The Prophecy of Alex Jones

The midterm elections are panning-out in surprising fashion, the US is running out of diesel fuel this coming week, and the push for war with Russia continues: NATO is forming an international army with forces being deployed throughout Europe to train fighting units, and the western-directed propaganda campaign to gin-up support for this demented and unnecessary war drive has reached theater-of-the-absurd levels. Sean Penn just paid a bromance visit to Zelensky in Kiev, where he handed him one of his oscar trophies as a symbol of solidarity (?), and the New York Times is holding a “special event” welcoming Zelensky. The guest list features Zuckerberg, Yellen, and others – be there or be be red-pilled. All this comes as a mere shoulder-shrug in today’s America.

But it always good now to keep an eye on the macro picture. With the curious and contentious defeat of Bolsonaro in Brazil, all of north and South America are now governed by WEF puppets. And the sudden seating in the UK of Sunak as PM and Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor of the Exchequer constitute the installation of yet more globalist appartchiks at the head of yet another western government. This gang is rolling-out their scheme for control of the people at high speed now because so many among everyday people know that (some type of) such a crazy cabal actually does exist, and is coming after their money, freedom, rights, and their way of life.

So as this gang of ‘leaders’ steps on the accelerator, what may we be looking to face next ? Obviously people should have a cache of food stored now, should have rethought their approaches to asset management for the upcoming years, and have taken the other steps that are commonly known – like getting out of the urban centers before the civil disruption gets genuinely nasty. But making a stand now is beginning to clearly make more sense than keeping one’s head down: There are discussions underway to implement climate lockdowns that would be indefinite, would confine urban dwellers to live within 15-minute walking zones, of their homes, and to be prohibited to drive a car, except for 100 days a year when they can move outside these zones for a limited time. This will likely be implemented in European and American cities, and will be voted-on in Oxfordshire, England on the 29th of this month. These wannabe tyrants are moving very fast now. For now, they are succeeding in their plan-execution. Get out of the city before you become captive in it.

Obviously there is no story of climate maintenance plausible to anyone with any reasonable level of sense that can justify these sorts of mass imprisonments of ordinary mostly-lawful people. So if we abide by it, then we have chosen to be sheep – that’s just where we are now. They can say anything they want to, but it really is incumbent on us to gather en-masse to tell them that they work for us, that we have had enough of their abuse & lies, and that we’re not going to go-along anymore with them are using our own money and their publicly-funded apparatuses of power against us for no justifiable reason. Of course, doing this depends upon attending to your own basics first: stay warm and adequately-fed. And if you live in a big city, have a plan for thwarting assault.

Amidst all of this, I hope you can manage to have a wonderful holiday season, too. Keeping life as nice and as normal as possible is also important.

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