You know that something is afoot when…

  • There is widespread concern about the rise in inflation rates, the national debt, and the money supply, and yet monetary officials embrace Modern Monetary Theory; the belief-system that says that fiat money can be created without end without deleterious effects. If the government believes in that, why are they taxing us – and proposing many new and higher taxes ?
  • There are many corporations bemoaning the lack of available labor, and yet there are many people laying around their houses playing video games collecting fiat-money payouts from the government.
  • Violent crime has surged in the major cities, yet there is a fierce campaign to repress and drive-out their police forces.
  • The Chief of US Naval Operations feels it is important for sailors to read a book by Ibrahm Kendi (Hank Rogers) certain to bring more racial divisiveness into its ranks,and the pentagon celebrates LGBT pride month. Yet the military has always been one place in America where, once you enter it, any ‘separate identity’ mindset must be immediately dropped in favor of everyone being an equally valued peer in the team. It has been gay and color agnostic for a long time already.
  • A new administration unleashes an epic humanitarian open border crisis with long-lasting impacts on America’s voting demographic and wage levels by rescinding existing border control policies. Then assigns one of its very high-level members to “assess” it who refuses to even look at it – when the obvious solution is to simply reinstate the proven-to-work preexisting policies that they dismantled to begin with.
  • The government tries to bribe citizens with burrito lunches, Xbox gaming systems for them to play at home (while they sit around collecting the government’s vapor-money checks), and with door-to-door coercion, to take an unapproved vaccine into their bodies whose safety and effectiveness is still under question. All while continuing, in conjunction with big tech, to suppress the medical personnel who are still trying to raise the questions.
  • Shortly after the government allowed mobs of rioters to destroy public and private property en-masse, commit widespread murder, and even takeover an American inner city’s territory, it locked down 450 people, many into solitary confinement, for 15-20 years on charges of trespassing, and murdered one of them with impunity, for an “armed insurrection” into the capitol building in which none of them was armed.
  • The government shuts down key national sources of fossil fuel energy, does not defy and persecute a hacking team that took-down a key oil pipeline on the east coast, yet gives Vlad Putin the go-ahead on running his gas pipeline into Europe.
  • Big tech goes beyond deplatforming and demonetizing online businesses based on political reasons, censor lawful American voices while letting groups like BLM and ISIS issue hate speech and strategy, to even censor Vlad Putin’s YouTube video wherein he disagreed with the Great Reset, saying it is following the same mistake Lenin made in pushing a destructive revolution.

I could go on. And on and on. I hope you understand by now that you are being systematically lied to, programmed, surveilled, controlled, and stripped of your rights and soon of more of your property. This is where you are now. Where do you want to be in 5 or ten years ? That depends only on what we do now(all Americans who care about universal human principles like rights and freedoms more than individual things like race, sexuality and all the other stuff we are being guided to distrust and resent each other for. Act at state, local, and community levels first, and expect there to be a lot of resistance. It has begun, esp. in states like Florida and Texas. Let’s see what happens with these initial recounts in AZ and elsewhere. Mike Pompeo has just launched his grassroots organization “Pipehitters”; a name certain to be associated by some people with thugs and drug smokers. Things to do are becoming more apparent, and now that the agenda is more unmasked than ever, more people are losing the delusion that was crafted for them and spoon-fed into them continually. Joe Biden ran as a moderate who would unify and heal the nation in the wake of Trump. That’s become hard for many of those who (legitimately) voted for him to believe now.

The number of high net worth Americans who have left the country to relocate their families, nationality, and businesses to places that rank higher than the US on the index of economic freedom like Malaysia, Singapore, and Georgia has recently quintupled. But if the US underwent a Marxist revolution, I expect that immigrating to such places would not remain a sound strategy for very long. For a century, America has been the bulwark against the spread of centrist and totalitarian governance. And from what I’ve read Europe is already solidly under the control of the axis between international organizations (WEF, EU, WB, UN, WHO) and its governments’ leaders. So if the US is subverted, I doubt that big geopolitical players like this axis, China, and Russia will choose to leave countries like Singapore and Georgia alone to continue operating ‘as-is’. People who have fled Marxist regimes for the US, from KGB defector Yuri Besemov in the 80s to more modern arrivals from N. Korea, Cuba, etc. have said that ‘if-ever the United States is flipped into a Marxist state, there will no longer be any free place to go to.’; It looks like Americans once again may have to be the ones to draw a hard line against the advancement of total government control of everyones’ lives, and hold it. Do you think we are ready and willing to ?

that Elon Musk is dead-set on fleeing to a new colony he intends to build on Mars. But he is running out of time, and his approach does not address the fundamental problem, which lies inside of people, not outside. You can setup camp on a new continent, a new planet, or another galaxy but that problem will not be evaded because you take it with you. For the destructive cycles of human history to cease repeating, the real work that needs to be done is inside of ourselves, and there are many working at it now. But that is another theme, probably for another blog – in this one I’ve already strayed far-afield from finance and the bounds of my on-paper professional background to talk about the world-changes coming. It wont take too much longer to see where we go with them now – expect much more widespread civil unrest around the middle of this decade and a substantial decline of western society over its latter half. That’s just where we are in the cycle.

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