“Go Get ‘Em!”

“World War III will involve nuclear weapons”

-Sergei Lavrov

I wrote recently that since government bankruptcies are imminent and people have woken-up up to the fact that COVID was used to deceive, disempower, and restrict them, those governments would make a harder push to enact that Great Reset. We are seeing that now, as these people destroy the world economy that we and our predecessors have built. It has been a wonderous creation that has enabled ordinary people to enjoy a lifestyle previously unthinkable, buying things like cinnamon from Ceylon or appliances from Korea online from their own homes. How we will live going forward will certainly be quite different than how we did up until around two years ago.

War with Russia is the next horrible post-COVID device being foisted upon society to further and to complete the reset. Russia has always made it clear that its main concern with regard to Ukraine is that it stay a non-NATO country so that Russia will remain geographically buffered from NATO power and influence. The Budapest Agreement ensures that Ukraine should remain a neutral country, which is why it was stunning and appalling that Kamala Harris violated that agreement at NATO’s Security Conference in Munich on Feb. 20 by openly welcoming Ukraine to join NATO. Though that’s as-provocative a statement as the US could have made to Putin, the Biden administration made no utterance to apologize, to retract, nor to amend it. Four days later on Feb. 24, Putin launched the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The US is now tiptoe-ing into war with Russia by effectively providing military aircraft to Ukraine (the plan for-now is for Poland to directly supply airplanes, and for the US to ‘backfill’ the Polish aircraft with American ones).

Though Kamala Harris has not expressed any concern about triggering all-out war, she did just call-out the US truckers now participating in the “Peoples’ Convoy” for the nasty pollution that their coast-to-coast drive is foisting on our precious, delicate planet. As Dennis Prager says, “The environmental and green/ESG movement is not nearly as interested in the environment as it is in restructuring society. It is as interested in protecting the environment as the communist movement was in protecting workers or the defund-the-police movement is in protecting blacks.” The messy pullout from Afghanistan was unfortunate in light of the environment and the current war. For if Biden wants to arm the Ukrainians, it would have been a simpler and much less costly ordeal to move the $84 billion worth of armaments we had in Afghanistan 1200 miles across the Eurasian continent to Ukraine, than to let the Taliban take those weapons and generate a bigger, nastier carbon footprint by flying new ones over there from America.

Zelensky was elected on his promise to ease Ukraine’s tensions with Russia and to resolve the crises that had been arising in its breakaway eastern Republics since 2014. But he appears likely a puppet of western warmongers. He has deprived the people of Donbass their right to vote for secession, and has exacerbated the civil war there by shelling the region. And he has denied Putin any peace-seeking measure short of fighting to the death. You wont hear this in the MSM, but Putin offered to stop the war if Kyiv would give up its army, change its constitution to become a genuinely-neutral country per the Budapest Agreement, acknowledge Crimea as part of Russia, and setup Luhansk and Donetsk as free separate republics. If this deal were brokered and enforced by a group of nations including NATO and China, the ceasefire could even be helpful in bolstering peace beyond Ukraine. But Zelensky rejected the offer. Noone in the key positions is working to reduce tensions and to restore peace, which is what we the people of Europe, Russia, America, and elsewhere want. However, our elites don’t.

Most of us in the US don’t know much about the history of Ukraine vs. Russia, and neither do I. But I do believe that Putin will not allow Russia to lose outright in this conflict and that all the cheer for that outcome is misplaced. Zelensky was unnecessarily intransigent and provocative to Russia before the war, he remains so. He has called for other countries to send him troops and aircraft to join him in fighting the war – something that until now those nations have been wise enough not to do. Direct war with Russia has no happy ending – only massive destruction.

“Only one thing matters: we need to approach the dialogue with each other honestly. We need to discard the phobias of the past, stop using the problems that we inherited from past centuries in internal political processes and look to the future. If we can rise above these problems of the past and get rid of these phobias, then we will certainly enjoy a positive stage in our relations. We are ready for this, we want this, and we will strive to make this happen. But love is impossible if it is declared only by one side. It must be mutual.” – From Putin’s 2021 Davos Speech

I read that Zelensky wanted to supplant much of Russia’s supply of oil to the west with Ukrainian oil, akin to Obama’s desire to supplant Russian oil sales by routing a pipeline from Syria to Europe through Qatar. But Zelensky’s motive was Ukrainian revenue in addition to kneecapping Russian oil revenues. The separatist region of Donbas is rich in oil reserves, as-is Crimea in its gas fields. Since 2014 he has denied the separatists there the right to vote for secession and he just cut off the water supply to Crimea. In the west we tend to view Zelensky as a bold nationalist fighting equally for all the peoples of Ukraine, as he portends to be. But we should be cautious in taking-up our rallying-cries too vehemently until we take time learn about the history of the region – something the typical American will never bother to do.

The administration is not even waiting for direct war with Russia to begin making its moves to further restrict us. In response to the many Americans now scared that soon they wont be able to afford their car commutes, Pete Buttigieg said they should just buy electric cars, which on-average cost over $50,000 and provide no alternative sourcing of energy (half of US electricity is still generated by burning fossil fuels). Also Biden said that, because cryptocurrencies enable Russians to transact outside of the sanctioned banking and financial complex, he will sign an executive order to regulate them. I’ve been warning for years of government suspending cryptos and replacing them by instantiating a single federal blockchain-based CBDC; its the main reason that I have avoided them. Biden also gave instructions to move-forward with a central bank cryptocurrency. Instituting a CBDC contradicts Biden’s energy posture since cryptocurrencies consume a great deal of electrical power.

In the interview that I put-up in my last post, Adam Curry predicted this move and (some of) how it will be used by government. My biggest disagreement with his mostly-good points is his belief that existing cryptos will remain in-place to provide a parallel money system outside of federal control. I have written that cryptos have salutary potential for use in alternative black markets in perpetuity, but it is unrealistic to expect that any government pushing hard for totalitarian control over its people would allow private cryptocurrencies to remain legal in the white markets. FYI: If anyone reading this is working on cryptos that have so-far been unveiled to the public, I’d be interested to hear from you – in confidence.

Make no mistake: Once such a federal CBDC becomes the common fungible tender, the government has made a quantum-leap in removing the rest of your freedoms and enslaving you. Your taxes (and maybe more) will be taken from you automatically, you will have no place to hide your liquid wealth from government, those assets will be captive in financial accounts where they can be subjected to negative interest rates (or even ‘haircuts’), and the way you use your money will be seen and recorded by the IRS and can even be controlled by them (e.g., donations to a DeSantis PAC could be blocked). The government will see which counter-parties you engaged in your securities trades.

It is troubling to contemplate what these people may do if and when they get this level of control over everyone that they are gunning for now. I haven’t written about it because it is so crazy and hasn’t appeared in front of us yet, but ‘trans-humanism’ is yet another part of Klaus Schwab’s crazy future vision. This means using genetic engineering, MEMS implants, and man-machine interfacing to turn beautiful independent human beings with a heart and a soul into controllable and built-for-use bio-bots. If you don’t believe me, go poke around on the WEF website for it yourself (its described less-bluntly there of course). Whether or not that can happen, this gives a view into how the people at the head of this Great Reset think. Even Elon Musk is excited about the prospect for connecting humans’ brains to AI. No thank you.

The war will also be used to federalize Europe, which was an original motive for the EU among its topmost players. Emmanuel Macron has been arguing for a multinational EU army separate from NATO that will not be bound by NATO treaties and rules. Despite Brexit, which Boris Johnson did not seem to favor nor to utilize to the UK’s best benefit, there is still a drive to accomplish the monetary union. Though economically inane, this would certainly be a useful accomplishment for authoritarian control prior to converting the Euro into another CBDC. The unelected mandarins in Brussels are now pushing to issue a pan-EU Bond, although I fail to see how they would be able to sell it as a more sound credit than the already-decimated outstanding European sovereign debt notes that noone wants.

Sanctions usually are not highly-potent deterrents, largely because once they are put onto a nation like Iran, as an example, for its oil by some nation like the USA, that provides an opportunity for other buyers like France to quietly strike deals to buy the oil at a discount. But now we are seeing a previously unheard-of degree of solidarity to sanction Russia not just between nations, but amongst international corporations as well. Glen Beck posits that the reason for this extreme unanimity is that all of these countries and companies (Apple, Alphabet, Amex, Mastercard, Ford, etc.) are participating instruments of the Great Reset, which now has a key objective of ousting the leadership of Russia (and then China) to install new puppet leaders that they can control – as they did with the massively-corrupted 2020 elections that put Biden into office. If that is true and they will not relent, they will only setoff world war III. Closed totalitarian regimes like Russia, China, and North Korea have so-far remained the countries impenetrable to the green coercion and lockdown-with-us methods of the Great Reset. And since they already have their populations fully under government control, they are also not as interested in moving under the control of a one-world government centered around a group of UN, WEF, and EU members.

People like Mark Levin and Fox News hosts attribute the smorgasbord of Biden’s noxious actions simply to his stupidity and his allegiance to the new-left wing of the democratic party. But he is a puppet taking orders further up from the WEF globalists, and his dopiness is exactly what makes him a perfect front-man; no-one would ever believe that his administration did all the crazy stuff that is has on its own if he (along with his team) was not such an idiot. However the fervor for escalating tensions now is universal across both parties. Lindsay Graham’s call for Russians to kill Putin has found supporters. But killing heads of real and ideological states like Saddam Hussein, Mohammar Qaddafi, and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as well as a state military leader like Qasem Solemani were all completely different matters than squaring-off with Russia and targeting its leader. Russia can do things to us that none of those other powers could.

Biden wants to give $12 Bn in aid to Ukraine and ban all Russian energy sales to the west. But with his sanctions on the American oil industry as tight as ever, he is now appealing to Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Iran (with Russia brokering the negotiations with the Ayatollahs) for new oil supply. As a result of his approach of appeasement to Iran, it will have nuclear weapons in just a few months. So his allegiance to Schwab’s communist green one-world dystopia is weakening our national and international security in multiple ways. In his speech today, he said his administration is not holding-back domestic oil production, noting the active land leases and outstanding permits to drill that have not yet been utilized. But he failed to point out that the majority of the land that his administration has allowed for drilling lacks subsurface oil reserves. Also, if he really wants to incentivize our domestic oil producers to take on financing for new drilling endeavors, he should have given them clear assurance that he will never shut down any of those oil extraction enterprise like he did to the Keystone XL pipeline, to ANWR drilling, to many fracking sites, and to other existing facilities. It is nonsensical BS to talk about building new extraction capabilities while the spigots of these existing installations sit available to be reopened.

The Biden administration aims to make petrofuels unattainably expensive for most people in order to force conversion to the pipe-dream energy alternatives that the Davos crowd wants, but which wont work (just look at Germany which is a few years further down this path). Creating war looks like an excuse to impose more restrictions on ordinary people, to trigger a forgiveness (default) on all national debts, and to execute on their plan for a new Bretton Woods to bring-in a new, electronic, monetary framework. We can expected this will be a setup that will keep the powerful in power and unaccountable to us, and which will keep us exactly where the WEF has publicly said it envisions us: Owning nothing and ‘being happy’. Their plan is crazy and cannot work out as-imagined. We are headed into a new world order, but it wont be the one that Schwab & Co. have in-mind. It does look appear that it will be one in which China stands as the remaining world superpower.

Sanctioning Russia and cutting it off from the global financial system were blunt moves now causing Russia, India, China, and Turkey to move faster on instituting an alternative SWIFT system and an ex-dollar-based energy-trading currency. The ‘Build Back Better’ crowd has been an astonishingly effective wrecking-crew, but I’m not holding my breath in expectation of how great they will be at building anything. Besides all of the damage being done to real assets and capital formation, just the fragmentation of world trade and the evaporation of trust among nations has shrunk world GDP considerably

All Biden had to do to keep life safe, affordable, and livable was simply to keep US domestic energy production running as it was when he took office. The exit from Afghanistan would certainly have averted the disaster we witnessed if he had followed the pre-existing template for troop draw-down there. And if he could have believably-maintained the deterrents (ahem) that were in-place, then Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia would most-likely still be contained and not rattling their sabers. He had a plug-and-play presidency setup for him, and if he just assumed the post and let it continue as-is, he would likely have been a successful and reasonably-popular president. But opening the border, crushing the freedom and livelihoods of Americans, and operating to remove their rights to take longterm power over them for Klaus & Co. was more important than the well-being of everyone here and abroad. Even before his election we knew that he was a US politician seriously compromised through his quid-pro-quo deals with the governments of Ukraine, China, and other countries – but we didn’t care too much, did we ?

Putin will have to eventually strike back at the west. We can expect hacks of financial institutions and even of critical infrastructure. It may be prudent to take and store screenshots of your bank and brokerage account balances going forward and, as you have known for some time, to keep a hoard of food. If things go far enough, a can of food may become an alternative to cash for trade. We could even see the US conduct ‘false-flag’ cyberattacks on its own infastructure to further push us into war with Russia. It’s going to be tricky to read the tea leaves. Usually the better-part of the truth becomes evident eventually, but often only well after the events have played-out.

Biden’s ending statement to his SOTU address (“Go Get ’em!”) I suppose was intended to be some weird sort of morale booster. I don’t listen to him anymore other that to hear what new actions he is uncorking that we’ll have to live with. Because once anyone has systematically and purposefully lied to me repeatedly, their pledges and cajoles are meaningless to me thereafter. For example, I do not even presume that the lightening of restrictive COVID mandates is necessarily going to last. I don’t know how the authorities would rationalize pressing them again, now that “the (real) science” shows they are not effective in containing the spread of an overwhelmingly non-lethal virus, and that they are comprehensively destructive (e.g., 33% of kids who have been locked down for at least a year show deficiencies in their reading abilities). That may be acceptable collateral damage for a government that plans to subjugate those future voting citizens under its control, but it is not acceptable if it wants them to become self-reliant productive people operating in the type of society we had pre-COVID. Maybe soon the government wont have to give us sensible reasons to take the jab anymore; it may be able to just tell us that we have to (unless you live off of your own land).

The WHO just struck a deal with T-Systems to rollout a global QR system to be utilized in an international vaccine passport, with vaccine QR codes already established for over 60 nations. This will be used to track all of our movements in and beyond our own countries, as well as to force ongoing vaccine compliance. France recently rescinded 4 million vax passports because those 4 million vaccinated citizens failed to get another jab after the government decided that a third shot would be required. So, people can be forced to receive unknown stuff into their bodies on an ongoing basis in order to remain eligible to travel and engage in work and commerce. At a time when western societies should be defending themselves against clear and exceedingly powerful adversaries, they continue to pursue their Great Reset.

Contrary to prior assurances and outcries that those suspecting it were conspiracy nut jobs, a new Swedish in-vitro study as shown that the mRNA vaccine reverse-transcribes into the nuclear DNA of our liver, muscle, and other tissue via a process called reverse transcription, and can permanently integrate into it. The Pfizer vaccine produces the LINE-1 protein which is one of them required for reverse transcription. Despite the fact that the pharmaceutical companies are still marketing them as common flu-like vaccines, the President of Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals Division, Stefan Olerich, admitted at the World Health Summit in November 2021 that the COVID mRNA vaccines are a form of gene therapy

There’s too much to keep-up writing about, it’s only accelerating, and it becoming more obvious and in everyone’s faces, anyway. I’ll keep at it for the time being, because it’s so important now for everyone to speak out and say what you think, no matter what. A good friend of mine told me that it would be best for me if I shut down this blog and put my head back down. But that’s exactly the objective of all this nefariousness, and is a concession to it. It will solve nothing, nor will waiting for someone else to stand up for you. Not many of us grew up looking to become revolutionaries, but that is because we never expected to have to face the choice between that or becoming enslaved. The time is here. Just to fully comprehend the point, quickly review some of what unfolded over the last 2-3 year:

  • Medical doctors are no longer free to administer what they feel is the best available treatment to their patients, despite their oath to do so.
  • Cops are laid-off, or are not allowed to enforce the law like they used to. When they do make arrests, prosecution and punishment are swiftly dismissed. Crime has soared. Rioting was sanctioned.
  • Historical numbers of people have fallen into unemployment, depression, and drug overdosages. No public attention nor action has been paid to this.
  • People can get doxxed, lose their platforms, voices, jobs, credit lines, businesses, and be publicly branded as pariahs just for exercising their 1st amendment rights to speak their minds.
  • Teachers that don’t indoctrinate students into BLM hate think get attacked by their own union, as-do the parents of children (who are also attacked by the federal DOJ) for noting their disapproval of this new curricula that the pay public teachers to give to their kids.
  • COVID: Peoples’ freedoms of travel, work, and transacting have been rescinded because they wont allow an experimental drug to injected into their bodies, though many people have been harmed by vaccines, free discussion of their effects is censored, and the drug manufacturers have been fully indemnified from all liability.
  • Federal spending and policy is destroying the value of the money we have earned.
  • Wokeness trumps performance in solvency and security, even in critical fields like our military readiness.
  • Every bit of information that we still get through the ‘traditional channels’ is crafted to shape and redirect our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Telling the truth has indeed become a ‘revolutionary act’. Discovering the truth has become a grand acheivement.
  • Our crucial network-institutions consisting of the economy, the supply-chain, the energy complex, the food production chain, and money-creation have all been either under dissolution or massively-distortive transformation.
  • The WEF and cohorts are openly-frank about their Great Reset goals, which connect all these dots in a chain of events that will lead to them subjugating us.

So if you still think that shutting-up, lying low, and playing-along-to-get-along is a way forward for you, what is wrong with you ?

When I started blogging on all this, most of it was still commonly-viewed as tin-hat loon-think, so I opened it up gradually in the places where the evidence was most-firm. Now that things have gotten to this point, rather than go silent, I’d prefer – even though its definitely not the sort of topic you are supposed to let your Linked-In contacts see – to go further to talk about the most fundamental work that needs to be done (and that everyone can take up since it’s almost entirely work on yourself). That is the spiritual progress that needs to be made. Einstein was right when he said that we can never solve our problems with the same consciousness that created them, and I know from direct experience that with enough work we can all purify our consciousness. The problems we face don’t originate from outside of us – we create them. And the traits we have that create them can be rooted out of us. Also, if you don’t possess inner peace, calm, clarity, and an innate sense of direction in the face of bewildering and frightening events, you are manipulable and significantly disabled from being able to stand independently. We all have the power in us to turn this around and that is the place in us where it lies. But that is a whole other subject for another day.

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