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Recently Biden pushed for the firing of all frontline healthcare workers, paramedics, cops, firefighters, pilots/ air traffic controllers, truckers, food & energy providers, and others who don’t want to receive the vaccine for a virus that has a lethality rate just over 1% (slightly above the annual flu). At that point, it should have become immediately obvious to everyone that the vax mandate is not about public safety – it is an instrument of power and control. Over 70% of the population feels that the administration is taking the country in wrong direction, “Lets Go Brandon” songs are #1 on iTunes and other lists, and Virginia has a new Republican governor, yet the Biden gang still keeps moving towards dictatorship. This government is callously indifferent to the hardships its policies have caused ordinary people, and it has no desire to win-over your approval, endorsement, and consent – it just wants to lock you down. Other than blood clotting and some other effects, we still don’t know the longer term physical effects of the vaccines. However in the near term, it is being used to divide people into those who will obey government directing their personal life and wellness decisions, and those (who tend to be a more conservative and libertarian constitutionalist bunch) who will resist to stand for personal freedom and autonomy. It is also obviously a means to demonize the latter group and make it the subject of scorn and rejection by the former one. Now, Biden’s operators just had him distort OSHA regulations to make it a legal requirement for anyone who works in a company of over 100 employees to be vaxxed or to provide weekly Covid-negative test results.

A couple of weeks ago, I read someone comparing Covid passports to the Star of David patches sewn onto Jews’ clothes in late 1920s Germany. Although not a reasonable comparison yet, it is true that they are now a device in-use to identify and economically-suppress those who will not submit to government. Anyone who now takes the vax believing that it will mean no more harassment from government is a fool – there will certainly be next-steps as government continues to tighten down the screws on tyranny. We still have the ability to choose to comply or to resist, but eventually the steps becomes ones that you no longer have any choice but to comply with. So if you wish to resist, now is still the time. Thank goodness for the federal system that was established by our constitution, because the most effective pushback is coming from state governments – something Europeans don’t have. In some places, the people have already lost much of their ability to choose. In Victoria Australia, outrageous fines of 5000 to 10,000 Aussie dollars were levied on people for walking around in public unvaccinated. Now it is clear that those penalties were a precursory step for the government there to seize the assets of the noncompliant. Those who haven’t managed to fully pay their fines on time are watching helplessly as their homes are seized by government for cash liquidation, and they are literally being thrown into the street. That is happening in Australia. And ‘as-usual’ now, people and groups continue to be censored and sanctioned just for their views.

For years, government has been listening-in on and storing our phone calls, texts, emails, linked-in & social media posts, etc. in its recently-built data centers. Our dealings with financial institutions are no longer so confidential either: Bank of America reports credit card activity on it accounts to government and banks report all transactions over a threshold amount. Covid vaccination status and other personal medical information is documented. And as soon as a Blockchain-based CBDC legally replaces existing cryptos and cash, government can comprehensively trace, tax, and confiscate all money. Despite its destructive record, totalitarian Marxism is on the rise again and we are the targets of its subjugation. But this time digital connectivity and dependency has afforded its proponents a degree of intrusion and control over all our private affairs that would have made Stalin ecstatic.

The use of climate alarmism as a rationale for government to demonize, regulate and control CO2-producing industries, human activities (like using transportation and eating meat), and the energy complex that is the very driver of any modern society has been writ large for some time. Al Gore just made the digital surveillance aspect of it more clear when he commented on Thursday about the technology created, with our money, by the Climate TRACE coalition to monitor greenhouse gas emissions. He said that by using its data feeds from 300 satellites and over 11,000 earth-based sensors, which are parsed and analyzed with AI, it would be able to track the ‘identities’ of those ‘responsible’ for emitting greenhouse gases, He advised that either the government or ‘civil society activists’ (BLM ?) would then be able to ‘hold them responsible’. “…and by next year we’ll have it down to the level of every single power plant, refinery, every large ship, every plane, every waste dump, and we’ll have the identities of the people who are responsible for each of those greenhouse gas emission streams, and if investors or governments, or civil society activists want to hold them responsible, they will have the information upon which to base their action and holding them responsible.”

So there it is: You will be provided the data to direct your investments in a way that more effectively retaliates against carbon producers, just as the ‘Build Back Better’ unigovernment wants you to. So get your booster shot and get ready to starve the energy complex that has given you the standard of life you’ve enjoyed, regardless of the ROI. Green ESG investing never did perform adequately as a class until recently when government legislatively distorted the economy to cause it to. So now that that remunerative carrot for them is in-place, ESG investing groups will soon be entreated by the idealogical idiot-mandarins in power to join them as their woke tools in whacking the stick on all those bad industries that have helped make our lives so prosperous and good. Many will only care that will be able to make money at that for awhile. But if real ‘sustainability’ – and freedom – and prosperity- is what they truly value, they may want to think twice.

The only way to escape all this control, assuming you’d want to, is to move your online presence to where it is not surveilled, get rid of your smart phone, credit cards, and so-on: not so easy. My friend who set himself up off the grid in the mountains of Colorado turned out to be spot-on.

After WW1, Germany was the apex of European, and thus western, civilization: It was a leader in music and in the fine arts, philosophy, mathematics, medicine, technology, and the sciences. The Weimar was a parliamentary republic founded in 1919 which gave women the right to vote for the first time. I wondered as a school kid how such a society could turn virulently anti-semitic and ushered-in Nazism. But I clearly understand how now: people will do horrible things if they think they are being dutifully obedient. German soldiers commonly said “We were just following orders” when asked afterwards in war trials how they could torture and murder innocent people. And in countries like Lithuania the occupying Germans often didn’t needs to round up Jews because the local citizens voluntarily took to beating and killing them themselves. Most people believe they are civilized and decent – but watch what many of them willingly do and support now. The Stanford Prison Experiment gives a good example of this strange capacity for obedience even when it requires violating one’s own conscience: After some time, a group of mock prisoners submitted to a group of mock guards who began to actually abuse them. There’s a big psy-op based on that type of division going on now, and the division is so stark it is shocking. But no matter how sharply we disagree with other people, let’s please refuse to give-into hating and mistreating them.

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