Why Not ?

The west, and therefore axiomatically the United States, may be on the brink of war with Russia over Ukraine and with China over Taiwan. The president of the United States has sold influence to both the Ukrainian and the Chinese governments. This obviously has the potential, beyond the president’s innate stupidity and latent cognitive impairment, to endanger the interests of our country in a fundamental way. Trump has been pursued by congress, the intel agencies, the Muller Special Investigation, and even criminally for the falsely Hillary-concocted fable that he colluded with the Russian government to overturn a US election.

But now we have an acting president at the helm during a tipping point of a potential large scale international crisis who real evidence shows has been corrupted by the very countries he may have to engage. But noone seems interested in calling him to account, nor even in highlighting what should be an obvious and very serious concern to everyone – no matter how you align politically. It’s a surreal situation: Joe has a direct conflict of interest in directing US policy with regard to these governments. His administration said that it may deploy up to 8,500 U.S. troops to Ukraine. When asked, Jen Psaki could not explain why they feel it is necessary and appropriate for Americans to spill their blood in Ukraine while the much more directly-affected European states are less willing to. Numerous military analysts and advisors feel that it would clearly serve US security interests better to keep our military assets disengaged so that they may be applied against any aggression from the CPC, which poses a much greater danger to our country.

Who knows why Biden & Co. don’t also feel this same way and cannot explain why they don’t. But it is undeniable that if they don’t give the Ukrainian government the support that it wants now, then its leaders and the leaders of Burisma Holdings Ltd., who likely hold damning revelations on why they paid Hunter Biden millions of dollars for apparently nothing while Joe was Vice President, could reveal them. No corporation would tolerate any member of its staff to engage in dealings with counter parties that he/she had such direct pecuniary conflicts of interest with. Why are the people of the United States willing to tolerate a president who does ?

The Chinese who paid Joe and Hunter also undoubtedly prefer that the American government tie up its military assets now in Eastern Europe, and it looks like it will: Pelosi just asked all congressional democrats to vote immediately to pass the “Defending Ukraine Sovereignty Act”, which commits American forces to defend Ukraine’s border from any intrusion, purportedly to uphold the principle that border security must be defended in order to preserve and sustain the sovereignty of any country, and Ukraine’s must also be defended for American national security. Its stupefying that any political party in charge could say that while they continue to leave America’s border not only wide open, but also aid and abet the migrants who violate the US immigration laws that they are sworn to uphold.

Schweizer’s new book should be a bombshell. Then again, I thought Tony Bobulinsky’s tell-all about the Biden family’s influence dealing with the Ukrainian, Chinese, and other governments as VP would have killed his campaign like it naturally should have, yet nobody seemed bothered about it – The question is why not ? If we accept this state of affairs, we’re obviously going to have to live with whatever results it brings us. So far, Biden hasn’t had to live with any.

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