putin, install a puppet president in his place, and bring Russia into their scheme. If so, they have upped the stakes exponentially and recklessly and extended the scope of their dementia beyond depopulation and green utopianism to world war brinksmanship.

Ukraine used to surpass China as the world’s third biggest nuclear power, because as a Soviet state, it afforded a forward deployment for Russian missiles to rapidly strike western Europe. This of course was a focus of attention upon the breakup of the Soviet Union into the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) following the 1991 Belovezh Accords and the Alma-Ata Protocol in which Ukraine voted overwhelming for independence from Russia. Control of the ~1700 warheads in the country was then formally handed to the CIS. In 1994 Ukraine agreed to destroy the weapons, joined the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and signed the Budapest Memorandum in which Russia, USA, and Britain provided it security assurances. After Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, some Ukrainian political leaders expressed regret at having relinquished their nukes.

By 2014, Ukraine had a demographic in its eastern regions of Donbas and Lukhansk that culturally and linguistically was solidly Russian. It also had a contingent of indigenous nazis left over from world war II. This group, which survives as the Azov Regiment today, basically was left alone after the war and never tried at Nuremberg along with their German counterparts because they hated Stalin and Russia as much as Jews. Ongoing internal separatist conflicts in Donbas and Luhansk led to the negotiation and signing of the first Minsk Protocol ceasefire agreement in 2014, which left the separatists in control of about 1/3 of the Donbas. After numerous violations, a revised Minsk II protocol was signed in early 2015. Putin wanted for these two states to break away from Ukraine and align with Russia, thus providing his nation with a geographical buffer against a neighboring potential NATO country. His support for this naturally provoked tension with the broader region of Ukraine that favored independence and greater unity with the west.

2014 was the year when the Euromaidan protests against president Yanukovych came to a violent peak that led to him resigning and fleeing the country. The people had for some time opposed his corruption, human-rights violations, and repression. The protests were sparked when Yanukovych abruptly changed course to reject a political association and free-trade agreement with the EU, and instead turned towards closer ties with Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union. Russia refused to acknowledge the US-propelled interim government that followed the revolution, stating that it regarded the overthrow of Yanukovych to be a coup. Poroshenko was elected president of Ukraine in 2014 and declared to parliament that “we have decided to return to the course or NATO integration.” In 2019 he lost his reelection and Zelensky became president. Zelensky is a puppet president with no prior political experience whatsoever who was bed for and installed into the post by an anti-Russian Ukrainian oligarch named Igor Kolomoisky [1, 2]. He was the same man in charge of the Bursima Holdings energy company that put Hunter Biden on its payroll. Whether Kolomoisky is in-league with the Biden neocons or the WEF appears so-far unknown. Zelensky hardly appeared publicly for his successful campaign; instead he ran it via a social media blitz. He was elected in-large to defuse tensions and to bring peace, and many Ukrainians are unhappy that he has not done anything of the sort.

In 2021 the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany publicly stated that if Ukraine was not allowed to join NATO, that it might have to reconsider its stance as a non-nuclear power in the interest of its own defense. Throughout 2021, the Biden administration’s stance towards Russia remained one largely of demonization and accusation; the same as his party’s had been towards Russia throughout the Trump administration. In lieu of any room for diplomacy and seeing opportunity, Putin tested Biden with his many months’ buildup of troops along the Ukrainian border; a test that Biden didn’t show-up for. Biden said in mid February that he was convinced that Putin would invade Ukraine yet still took no action to deter him. After his juvenile vice president publicly expressed her support for “Zelenksky’s desire to join NATO”, the Biden administration did nothing to walk-back nor to blunt her statement. Putin invaded Ukraine 4 days later.

Putin is unquestionably the frontman bad-actor in the war, and his pursuit of it has become increasingly brutal and barbaric. But the actions of the Biden and Zelensky administrations have steadfastly averred from deescalation and diplomacy in favor of cutting ties and applying increasing pressure. If the adversary was a belligerent small country whose leader could be expected to surrender, then this could be considered a responsible approach for US leadership. But when confronting Russia, with Putin who will never flat-out surrender as its leader, it is not.

Zelensky was elected to reduce tensions with Russia. One of his obligations under Minsk II was to facilitate local elections for self-governance in much of Luhansk and Donetsk. He has not only resisted that but has further made a provocative claim, not provided for in any agreement, on Crimea. He has fought the separatists, and was purely-defiant towards Putin’s desires until just recently when he relented on the idea of Ukraine joining NATO. Ukraine is an old country and even its recent history is fairly complex. Watch Oliver Stone’s ‘Ukraine on Fire’ if you want a better sense of that.

As for the USA, most administrations before Biden’s would have responded to Putin’s troop buildup around Ukraine by arming the Ukrainians, by engaging in strenuous diplomatic efforts with Moscow, and by corralling NATO to issue a stern warning and to ready troops at Ukraine’s Polish, Hungarian, and Romanian borders. Since WW II, avoidance of direct conflict with Russia through strong confrontational deterrence has been the clearly-best option, but since no such deterrence was presented Russia invaded. With the war underway and spreading, the next sensible approach would be to try to end hostilities by satisfying Putin with some armistice agreement. Allowing him to annex Donbas and Luhansk would have been a natural solution that would have both given him his geographical buffer against the westward-leaning remainder of Ukraine, and would obviously have ended its internal separatist conflict. This would be a concession to him, but a worthwhile one if it were to end the conflict and the potential for WW III.

However, neither Biden nor Zelensky have considered putting any such offerings on the table. Their actions since war began have been persecutory not just against Moscow, but against all things Russian. Beyond sanctions and the cessation of trade and financial dealings with the regime, the assets of private Russian citizens have been seized. A soprano was even prevented from singing at the Met in New York just because she is Russian, and the demonization of Putin by Washington and US media has gone into high gear. The 75-year old policy of not poking the bear while keeping him contained has been abandoned.

It appears likely that the Great Reset cabal may have fallen in-league with the US neocons to actually press for war with Russia in-hopes of toppling Putin and bringing Russia under their control with a newly-installed puppet leader like was done with Biden in the US. That is a crazy initiative, but we have been seeing repeatedly lately that we can no longer rule-out possibilities simply because they are crazy. Zelensky has called for escalatory no-fly zones and has appealed directly with the humanitarian suffering to western citizens to urge our governments to get move involved. He has remained defiant even now that major Ukrainian cities are being razed, thousands of his countrymen killed, and hundreds of thousands have been turned into homeless war refugees. Despite the portrayal of him that we get in the west, he does not have the unified support of Ukrainians – a potential difficulty for him that he solved by outlawing all 11 of his opposing political parties in the country. If WEF Young Leader graduate Zelensky is in-fact pursuing the Ukraine war as a proxy fight against Russia on behalf of the neocons and the Build Back Better globalists, then he has been using the people of his country as cannon fodder.

Very few people in the western sphere seem to be interested in trying to figure out Putin’s mindset (one of them gives her analysis on him here). Instead they prefer to project their own feelings and beliefs onto Putin, and then act based upon them. And for years the leadership and media in the US has been programming everyone here to hate him – as they did with Trump. Putin certainly is calculating, ruthless, and willing to kill to achieve his goals, but he is not flat-out crazy. His strategic discernment is keen, making it is possible to sit across the chess table from him and deter him with the right reasoning and strong moves. And he is not even entirely inhumane either, as-evident by reading his speech to the WEF:

“Only one thing matters: we [Europe and Russia] need to approach the dialogue with each other honestly. We need to discard the phobias of the past, stop using the problems that we inherited from past centuries in internal political processes and look to the future. If we can rise above these problems of the past and get rid of these phobias, then we will certainly enjoy a positive stage in our relations.

We are ready for this, we want this, and we will strive to make this happen. But love is impossible if it is declared only by one side. It must be mutual.”

He might not be 100% earnest in this statement, but it wouldn’t it be worth testing him to see how earnest he is ? Biden is not going to do that. One thing western leaders will do with a new war is to use to reshape their own societies even further than they have so far – and much faster.

Putin has clearly escalated the war within Ukraine, but along the way his actions have also been telegraphing escalatory threat messages out to the greater west, starting with his use of cluster and vacuum bombs. Moscow just made territorial claims on Alaska, the arctic, and on Ft. Ross California (!) And the Russian military just used its new hypersonic missile, which is too fast to be shot down, to deliver a conventional warhead in Ukraine; a job that cruise missiles can handle. The weapon was actually designed to deliver nuclear payloads to targets on other continents, and Putin used it in Ukraine as such a warning. China also sent the same warning message recently in a test-firing of its own hypersonic missile that circled the entire globe before striking its target. That message is: “We can nuke any target in the world from our home, and you can’t do anything to stop that.” When superpowers are behaving this way, it’s very imprudent to ignore their warnings. Biden just threatened China with his most-likely hollow pledge to impose ‘consequences’ if it provides material aid to Russia. Biden’s team doesn’t know how to negotiate forcefully-yet-delicately, and in such tense standoffs it doesn’t even try to, preferring to threateningly swing its cudgel instead. But governments across the globe know that it’s now a just phony paper cudgel.

Biden’s foreign policy has also driven countries that have so-far remained unentangled in the WEF’s globalist scheme away from the US. Israel is prepping to conduct a massive strike on Iran to take-out its nuclear weapons production if it gets its new deal done with the US government. And with a middle east war raging simultaneously with a Russian war, it would be surprising if China did not use the opportunity to take Taiwan without any real contest. North Korea has resumed missile testing including what was most-likely the first launch of its ICBM capable of reaching America since 2017. Victor Cha of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington think tank, said that satellite imagery shows renewed activity at North Korea’s Punggye-ri site for nuclear weapons testing. And unfortunately India, the most populous democracy located next to China, has done a 180 by turning away from the US toward China, and by preparing to stop using the USD as its trading currency for oil. Modi and the Indian people loved Trump as much as Australians did, and Indian-American relations were strong.

Politically, China and Russia are the most difficult and dangerous countries for the WEF gang to try to take over. If they succeeded, they would control the entire Eurasian continent along with N. America, which would be an amply-powerful platform to launch from to take over the rest of the world. But they will not succeed. What they will do, however far they go, is to cause even more devastating and rapid destruction of the west, including the deaths of many people, and to accelerate the rise of China as the new world superpower. Putin wants to subjugate Ukraine and likely more of Europe to regain a semblance of the Soviet Union. Schwab and his acolytes in western governments want to subjugate the world. And the lockdowns, plandemics, policies, wars, civil disruptions, debt spending, censorship, and misinformation are all tools they are using to grab for that total power. It’s right out of a supervillain comic book.

Unfortunately, the east-vs.-west realignment does already appear to involve China as well. Western capital is in-flight now out out not only China but also from emerging markets. The US, UK, and Australia just signed a new landmark defense treaty last year called Aukus to strengthen the western presence in the Indo-Pacific ocean. Beijing viewed this as a move to create a new NATO against China, and has entered into a reprisal security deal with the Solomon Islands against Australia and Japan. Dopey Joe Biden’s careless threats will be recorded in history, for if anything his actions only keep the dominos keep falling along the path leading us into World War III, and a perfect storm involving greater famine, poverty, and tyranny also. The people leading western governments and multinational institutions are destroying everything our forefathers built so painstakingly and brilliantly.

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