A Quick Rundown

All this has been in the news lately. Some big stories:

John Durham’s investigation has found that Hillary spied on, and falsely framed, the Trump campaign and Trump’s presidency in order to overthrow it by impeachment; a crime of treason. The American media complex is refusing to report on it, largely because it shows how incompetent and crooked they have been for at least the past 5 years. MSNBC aired a segment on this featuring former FBI Assistant Director Frank Figliuzzi. He urged that Attorney General Merrick Garland must now slap restraints now on Durham’s investigation, while the FBI at his behest continues to keep watch on the parents that he deemed domestic terrorists for resisting the promotion of BLM agitprop to their kids in public schools. Hillary’s attorney Michael Sussman filed a motion for Durham to dismiss his case against him.

Hillary broke her silence on Durham’s revelation with a tweet that basically explains it as another right wing conspiracy job. It’s odd for her to re-concoct that explanation in the face of federal evidence, but she is a career liar who in this case has no incentive for honesty. Because if she is found guilty of attempting to depose a sitting president, no additional legal charges, including even lying to a grand jury, can put her into any deeper trouble. Even lefty dems and some of the MSM are souring on Biden now – let’s see if it takes longer for that to happen with Clinton; It may pose a bigger reckoning in personal belief for those who bought-into and defended the Clintons’ deceit for 2-3 decades. Some will be accepting of this treason-for-the-purpose-of-effecting-a-coup merely because they so hate Trump, its target. But most hate him for reasons that they cant even explicate rationally – they just hate him.

As the the government of USA’s closest democratic ally Canada is invoking emergency/martial law powers to arrest the trucker crowd peacefully protesting its removal of the freedoms that are their birthright, most of the US MSM is not only largely ignoring their story, but aiding in the doxxing, slandering, and persecution of them. Twitter has released the identities of those who used the platform to support the protests and a number of these ‘unmasked’ people are being harassed now. Trudeau is bringing the hammer down on the truckers not by a forceful police action, which would surely be filmed by many in the crowd and posted virally worldwide, but rather by rescinding their licenses and insurance, freezing their bank accounts, seizing their trucks, their crowdfunding capital, and other assets, and threatening them with $100,000 fines plus a year in jail. If/when governments like this institute a blockchain CBDC as their new legal currency, these actions will become easily routine for them, and the people will fully subjugated.

His intransigence and his draconian actions come at a time when many other countries as well as several provinces of Canada have relented, admitting that the COVID restrictions never made scientific sense and thus are now dropping them. Even Austria, which was one of the most authoritarian countries with regard to its COVID diktats, has made such a policy U-turn. Yet in New Zealand, Arden is readying to deploy the defense forces (NZDF) to disperse the peaceful anti-covid mandate protest in Wellington. Mario Draghi, the ex-head of the ECB whose extreme QE program destroyed the European bond market, has now just destroyed the ability of half a million Italians to live by mandating that this number of them over 50 must receive the vax if they wish to continue to be able to secure employment and to participate in society – because driving them into destitution rather than allowing them to manage their own health risks with COVID is so clearly vital for the public good (?!) He has demagogued these people with the ridiculous broadside that “most of the problems we face today are because there are unvaccinated people”. No: most of the sociopolitical problems we face today are more due to the fact that there are so many uncritical non-thinkers who are willing to believe statements like that. We now know that vaccinated people contract COVID and spread COVID, so how can vaccination still be pushed as such an imperative ?

Mayor Adams has fired over 1500 NYC workers who refused to get vaccinated, and the new state governor, Kathy Hochul quietly tabled a very odious new law over the Christmas holiday. The 60-day observation period for it is expiring, so it will go before the New York legislature soon. If approved, it will give the governor the ability to incarcerate anyone that SHE deems to be a health risk, with no process for them to free themselves. There is little wonder why she kept that move quiet. In-line with the actions of the Canadian government, the city of Boston just made it much more easy and convenient for those wishing to vent their unfounded hatred on the unvaccinated by “accidentally” releasing the names and email addresses of all of its unvaccinated employees. The Biden administration continues to idiotically call this a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. In a covert video released by Project Veritas, FDA exec Christopher Cole indicates that Biden still wants to force every American to take a jab at least once per year, despite recently having to back-off on its mandate that corporations require vaccination of their employees. His administration continues to ignore the open border and the domestic narcotics plague, which is a substantially bigger health problem. Overdosing is now the leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 10 and 40. But we just paid for (crack) ‘smoking kits’ ?

So while “the (real) science” has shown vaccination and lockdown mandates to be unjustifiable for fighting the COVID scourge that you should dread, the response by world governments has been a farrago ranging from lifting the mandates to enforcing them even harder and more surreptitiously. Biden’s administration encouraged the Trudeau administration to put-down the Ottowa protestors (as well as for Spotify to “do more” to muzzle Joe Rogan). They still are itching for a hot war with Russia in Ukraine, but it appears more likely that Putin is playing chess with his army to gain concessions in negotiations, as well as doing other things like working to install puppets in the East Ukrainian local government. He is relic cold warrior, but he is much more shrewd and calculating than the incompetent checker-playing leaders we have in the west. With a 65% approval rating, he also has the people of his country behind him to an extent that none of the western leaders, who are subjugating their people to Klaus Schwab’s world-communist reset agenda, do. Biden sent Vice President Kamala Harris to Germany to finesse the solidity of the USA’s unity with our NATO allies.

So now that the COVID ruse for censorship, quarantine & confinement, the shuttering and destruction small independent businesses, and for government arrogating new and persisting powers to itself is falling apart, this what we are seeing. The lying is flagrant, open, and omnipresent. If enough ordinary people who are merely peacefully trying to hang onto their way of life are driven by government into dire circumstances, their beautiful, positive, cheerful, and peaceful protests may likely turn violent, which may be just what some governments want. For when they have an excuse to unleash martial law ‘for the public good’, they gain a new level of repression. So far, the moral conduct and judiciousness of the protestors has been exemplary and inspiring to many worldwide. The conduct of governments, not so much.

“…a long and violent abuse of power is generally the means of calling the right of it into question…”

“Society promotes our happiness positively by uniting our affections, government does so negatively by restraining our vices. The first is a patron, the last a punisher.”

“…declaring war against the natural rights of mankind, and extirpating its defenders thereof from the face of the earth, is the concern of every man to whom nature has given the power of feeling…”

– From the opening paragraphs of “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine

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