Life During Wartime

“…This aint no fooling around.”

-David Byrne

Before Nov. 2020, Biden and the left painted Trump as a corrupt loose cannon who was cognitively deficient, who had no regard for the quality of average Americans’ lives, a bigot whose prejudice could easily appoint unqualified personnel – such as a VP who regularly appalls, as a man so recklessly in-bed with Putin that he might give Vlad’s crew undue license -maybe as far as brokering a US energy/nuclear development package with Iran, who endangered mankind with a posture that could set-off major international conflicts and even brinksmanship in nuclear war, whose COVID death count was his doing and thus a tally that a newly-elected president Biden would swiftly reverse, whose views were outrageously socially-divisive and which he would willingly enforce through coercive oppression (e.g., censorship, firings, and FBI persecution), the incumbent lacking experience in diplomacy and the art of negotiating whose corrupt dealings with countries like China, Ukraine (e.g., his memorable phone transcript), and Russia were scrofulous and traitorous, who conspired and schemed – as we now know for certain that the outgoing Obama/Biden administration did – to overthrow a US presidential election, and on…

Biden was the candidate who was going to return the country to normalcy after the ‘madness’ of Trump that brought us to energy independence for the first time after at least 50 years of the US funding hostile terrorist states through OPEC, as well as to the best GDP growth, employment, and wage rates across all income levels and demographics (the best ever for black people). Trump was the only POTUS of the past 6 who stopped “rocketman’s” war threats and missile shots over Japan without allowing billions of dollars to be extorted from America. He replaced NAFTA with the CANAMEX trade agreement, made European nations pay closer to their own fair share for receiving NATO protection and deterrence (which obviously doesn’t work unless its led by a strong POTUS like him). He ditched the JCPOA and forged the historic Abraham accords by recognizing that stability and peace could be forged in the middle east by finding common ground with countries like the UAE instead of continuing to negotiate solely through the PLO, which still wishes not for peace with Israel but for its elimination. Biden’s appeal to Iran to reopen Obama’s nuclear deal is now not only destabilizing the region once again, but has also outraged the Arabic states and driven them sharply away from the US.

Trump was a workaholic who regularly stayed up very late and slept very little while figuring ways, with his own functioning mind, to strengthen the US as the biggest geopolitical stabilizer. Biden not. He was the first president of many under whom no new US wars were launched, and he had to stand up strongly to the deep state neocons to insist on that. He repatriated many factories and US corporate operations, creating many new US jobs. Although they were xenophobic hatred at the time, his border wall and insistence on ‘America first’ sound like common sense now. America had the respect of China, Russia, and the rest of the world, and so remained effective as a net-stabilizing world-influencer. And he accomplished that while fighting the left, much of his own Republican party, the entire Washington, media, and tech establishments, and fending-off continual attempts to frame him for wrongdoing and impeach him. Keeping ‘America First’ (with canny leadership) was stabilizing for the entire world. What an unimaginable difference 14 months of that good-old regular-fella Joe Biden has made.

The deep state/ media/tech complex very effectively trained a mass of Americans to buy-into all of this, not just cognitively but also with a fiery hatred and venom instilled for the man as well as for anyone who felt that his leadership was beneficial or even just acceptable. And I expect that despite the all evidence to the contrary, many still despise Trump much more than Biden for those things. Im sure there are also some who would still reply ‘He just seemed like the nicer man” when asked how they chose their vote. For those who realize that they were conned in 2020 and may now want to take another course, guess what ?: It’s too late. Elections have consequences.

The world economy was already severely damaged from lockdowns and it just took a huge new hit with the de-banking, sanctioning, etc. of all people and things Russian. It now has split into two separate noninteracting economies: a western one and a now-forming eastern one. China has been courting India but the Biden administration, unsurprisingly, has not thought to do that. Corporations that ceased doing business in Russia will find such cessations to be permanent. China is building its own SWFT system and is laying the foundations for conducting its future international trade in Yuan instead of dollars, and the Saudis are about to replace the dollar with the Yuan as the currency they accept for oil purchases. Careful diplomatic and trade agreement work over the post-WWII decades incrementally stitched-together an increasingly interdependent world. One in which it was practically evident to the great nations that symbiotic coexistence was preferable to confrontation and aggression over their ideological differences. Biden and his western cohorts destroyed all of that over just the past three weeks. We will see nothing but higher pricers and economic decline into our foreseeable future. Kids with paintball guns should never be allowed to take their play into any studio housing the delicate works of skilled painters who previously spent long hours of careful labor creating them.

It has heretofore been unimaginable that both US political parties might come together with common fervor on any issue, but sadly saber-rattling for a US war with Russia has proven to be the great icebreaker – call that progress if you like. Once again, the people running this once-wonderful nation (and other western leaders) so badly lack foresight and proportion that they will take us all beyond the economic, health, and repressive perils that they recently foisted on us on into direct physical peril. And when world war III peaks, they will see that what they got us into is not just another remote conflict fought only in other lands. When the bombs begin to land in US cities, I will be glad to be watching from my home in Idaho as these foolish ‘leaders’ living around prime target Washington DC brace themselves in their bunkers for devastation; devastation that they self-righteously provoked while dismissing the notion of first exhausting every avenue of negotiation and diplomacy before driving into war. What an abominable and unforgivable waste.

I wonder even then with the USA at war if the administration will secure our southern border. Likely not – there will be be so many war refugees that it would be inhumane and probably somehow racist as well to deny them entry. It would be worse than denying the Hondurans fleeing here in order to, as Kamala Harris explained it, avoid the harsh effects of climate change in central America. That is, unless they are white Ukrainian war refugees who would never vote for Marxism in the US. Those people, like Cuban refugees so far during Biden’s presidency, would be humanely denied entry and asylum. We will likely face new threats like cyberattacks, as well as bioweapons that can now be engineered to be ‘safely’ released into the environment to attack only people with a particular DNA sequencing. And a great catalog of human DNA has been collected via COVID tests. The US has been running around 30 labs in Ukraine that have been working on such pathogens. I cant conjecture on the scheme behind that, but neocon Victoria Newland certainly could tell us.

When wartime comes, having a local network of people to trade and organize with will be a newly-important asset to have. When I did my second postdoctoral research fellowship at Cornell University, the local town (Ithaca, NY) had a local currency in effect called Ithaca Hours. Even if the government is effective at regulating or eliminating cryptos, we can expect to see such systems arise in various locales. They were common during the US great depression, and in some parts of the world barter and local currencies are in-use. Amazon will still be doing business in whatever the US treasury tender is, but don’t expect it to be cheap anymore, nor to be able to deliver every tangible thing that you can think of. Even when they are not used for currency, crypto protocols can be useful for building networks and communities.

The push to confront Russia with force and without an earnest prior diplomatic foray is driven by the Great Reset agenda. Zelensky is a Young World Leaders WEF graduate. He could have ended the war by giving two eastern Ukrainian provinces that are overwhelmingly Russian in language and identity to Putin and pledging that the rest of Ukraine will never join NATO. But he has been relentlessly pushing for World War III instead regardless of the destruction it has already brought to his country and to his people. And it sounds like congress has being swayed by his speech to them. The deep state neocons are also gunning for war as usual, although I don’t see what their strategic objective is this time. Late this week, it appeared for the first time that Zelensky may have to become more relenting and willing to broker a ceasefire agreement with Putin. Unfortunately, US leadership has not expressed much enthusiasm for ending hostility so simply and soon (see the video below).

Make no mistake: as soon as Europe and the US engage in war with Russia, China will join-in behind Russia. The insane globalists in the WEF actually appear hopeful that they can use armed conflict to topple Putin and Xi, install new leaders who will play ball with them like they did with Biden, and thereby attain their vision of a global green totalitarian dystopia. Proving what a madman he is, George Soros is now calling for the US to militarily lead ‘regime-change’ in Russia and in China. We are living-out a bad over-the-top James Bond villain story. Our well-being is not a concern for the people driving this agenda – they regard our lives as just grist for their mill. Zelensky just pass into law a measure requiring Ukraine’s Diaa app to store citizens’ social credit scores, digital identities, vaccine passports, and their social credit scores; all steps Schwab specifies for achieving his Great Reset.

While tinkering with WWIII and possible nuclear war with Russia, the WEF acolytes in western governments continue pushing Schwab’s agenda hard in their own countries, even when it degrades their national security footing in the face of imminent war. Biden has been resolute in his cancelling of US fossil fuel production, and deceitful about explaining it. Bringing US production of oil and natural gas up to its full potential and supplying the European nations with that energy now would be best way to disempower Putin without provoking a shooting war with him. Maru Public Opinion for Postmedia noted in a poll that 71% of Americans support this approach. It would also enable Biden to stop pleading with enemy-states like Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Iran for their oil. However the democrats just blocked a bill that would do this. The governments of most arab states, like China’s, have not yet been successfully infiltrated by Great Reset operatives like the US’ has.

So with huge adversaries China and Russia to face, the western countries continue destroying themselves by working on the Great Reset plan. The sixth UN IPCC report just warned that an imminent (within 6 years !) destruction of our planet from climate change is on the way because of “resistance from individuals with conservative political ideologies and “individualistic worldviews” who oppose “regulation”. So the UN is saying that we must save the world by shutting-down free speech now. Meanwhile John Kerry just pledged that from now on, Americans will make an annual payment to the UN starting at $10 billion and rising thereafter. Sounds to me like taxation without representation imposed by a foreign multinational body in league with the Great Reset through our own dopey and complicit energy czar; the very issue that sparked the American revolution.

The US Navy refused to deploy a warship because its commander has refused to take the jab. The Atlantic magazine admonished all of us in a recent piece that nuclear war would be a negative for … the climate. And now that even the MSM has become a bit reluctant to defend Biden’s domestic energy production moratorium, his administration corralled some teenage Ticktock influencers to carry its water. However most of those kids later said they also actually disagree with Biden’s position. Xi, Putin, and the mullahs, who will also join with Russia and China against the west, must be snickering their heads off. As Napoleon said: “Never interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself.”

This period will be recorded as the one in which the worst crop of narcissistic western leaders, accompanied by masses of the most manipulable and gullible citizens, brought western civilization into its secular decline. Biden will go down as the lead wrecking-ball-in-chief. In the midst of this brewing Ukrainian crisis, he still takes his weekends off in his Delaware home. On demonizing Russia, the corporate and media establishments will be recorded as the Goebbels of western pro-war propaganda. Matt Taibbi notes how fast these entities have used moral panics along the lines of Orwell’s Big Brother to keep redirecting our focus and consent by regularly wiping our memories and switching our attention. Sensible people understand that in time of war, both sides will always utilize propaganda to support their agendas. Western news outlets have been caught posting clips from years-ago of explosions in Gaza and China, and of wounded people from movies, as-though they were just taken in Ukraine. Pelosi and Biden have been trying to blame Putin for the global inflation that began early in 2021. They do assume that we are that stupid.

The United States has called 100,000 troops to readiness, and NATO hundreds of thousands more. These developments do not bode well, particularly because they are being led on the western side by such a small group of political ideologues whose malignant narcissism makes them poster-kids for the Dunning-Kruger Effect. They know that such escalation will provoke a series of further-escalatory reprisal chess-moves from Russia and China, yet they still appear in hope of achieving some sort of quick Fool’s Mate with a full war. Putin’s war has not been proceeding as he intended so-far, but he is no fool, nor is Biden a master strategist; quite the contrary. Biden will use war to paint Americans who question his administration as disloyal or even as traitorous extremists, and may even use martial law as a means to incarcerate any such ‘dissidents’ it deems a security threat. Anyone can now be declared an extremist simply for not shutting up and being obedient. Trudeau arrested lawful Canadians and confiscated their assets from them for exercising their right to peacefully dissent.

We can also expect to see food rationing during wartime (have you planted that veggie garden yet ?) along with curfews, more lockdowns, and the cancelling of paper and crypto currencies. Americans endured several of these things during WWII after Japan waged war with the US, but this time it is our own government’s premeditated plan to impose them on us. Ironically, bringing us into war may interfere with government’s coming switch to a digital dollar because it will run on a great deal of electrical power that we are not setting ourselves up to produce reliably, and also because if Russian strikes disable as few as a dozen strategic power stations, our power grid will fail. In today’s information age, the quickest way to debilitate a county’s economy is to destroy its power grid, so expect the US grid to be targeted during war. Maybe buy a generator and store it along with a tank of gasoline along with a hoard of canned food. Miss Trump yet ?

Americans over 75 years old were fortunately born. My father was 11 years old when WWII ended and he still lives in a lovely Southern California home 1000 feet above the ocean. He enjoyed the highest standard of living in in history in what has been one of the nicer places in the country to dwell, and he wont have to live through most of what’s coming now. There is already talk, e.g. from the head of Pfizer, that we should take more booster shots to prepare for new variants of COVID, and possibly for outbreaks of new diseases. As long as our taxes continue to fund virology research labs in places like China and Ukraine, that seems like a reasonable expectation. This week Moderna asked for FDA authorization for a second COVID booster shot, as did Pfizer for people over 65. Right on cue after months of disappearing from the earth, Anthony Fauci surfaced on the news networks to urge such measures to counter the ‘BA.2 subvariant’ in Europe. Yesterday, he said it may be necessary to reinstitute COVID restrictions – such a surprise, no? It will not end – now I just hope that I will not be forced in the near future to take that stuff into my body in order to receive my food ration. Any government pursuing totalitarian control will ‘Never let comprehensive destruction of the peoples’ self-sufficiency go to waste’.

Confidence in government is collapsing worldwide, and for good reason: governments are starring to implode under their debt loads. The $3 trillion EU Superfund is now robbing good ordinary people who have worked all their lives to receive them of their private pensions in order to pay for the climate boondoggle, for new energy production, and for defense. It is nothing more than a bailout to save the careers of the politicians who have spent their national treasuries barren and cheered the negative interest rates that cratered Europe’s bond market. Those same negative rates have that have already been robbing income from retirees and other savers in slow-bleed drip-drip fashion since 2014. Attempts to finance the Superfund with yet-higher taxes on working Europeans will result in popular uprisings. The political class has flat-out destroyed western society. Watch.

If you are amazed at how many people not only still buy-into the newspeak and agitprop, but also join-in in receiving and dispensing abuse, I recommend reading Stanley Milgram’s “Obedience to Authority“. In it, he overviews the results of his behavioral experiment which revealed that most people are willing to do horrible things to others, like shocking them agonizingly with 450 volts of electricity, as long as some authority figure tells them they should do so. To get them to do unconscionable things, it proved to be just that simple. Deep government got corporate America to become its champion of ESG and wokeism, as well as to execute other actions like censorship on behalf of its left-leaning agenda by simple, straightforward coercion. The fact that corporate leaders reintroduced discrimination and defied the 1964 Equal Opportunity Act in doing so was fine – because government told them that they should do so.

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