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Its been some time since I posted primarily because, as I said, the major developments are mostly just a further tightening of the screws on liberty, thought, and capital that I had already discussed, and because they are becoming more nakedly self-evident to anyone paying attention. In the two world wars and the cold war, the peoples of the USA and Europe have faced efforts by sovereign leaders to subdue them under totalitarianism, and this seems to be the broad objective of the Chinese government now. But what is fundamentally different this time is that the leaders of their governments are also pursuing totalitarian control over them, albeit for different reasons.

The White House admitted that it is colluding with big tech to censor democratic conservative American voices and ideas from the internet. Yet it now says that it wants to restore a free and open internet to Cuba, because the government there has censored democratic conservative voices and ideas from the internet. I would like to hear Psaki explain the dissonance in foreign versus domestic policy there, but the WH never had to do so after it gave Putin et. al the nod to move ahead with the Nordstream 2 pipeline to Europe after it cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline to the US, as well as shuttering ANWR. Between 80 and 90 countries are now moving toward implementing blockchain-based central bank digital currencies which would make taxation perfectly inescapable, all money captive in accounts in the banking system even if it were subjected to negative interest rates, and make all money flows identifiable and traceable. To this day, we still do not know who invented and released the Blockchain technology into the financial system, but clearly this perfect traceability is it key feature; one that is unnecessary for any functioning currency unless you want to be able to identify exactly who funded what through which transactional channels. So make your political and private donations now, if you care to.

Anyone with any awareness knows that freedom and personal sovereignty rights are under assault internationally. Again, the reason for this is simple: Western governments since world war 2 have all borrowed and spent their countries’ treasures with no intent of every paying any of it back, and now that flimflam game is no longer sustainable. In theory, today’s politicians could admit that they have ruined the pensions medicaid/medicare, social security and the future prosperity of their societies, but a brief overview of history instructs that politicians will never admit their mistakes, even such enormous ones that will soon become obvious to everyone. Instead, they will prefer to do what they think is necessary to keep themselves in power, even if it means locking the people down under a new tyranny, and impoverishing us, who they appear to regard as the great unwashed masses.

It is this reason why they are chiming-in with “Build Back Better” and going along with Klaus Schwab’s ‘Great Economic Reset’ (communism 2.0), using devices like their old fallback rationale, Climate Change, as well as Bill Gates’ (and others’) new device of COVID and vaccinations, all to demagogue the people into fearful obeisance and isolation. Free-to-organize, fearless, and angry people who will unflinchingly stand up against governments’ campaign to subdue them is definitely not what these elites want. The 1/3 of unvaccinated Americans appear unwilling to be coerced to get jabbed, and it is becoming harder to keep the COVID fear level up where is was for 1.5 years – so watch for likely pivot to some new scary climate bullshit. Architected food shortage may also play out, as Biden pays farmers not to work, and we wait to see how Bill Gates and China, the two largest new owners of US farmland, choose to use (or not use) the fields they now own.

The reason that Trump got so attacked from the media, the popular culture Mandarins, the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, and from the political establishment in Washington and elsewhere is that he was an outsider who took the presidency. He was not part of this cabal of political schemers, and his independent approach threatened to gum-up their plans. What was discouraging to see is how effectively American people were able to be programmed to hate him as well. I asked a few Trump haters what he did that they objected to so vehemently. They would talk about how deranged or mentally unstable they believed he was, and how involved in Russian collusion or some general type of corruption. But when I would say “OK, but please tell me just one thing that you factually know he’s done that you find so reprehensible, they would just continue to fulminate vaguely without being able mention anything – and yet they still had no ability to recognize that they hated him on some purely emotional basis rather on a rational one based on his actions. Now we have a cardboard cutout figure for a president who cant talk, cant think, and who is run from behind the curtain, and the degree to which the same establishment coddles him and supports his abuses is appalling.

When coerced vaccinations became part of the public dialog along with Gates’ ID2020 sub-dermal microchip implant idea, there were some fringies who talked about an advent of the end times by making reference to ‘The Mark of the Beast’ from Revelations 13 in the bible: “[a newly-risen beast]…causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark,…”. If you accept the mark, you will be damned, but if you don’t you wont be able to make a living and survive. Interesting. Now Emmanuel Macron has actually fulfilled this previously-incomprehensible prophecy to a large extent with COVID vaccination as the mark:

Beginning in August, everyone visiting a restaurant, café, shopping center, hospital, or traveling on a long-distance train in France will be forced to present a COVID Passport. The punishment for violating this edict will be six months in prison, and those businesses who welcome people without checking their ‘COVID passport’ will face up to a year in prison and a €45,000 fine. As-if straightforward lockdowns alone weren’t enough to decimate the economy ! The restauranteurs understandably do not want to be conscripted as virus-police, but they will face potentially ruinous fines if they don’t go along. Those who cannot show a COVID Passport (“Le Marc”) will be barred from accessing public transportation, visiting a theater, shopping center, bar, café, restaurant, and will not even be allowed to buy food or see a doctor. In other words, get vaccinated or go hole-up and die. Now is that a sensible health policy against a virus that has been really no more deadly than SARS or the swine flu ? The police in France have setup roadblocks to prevent people from attending protests against government.

Noone has implied that the COVID virus was purposefully prepared and released by any government. But we now know not only that it was given the ‘gain-of-function’ in the Wuhan lab that enabled it to become transmissible among humans as well as animals, but also that the work there was funded by the US NIH under the auspice and with the nod of Anthony Fauci (who Biden will never fire).

If you have been paying attention to the information sources that you should (not the MSM), you know that there have been huge protests in Italy, Greece, Germany, the UK, and other European states. As bad as things have gotten in the US, the control-lock that Schwab and his gaggle of state leaders, WHO and UN officials, etc. have over Europe is much more complete. We are coming to the inevitable point where the people will start pushing back, and they will be immediately branded with labels like ‘domestic terrorist’. Governments will try to pull more tricks to scare you and then offer ‘solutions’ that require you to give up more of your rights and freedoms, and allow them to take more power and control unto themselves. Don’t fall for it – you have much more to fear by following them where they want to take all of us.

The US government is now tracking your Google search history. The state audits to the 2020 election are indicating there was endemic fraud on a mass scale. What is interesting is that democrats are not welcoming the audits and merely joining-in ensure that they are conducted scrupulously and precisely – they are trying to just shut the audits down. If they believed that Biden/Harris won, they would welcome the recounts to shut up the Republicans’ skepticism once and for-all. The administration’s lawlessness in breaking its own federal immigration laws regarding border penetration is ongoing at increasing pace. Meanwhile the citizens who are rising up in Cuba are receiving no succor nor vocal support from the Biden administration, and those Cubanos who are risking their lives to flee in ocean-crossings to Florida are not being given aid by our Coast Guard. It appears likely that the US government will allow this historic uprising of Cubans for democratic self-determination in Cuban society to be crushed without taking any stance for their outcry for democracy and individual rights – just as Obama in its first term let the student uprising in Iran get crushed by the Ayatollah without uttering a peep. These are sad non-responces from Washington, given that these are revolutionary movements analogous to the very one that founded the USA.

Why the disparity in the treatments between the immigrant group fleeing Cuba and the one fleeing Central America ? The answer is very simple: If people fleeing the depravations of a Marxist government in Cuba are assimilated into America, they will tend to vote for individual freedom & rights, democracy, and fiscal conservatism. But poor people from central America to whom the US government is promising handouts and support, will vote moreover for socialism after their assimilation into the US. That is what makes them, with their 10% COVID infection rate, welcome to enter without question (even the ones coming from other continents). As I have said before, no matter what it espouses, there is nothing this administration is doing out of its concern for the welfare of ordinary people, especially Americans. Everything they are doing is done to increase their own power. Everyone caught up in their play, from trafficked migrants in the Rio Grande valley to Americans whose businesses have been destroyed by riots or covid lockdowns as well as those who have become victims of the high crime rates in their now under-policed cities, are all just pawns (I previously called them ‘meat-puppets’) in their quite ruthless power game. People with that type of care for the people are not the ones I want to have power over the people.

There is a liquidity crisis unfolding in US banking that is directly caused by the recent political overreach. After locking down much of the economy, thus making many small business holders unable to continue to make their monthly mortgage payments, the government issued a temporary suspension of mortgage payments and a moratorium on mortgage defaults and evictions. That this moratorium is ending, yet many of the previously-solvent small business operators have not replicated the income they used to have. The rate of defaults on mortgages is about to rise, and banks like Wells Fargo have ceased issuing personal loans in expectation of a liquidity squeeze.

Totalitarianism is not merely an inconvenience, and it is not something you can leave once it has been imposed. Many (mostly younger) people in the US refuse to believe that. But if they really wanted to know the truth about it they would not listen just to the MSM, the academy, and each other. They would go find some people who came here from Hungary, the ex-Yugoslavia, Cuba, China, North Korea, or Vietnam and ask them to describe what their lives were like in those places. But they wont, because they know that what they would hear would clash with their idealized vision of how Marxism will look in the USA. Whether conscious or unconscious, that is just inexcusable, willful denial, or even a level of insanity. Because walking into a buzzsaw expecting a sanguine outcome after seeing others beforehand get pulverized by it, is just not what fully functioning people do.

The answer to all this destructiveness that occurs over and over throughout human history will never come from the outside, whether it be in the form of a government system, some technological breakthroughs, or any of the other stuff that we spend so much energy and effort on. It will come from a change in us, and it is possible to change one’s consciousness for the better. The problem is the (lower aspects of) human nature. Those problems are inside of us.

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