The Trafalgar Group’s sampling of Americans’ views on Trudeau’s used of Emergency Powers against the peaceful trucker-led COVID protestors in Ottowa revealed some striking results: While the overall approve-vs.-disapprove percentages were 35% vs. 55%, they differed much more sharply by political affiliation. While Republicans and independents overwhelmingly disapproved of Trudeau’s heavy-handed actions (8% vs. 87%, and 21% vs. 74%), democrats unequivocally approved of them (66% vs. 17%). I know that the left has been more shrill, militant, strident, and deceptive in pushing its agenda, but these poll results surprised me nonetheless. Anyone with a moderate appreciation of history should know that once you endorse equipping government with the discretionary ability to use force against some group of lawful citizens simply to stifle their opinions and voices, that you have then endorsed its ability to do the same to you – and that its very likely it will do that to you too eventually, at some point.

Another reason I was surprised is also since this view is so pro-state, anti-individual/anti-constitutional, and has been so tendentiously-applied that it is clearly unprincipled. Democrats were largely unperturbed when BLM hordes committed murder, arson, and looting en-masse, were against government using any forceful means to stop it, and even insisted that those were ‘mostly-peaceful protests’. It’s ironic that we still call these people ‘progressives’ and ‘liberals’. Too many of them today are hard-left totalitarians who refuse to simply tolerate and coexist with people that have differing views. ‘Live and let live’ is not their maxim. I’m glad I left my native state which has been run by these people for some time. Unfortunately, the federal government in now in their hands as well.

In any pluralistic free society where the rights of everyone are defended equally, such people will naturally and rightly have their place. But it becomes another matter when the lefties run institutions to such an extent that the rights of the other citizens who they disagree with become less-well defended and the lefties increasingly subject them to censorship, slander, de-platforming, demonetization, as well as shut them out of employment, access to credit, and so-on. It doesn’t appear that people who disagree with them will have any place in the type of society that they desire to create. They want to consolidate power and then eliminate free pluralism.

Thank goodness Trudeau lifted his Emergency Powers declaration, which he could have kept in-effect for a total of 30 days without any additional legal or administrative action. However, there are many who believe that the reason he did so is because the Canadian people once again presented him with a sudden response that he did not anticipate. Members of Canada’s military (and others) urged the citizenry to move their money out of the Canadian banking system after witnessing the government seize the truckers’ accounts. Apparently an enormous amount of money moved, quite swiftly, from Canadian bank accounts to ones, many newly-opened, in American banks. Even if it may not remain accommodative to its people, the Canadian government apparently will remain so to their money.

This was a good thing because it was likely that martial powers may have remained in place for some time. Trudeau and Canada’s Finance Minister with the ironic last name, Chrystia Freeland, are graduates of Klaus Schwab’s Young Leaders program and members of his board. Freeland had previously indicated that the emergency powers could become permanent financial constraints. Both of them are indoctrinated believers in his Great Reset experiment. The strength of Schwab’s grip of control on the Canadian government is comparable to that on the EU and European governments. Although Trudeau backed-off after receiving panicked calls from Canadian bankers, he has not apologized for calling the protestors misogynists and Nazis, and for destroying many of their livelihoods. Most fundamentally, he still gives no indication of any willingness to sit down and talk with these overwhelmingly-reasonable people, which for a real public servant would have been an automatic that could have prevented all the trouble from ever happening. If martial law can be imposed on the Canadian people for holding a sit-in, it can be imposed on peaceful dissenters anywhere.

Everyone knows about the war, has already been long oil, and can watch the clips of Blinken, Harris, and Biden to see how badly the events leading up to the war in Ukraine have been handled. The simplest and most effective thing that could be done now to bolster the west’s position relative to Putin’s would be for the country sitting on the largest reserves of oil and natural gas, that United States, to resume the full-capacity production that existed the day before Biden took office. But that is unlikely to happen, as Biden is a puppet of Schwab and the ESG green left.

These people playing at the highest controls of power are idealistic, self-important, and foolishly-naive. On Wednesday in a talk with the BBC John Kerry made clear that his concern about the Ukrainian situation was largely that war will have “massive emissions consequences”. He said “I hope President Putin will help us to stay on track with respect to what we need to do for the climate.” (as-if…) I would have liked to hear someone in the administration express concern that the military conflict underway now in Ukraine could be the first domino to fall in the series of them that tip us into world war III! I know that the White House never does this when it takes our country into war, but I would also have liked to hear it clearly and unequivocally explain: (1) Our vital interest in (likely) entering into this war (2) What they see/expect as the goal or end-game that allows the US to exit the conflict, and (3) Their (rough) strategic plan to drive the conflict to that point.

Ike Eisenhower, supreme commander of the allied forces during World War II said that ‘ No battle was ever won according to plan, but no battle was ever one without one’. We are not close to having one, and I don’t expect our government will present one. I don’t want to even comment on the morass of media and government misrepresentation around this – we already now that we are a borderless country looking at war to defend the borders of an Eastern European country that most of us are not exceedingly concerned about. But as with all that we have seen recently, the real reason that bankrupt and distrusted governments do what they do usually centers simply around keeping themselves in power.

“Power lies in tearing human minds into pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”

“Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. … The object of power is power.”

“We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it.”

― George Orwell, 1984

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