Canada is All-In on Covid 19, Climate Change, and a Worldwide Economic ‘Reset’ by 2030

The caring, avuncular, woke prime minister of Canada has made it clear (?) that these disparate issues are urgent, imminent, act discriminatively with greater impact against people of particular indigenous, racial, and sexual affiliations, and are closely interconnected in ways that need no explanation: “This pandemic has created an opportunity to ‘build back better’, and climate action is an essential part of that”. “In our COVID-19 relief measures, we included climate disclosure as a key condition for large employers to access loans“. Forcibly driving already-weakened companies ‘green’ is hardly collaborative, but working out plans with the UN, IMF, and World Bank on these initiatives is.

‘Build Back Better’ is a slogan that seems to catching: the UN came up with it and then the Biden team adopted it for his campaign. No economy nor anything else has ever been ‘built back’ until after it has first been destroyed, and it seems the destructive work is still underway – if this next phase of lockdown is imposed for long enough it may get us there. The BLM swag positioned in the prime minister’s display cabinet is ridiculous, but I suppose it’s another sentimental expression intended to

be heartwarming. Trudeau, John Kerry, and others are openly calling for the ‘Great Reset’. The New York times is dismissing it as an extremist conspiracy theory:

Also: Germany just passed a new pandemic law that gives the government greater legal power to lockdown the people, close businesses, and to mandate masks, vaccination, tracking, testing and various other ‘responses’ that they may choose. Discussions are underway to postpone the federal election in August 2021, which would make the country one of the most prominent entries in this list.

This second lockdown appears to be a harder-press on the people with significant step-ups in severity in places like the UK, Denmark, and Holland. Besides an economic power grab, it is probably also being applied to suppress people, now realizing that government has squandered their retirement pensions and the economic future of their children, from rising up and organizing. But that will inevitably fail. When people cant make ends meet, they will no longer sit inside with their masks on (at the very least they will demand the equal freedom to protest that BLM and ANTIFA have been afforded). That is when we will we find-out the answer to a key question that has been pivotal in previous tyrannical takeover attempts: Will the military and the law enforcement agencies in these countries side with the people, or with the government (who pays their salary) to forcibly suppress the people ? This is so destructive, and at this point it’s most-likely going to get serious. Here in the US, no matter which political tribe ends up losing the election (Trump’s or Biden’s), they will not accept it, and blood in the streets is a reasonable expectation – especially if it is the left that loses.

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