How Will We Look Back on This Time ?

NATO has attacked targets in Donetsk. Since the referendum there resulted in Russia’s annexation of this region, Russia views this as a NATO attack on Russian territory, the very thing Putin has warned may prompt a nuclear reprisal from his government against Ukraine and NATO states. In European states like Germany, Austria, France, and Moldova, massive protests for those governments to shirk both NATO and the EU, and to deescalate out of this peril are underway. Our war footing with China is also in dangerous territory following the pledges of Biden and Pelosi to go against the USA’s longstanding One-China policy by declaring that the US will defend Taiwan against attacks. De-escalatory negotiation with either government is not a consideration for western leaders. Provocation seems to be their preference.

This would be madness under any conditions, but particularly now in-light of the fact that the Heritage Foundation just highlight the shortfalls in resources and readiness among our armed forces to wage warfare against such superpower nations. The administration’s woke policies have not only internally weakened our forces, but have also deterred new recruits from enlisting; military enrollment is down 45%. Our stock of weapons and armaments has been depleted because we’ve sent them to be wasted in Ukraine (and left a significant amount in Afghanistan). The administration alienated our most stalwart ally nation, the UK, with its surprise unilateral withdrawal disaster from Afghanistan, and it has alienated other key ones like India and other Euro nations with its unilateral sanctioning and its demolition of energy pipelines.

Most readers well-know the perilous state of the economy and of markets with the ongoing global liquidity crisis driven by sovereign debt insolvency, and how little the administration’s >$ 4 trillion spending spree did to help these matters. Central banks like SNB are now lending to commercial banks to finance the doubling of swap lines margins with the Federal Reserve; a sudden new requirement the Fed imposed as it fear of defaults rose. Margin calls last week forced the liquidation of derivatives positions held by most European banks, insurance companies, and pension funds. The spread between German Bunds and interest rate swaps exceeded the record highs of 2008. So apart from everything else, we are moving into the worst financial crisis of our lives. The White House seems unfazed by these risks, and its doggedly stubborn push for electronic vehicles and electronic money is absolutely brain-dead in conjunction its war belligerence, because one of the first things to expect if direct war with Russia initiates is for it to strike to disable our electrical production and distribution infrastructure.

Biden (his puppeteers) has assured the downfall of the United States. Our country is being marched into potentially-apocalyptic war after two years of making it the least capable of fighting such a war than it has been in recent memory. Internally, the country has been weakened, divided, and repressed socially and economically under a growing propaganda and police state apparatus; the IRS budget just quintupled to militarize and grow it by about 130% in terms of personnel. Far short of war, If we were merely subjected to another oil embargo now, our economy would be devastated, companies will become unable to function, and your job/livelihood would be at risk.

Yet the Biden administration’s focus remains primarily constrained to domestic politics at the expense of geopolitical risks. He begged the Saudis to increase oil production for one month in order to relax energy expenses for American voters until after the midterm elections are over. And now that the kingdom has refused his pleas once again, he will deplete the remainder of our strategic petroleum reserve at this perilous time in order to play the same political trick on American voters; his administration does consider us to be that stupid. Of course, reactivating our domestic petro-fuel production, which was world-leading just 2 years ago, remains off the table for him. Let us be watchful for election fraud.

How to manage our risks now ? – You tell me.

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