We Are Tolerating Open Treason

A recent FOX Video of illegal aliens being flown into a closed airport in White Plains, New York after curfew has confirmed what reasonably-sentient people know by now: The Biden administration is committing treason to rig the 2022 election. They lied when they swore their oath to uphold US law and have been illegally admitting hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens into America each month, providing them publicly funded iPhones, charge cards, healthcare, university education as well as flights to embed them throughout the country, particularly in key red-leaning states like Florida that the democrats need to win somehow. At the same time, they are rushing to change US voting laws to enable all these imported people to vote (democratic).

These gifts from the democrats to literally anybody from anywhere who is willing to sneak into the United States are a quid pro quo for these immigrants to vote for them – and poor unskilled immigrants are already more likely to vote for socialist handouts than professional citizens. This mass systematic plan is their strategy to take the power of the vote away from the American people permanently so that the left can finally consolidate political power, destroy US sovereignty, and complete the great reset by handing our wealth, and even our troops, over the UN to be “shared” (only by the globalist mandarins atop this cabal). Head of “Homeland Security” Mayorkas just told us that ICE now will not deport any illegal border-crossers that they apprehend and detain; an open public statement that he now refuses to abide by federal law to uphold one of his primary duties: immigration security.

In recent posts I wrote that because many ordinary people have woken up to the subversion being perpetrated on them and their society, the left will now press hard and fast to gain a lock on control that ensures that they succeed in completing their permanent “fundamental transformation” of our country. But it is also clear that ever since taking office the Biden administration has planned (or more likely was directed) to take away the voting power from the legitimate American citizenry via this subversion scheme. It opened the border right after the 2020 election and has been flying illegal aliens into states across the country since at least April. So this always was a key element of their plan for a Marxist takeover, and that is why they have stalwartly ignored the outcry for them to change course. They focussed on to toppling America because then their path forward is much easier with the US in-pocket. Soros is opening his wallet again in a big way.

Their narrative that it is in the interest of racial justice to change voting law so that identification is no longer needed to vote and so that bags of unidentifiable votes can be dumped and counted in the final hours of election day is an egregious and obvious lie. Every American, black people included, needs to show their ID to do fundamental things like take a job, rent a car, a hotel room, or an apartment, board an airplane, open a bank account, etc. To say that it is discriminatory to require them to do the same thing before they go cast their vote is absurd. Many black people have expressed insult at the left’s suggestion that they as a group find it particularly difficult to get an ID and to figure out how to use it. The only demographic group in the USA that (rightly) does not have valid IDs are the illegal undocumented aliens that the administration is now granting residency to, and is trying to grant noncitizen voting rights to via its ‘U.S Citizenship Act of 2021’. The illegals now being flown into New York are already able to vote in the local elections there as soon as they touch down.

Biden’s administration is already historically reviled by the American people. But if you think what they have done in their first year to our freedom, prosperity, safety, security, and way of life is bad, consider what they will do once they are confident that they have gained a compete lock on power for good, and can push-around and remake America and Americans however they want to. It is treason to subvert our democracy and constitution in order to take our country away from us for good like this, and every politician supporting this treachery is guilty of treason. But since the people in charge of running the country are in on the treason, it will not be investigated nor prosecuted. Lawsuits (from willing states) are the only tool now practical for opening legal points of weakness in this assault against the American people. But there is no good reason why the people themselves are not screaming treason out loud. Maybe they are waiting for another colloquialism for it like “Let’s Go Brandon” to be coined before they will be willing to.

This scheme to remove our way of life has moved into its push-for-tyranny stage, and anyone hoping that ‘someone else’ will stand in the way of it is disastrously wrong. We are seeing how peaceful public resistance is now breaking the vaccine tyranny. If it wasn’t for millions of people speaking out and standing up it would not have happened. The trespasses of the administration now are so blatantly illegal that all we need to do is demand that they be held to account, and keep publicizing their refusals to be. Resistance is not futile.

We have never seen such a mass collapse of trust and faith in our institutions (government and the public sector, all the medical, financial, tech, media, and pharmaceutical complexes, education, the military, etc.) because never before have they been corrupted and turned against us so completely and so virulently. The heartless idiots in government, the WEF, the UN, etc. who are directing this believe that after taking down so much of society they will be able to “build back better” in their own ideal image, but building takes a lot longer than breaking does. Though they claim to have a (supernal) appreciation for the workings of the environment and the economy, they seem to ignore that they are both extremely complex self-organizing emergent systems that have only developed effectively in a free organic fashion – not by the direction of an iron hand from above. There are so many linkages and interdependencies (suppliers, deliverers, manufacturers, etc.) that have taken much time and trial-and-error to build that have already been irreparably broken in the world economy from the lockdowns, riots, inflation, supply chain disruptions, and the purposeful promotion of crime and social division.

The glue of confidence and trust in other people and in institutions, which coheres society and assures that fair-dealing commerce & trade, lawfulness & respect for one another, and trust in institutions and the system persist has been ruined, and the effect is anti-societal. Societies only hold together stably when all of this stands intact as the end result of centuries of innovating, building, and testing out new technologies, methods, and business and market practices that together establish public reliance and confidence in all that has been built. But this ruination is OK with the powerful perpetrators because most of their fuckery is really driven not so much by futurist utopianism but as a preparation to first control the people, default on the sovereign debt that they have racked up, forgive all debt and institute a new monetary regime, then assign all of us a new economic and life role; one that affords us none of the prosperity, freedom, and individual self-determination that we have taken for granted for our entire lives. Those that espouse the left’s lies about a utopian green future are either its deceitful propagandists or its true-believer useful idiots.

Confidence in heretofore standard societal process will continue to degrade. Confidence in the political process will degrade particularly rapidly as we move through 2020 toward the November elections, which the left is going to play every trick in the book to try to subvert. Election corruption is also going on in other countries in Europe and elsewhere, in forms unique to each setting. However closed oligarchical countries like Russia and China are impervious to political subversion and takeover by ploys to purposefully scare everyone into altering their way of operating such as plandemics or green doomsday-ist ultimatums. It’s a shame that western society is now into decline as these other nations are rising to take their place as the new superpowers. That didn’t have to be our fate – western society had built so much over the centuries that was working well for us (and that the rest of the world has adopted to improve its lot as well). But the elites in the west who have colluded to ‘break and remake’ their own societies, as well as all the useful idiot-bots that have sprung up throughout it, have sealed it as such.

P.S (as of 1/30): The administration’s response to the outcry over this video has been to simply tell the obvious lie that “there is no such thing as secret flights” occurring. They keep telling us to believe them instead of our own eyes and factual evidence.

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