The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! – My journey enters another phase now in my late 50s as I move ahead with a clearer conviction and purpose than before. One which is ‘nut-shelled’ quite well by this quote:

“The great solution to all human problems is individual inner transformation.” —Vernon Howard


Its one I’ve actually held for a few years now as a result of my own personal practice of gradual self-transformation. The ‘new phase’ is that I now will work to bring a broadened perspective on what it means to be a wholesome and effective executive (and person) to the workplace. With meditation and mindfulness already gaining traction in C-suites and elsewhere, the adoption is beginning to gain traction. I can speak from my own experience of healing and evolution while working in a corporation,  and from that direct experience I know that promoting more and more people, particularly leaders, to cultivate deeper clarity, calm, access to innate insight & creativity, and sensitivity & natural rapport with others is extremely important. Much more so than the advances in technology and modeling, which was a prime drive for me earlier.

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