Looks Like WWIII Has Been Triggered

The west has been determined to incite war with Russia, and violated the Belgrade, Minsk, and Belarus agreements while pushing on Putin via Ukraine. After calling for NATO to launch a nuclear first-strike against Russia, Zelensky fired two Missiles into Poland and then immediately demanded that NATO retaliate against the ‘Russian aggression’. Now he’s finally abandoned trickery and has just committed a naked act of war that Putin will have to respond to. He attacked deep into Russian territory with three different drone strikes, and Putin has convened the Russian Security Council. It is is almost certain that Putin was going to abandon his limited military action this month by sending over 200,000 Russian troops into Ukraine this month to end the war. This may have had something to do with (at least the timing of) Zelenky’s decision to attack the big bear. I feel for the Ukrainian people, but also for the people of the west who never voted in support of this conflict yet have had to pay for it. Now many Ukrainians are going to die, as well as many of the young westerners who will be sent by their leaders who doing give a damn about them to also die for the game-making on their world chessboard. Who knows how many will die after that, or what governments will ‘require’ of their people. As Moltke the Elder said: “No plan of operations extends with certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy’s main strength.” Our so-called leaders are abominable.

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