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Polling shows that it is likely, provided election integrity is maintained to a high degree, that the Republicans will take majority political power in the 2022 and 2024 elections. However, the American people are making a mistake by not presenting a list of policy actions that we expect the Republicans to fulfill on our behalf. It should be more dramatically apparent to ordinary people now that they must list precisely what they expect their elected officials to do for them and make it clear that they will hold them accountable to that list.

Recall that the COVID and other forms of international oppression are ploys by the politicians in the many countries to control their populations while they surrender their states’ sovereignty to throw-in with Schwab’s Great Reset (a new form of globalist communism). They seek to retain power as they go-forward to default on the now unmanageable levels of indebtedness that they have driven their nations into to then bring-in the new system of socioeconomic tyranny. This scheme involves governments as a whole, and in America that includes both the Republican and the Democratic parties.

It has been a fairly simple tactical matter for the democrats to advance this agenda since Biden’s inauguration, since all the party had to do was to go-along with its own new extreme leftist contingent. And as a consequence, their destabilizing and destructive policies such as the egregious tolerance of crime and leftist (BLM/ANTIFA) violence, the promotion of identify (racial, sexual, ideological) politics and division, the dissolution of the border, the attack on fossil fuels and ‘non-green’ energy, the insane spending and inflation, the promotion of CRT and anti-American ideology to the youth, the spying on ordinary people, and the censorship, demonization, and disemployment of those who speak against these things have all been primarily attributed to the madness of indigenous leftism rather than to the machinations of the international Great Reset. Based on this belief, the American people are apparently assuming that it all will be automatically overturned if and when the Republican party takes control.

It is important that we not make such assumptions, and that we push Republicans to genuinely fight for our constitutional rights and for American sovereignty and strength. Many if not most Republicans (Mitch McConnell, etc.) are in on the Great Reset agenda, and it will be crucial to press the party so that we can discern them from the ones who may still be worthy of support. The policies of Biden that were aimed at the democrats taking over power permanently (criminally keeping the border open, changing federal voting processes, rejiggering the supreme court, etc.) will clearly be upended by Republicans across the party. But don’t expect all Republicans to fight universally for government to give back our freedoms and rights that it unconstitutionally wrested from the American people over the past 2-3 years.

It will be interesting to see how the Machiavellianism of the pro-Great Reset Republicans is deployed, because it will have to operate much more covertly, surreptitiously, and deceptively than the overt and strident ‘let’s-throw-in-with-AOC-and-our-other-useful-idiots’ leftism that the Democrats have run with. Any true pushback on the anti-constitutionalist globalist agenda in play now that is made from within the political system will also have to operate in a very subtle and crafty way to succeed since the deep state and all of its deployable attack instruments (the DOJ, the IRS, the NSA & CIA, the IRS, etc.) are largely run by leftist revolutionaries (not to mention the media and so much of corporate America) now.

So just as with the people-vs.-government standoff that we are seeing underway in Ottowa, this fight ultimately comes down to the people and their willingness to take some lumps to stand up to government. A good next-step would be to make your list of changes that you demand your new elected officials make, and push it at them – hard. All politicians want to be in power and if the Republicans betray the peoples’ hopes this time they will fall – hard. But ultimately it comes down to questions like this: Are you ready to spend some jail time to in order defend freedom for your kids and grandkids ?

There is no place to ‘hide’ anymore anyways. Trudeau has shown how thoroughly a supposedly democratic government can seize all of your assets and leave you hapless if it wants to – and governments haven’t even instituted central bank digital money yet. There are many wonderful efficiencies that electronic currencies and smart contracts enable in the markets of a free, lawful society. But in ones where government has become predatory, there is no form of money safer than the time-tested one: Some hard-asset form of wealth that is stored securely in a safe located in some concealed and private place that noone but you knows about.

It is important to remember that the real reason that Trump beat 18 establishment Republican politicians to become elected as president was not because of the sudden rise of some gigantic hateful right wing coalition as the MSM claimed – It was because the American people had become so sick and tired of what they had been getting for decades by electing beltway insiders that they were willing to make a dark-horse bet that the first real political outsider candidate might actually deliver on what he said that he would during his campaign. The reason for his popularity as POTUS and afterwards was that Trump proved to be substantially better than the normal candidate at doing that (not because of the huge white-supremacist right wing coalition) – The people were actually not so stupid in taking the risk they did to vote him in. But the intrusion of an independent POTUS who was not another fellow-insider was deeply disagreeable to the political establishment on both sides of the aisle, in the bureaucracies, the deep state, and the water-carrying media, Wall Street institutions, and big tech – especially the Great Reset operatives. They all hated him for upsetting their insider game and went after him with slander and falsehoods. The politicians who betray their constituents to preserve their own power and other interests include republicans as well as democrats.

Republics were established because the original pure form of democracy allowed for a ‘tyranny of the majority’ to form in which minority groups could be disenfranchised or even oppressed. In the assemblies of ancient Rome, the citizens gathered to vote on such things as capital punishment and the fate of minority special interest groups. If the voters presented a majority number of thumbs-down, then it was over for such people. Republics allow for the protection of minorities against such majority consensus. They rely on elected officials, who represent the will of the people, to transmit it into government policymaking. However the problem here is corruption, especially when the elected politicians serve terms as long as 4, 6, or more years. They can make promises to the people to get themselves elected, and then turn around and serve other interests (governmental, corporate, etc.) during the course of their terms. And if those interests are powerful enough and like the service that they received from the elected pol, they can be very forceful in getting him/her reelected.

No matter what happens during the next dozen years or so, existing western governments are destined for some degree of collapse, and it is likely that divided countries like the United States may even split. Along with thinking about how to best drive the behavior of our elected representatives in our existing republic, we should also give thought, here and there, to what sort of new (political, financial, regulatory, etc.) system we would like to put into place when the inevitable time to rebuild comes. That will be the real point for us to ‘Build Back Better’ to better serve the peoples’ will, rather than the will of a small group elites and the politicians that they pay-off.

Provided that it were accompanied by a strongly-protective Bill of Rights, direct democracy may a worthy system to reconsider. Genuine (uncorrupted) democracy can be a chaotic and messy process, but it eventually corrects its own overshoots and misallocations with regard to the collective decisions that it makes simply by virtue of the fact the the ones who make the decisions (the people) and the ones who feel the effects of those decisions are one-and-the-same. Of course, the people must be educated and informed on current issues and on how and why democracy works – we used to have civics classes in our public education to help serve that purpose. 60% of the American people were against congress when it voted to bomb Iraq, and truly democratic votes on the Korean and Vietnam wars would have prevented (or at-least delayed) them as well. Now that we can pay our taxes securely from our home computers, there is no good reason why we cant vote on referenda the same way. There would still be issues, of course, (e.g., very busy informed people may have the least time to read the issues up for votes, and thus may be underrepresented in some ballots), but we still have time to think about them.

Government ‘regulators’ and other unelected bureaucrats in the deep-state are another problem to be considered. These people are often appointed based purely upon ideological/political grounds, have no accountability to the people, and regularly write laws (‘regulations’) that affect our freedoms and way of living, and which need no vote nor approval for them to enact. The military-industrial complex and its self-serving neocons are another difficult and persistent problem. For as long as state secrets remain necessary to preserve the national security (e.g. against foreign hostile spy agencies and other actors), state secrecy will also provide cover for corrupt insiders to continue to operate with opacity.

Nonetheless, the only way to continue to improve our society is to keep working at it. The good news in the near-term is that most people are waking up to the abuse and deception that the political class have played on all of us. Governments have been held to question on their COVID policies by people sensibly relying on ‘the science’ (the available data). Some administrations don’t like that are still trying to push back with their transparent deviousness that noone falls-for anymore. Scotland’s government just did so by announcing that it will no longer release COVID death and hospitalization data that ‘anti-vaxxers could misuse’.

People are also much less afraid of being branded negatively for simply expressing their opinions and beliefs now, as well as for calling-out what they perceive as excesses or impropriety. Let’s see how people react to Biden’s new appointment of Sam Brinton as second-in-command at the Department of Energy’s nuclear-waste issues. Brinton openly identifies as a ‘pup-handler‘ which is gay man who keeps other gay men who pretend to be dogs, on a leash and commands them like a pet. Brinton says he considers himself as a nurturer to his ‘pups’, but is it unreasonable to question the health of any human relationship, sexual or otherwise, which based on such subjugation and servitude of the other person ?

Of course for now, people who question Brinton’s emotional health will be slapped down as hateful transphobic cis-normies, and Biden certainly counts on this. Any colleagues at DOE who question his actions, whether related or unrelated to his lifestyle choices, will be branded similarly. But it remains to be seen how long everyday people will remain willing to tiptoe around others like Brinton while keeping their (often reasonable) questions suppressed – especially while their own freedoms remain under relentless attack. Who knows ? But ordinary people are now finally standing up, and sacrificing, for what have until recently been their own inherent rights for their lifetimes.

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