Green Fascism ?

I’m not sure how I feel about Glen Beck. He has hit some nails on the head and done some good things like opening his own wallet to personally fly people out of Afghanistan that our government wouldn’t, but he’s also said some odd things in the past. Nonetheless, apparently he’s published a new book in which he describes how corporations and financial institutions are serving as apparatchiks or acolytes of the Great Reset through their ESG business policies, and these claims should not be difficult to check on. For example, one claim is that that Merrill Lynch is calculating and posting ESG scores for its clients based on how ‘green-tilted’ their investments and business practices are. And that the firm will incorporate this greenness-score into its criteria for making loans to them going-forward. So now businesses apparently not only have to show themselves to be reliable and creditworthy borrowers in order to get financed, but they also have to conform (at least to some extent) to the green new (i)deal policies. Bank loan officers used to just want your business, but now they apparently also want to influence the types of businesses that you direct your investment capital towards.

The other green-subversion practice that has arisen in business, as I’ve written on previously, is called “stakeholder economics”. It is founded on the idea that corporate governance can longer be answerable strictly to shareholders. The argument is that, since corporate practices can impact woke social and environmental issues (i.e., tech companies employ an undue percentage white people; non-antiseptic production methods impact the lives of indigenous people and species,… ), that the interests of these ‘stakeholders’ must be taken-into account by the corporations’ executive leadership. It has been quite evident how racial ‘justice’ has been called-for and implemented in latent corporate hiring practices, however I cannot see any practical and efficient means by which the flora, fauna, and indigenous tribes of Africa could convey their interests and concerns to corporate board members. What stakeholder economics really boils down to in practice is the ability for these executives to embezzle money from the company’s investors, and use it to pay for their own pet political initiatives, rather than direct it solely towards generating ROI. Marc Benioff has been a Capo Della Politica at this with the money of Salesforce shareholders.

The definition of fascism is a system in which, although the private sector hasn’t been taken over outright by the state, it bows to ‘kiss the ring’ of state leaders and modifies its operations to carry-out their bidding. If what I have read about the plans for the Great Reset cabalists is accurate, then the banks are being just another dumb (albeit powerful) set of ‘useful idiots’ for them by carrying-out this ESG coercion. Because what I read is that these Schwab-ist elites plan to let these existing brick and mortar banks fail (via no more government bailouts in the next financial crisis) whereupon they intend to bring-in the tech companies to take over and run the next generation of fully electronic commerce and banking, with a federal CBDC as the only legal tender allowed, and with all of the surveillance, and control that comes with that arrangement. They have already been serving as water-carriers (censors, de-platformers, de-monetizers, etc.) for big left power for at least the past 5 years. With this next big move, they would then watch where you spend every cent of your money.

The left has turned woke-ism (racial issues, environmental issues, sexuality & gender blurring, etc.) into weapons of coercion and control of policy and business. It has all gone too far. Glen Beck is right about the fact that we have to stand up and denounce it where its egregious, or they will continue using it to push our way of life towards statist Marxist control-from-above. Biden has violated his own principle against racial discrimination by stating that he will appoint only a black woman to sit on the SCOTUS. That statement is the clearest definitive expression of racial profiling, and it discriminates against 94% of the population (only 6% of Americans are black women). The other judges could all file a class-action lawsuit against him for violating their civil rights. Its is understandable that our POTUS, who goes out to treat himself to an ice cream cone like a third-grader while he should be spending every iota of his energy and focus (hah) towards cooling off our war-footing with Russia, doesn’t even recognize how out-of-balance and wrong his lefty woke racial tendentiousness has become. However it is now harder (for me, at least) to reconcile why the rest of America just sits on its hands and watches it march on.

A society is a population of people who voluntarily come together to engage in policymaking, ventures, business, and other endeavors which have a beneficial interest for everyone involved. When that happens a beneficent level of comity, trust, mutual respect, decorum, and harmony arises among the people – and they manage to achieve a lot and get many important things done. But when institutions including government, business, the legal system, etc, become corrupt and instead usurp the money, trust, and goodwill of others against their interests and for their own, the society that took so much voluntary cooperative work to build, begins to erode and move into reverse. That is happening at a steadily-increasing rate now.

Even the individual people themselves are being harmed. So many have given up on working, and many of them have isolated into social media, pornography, drinking and drug use. The rates of suicide, depression, and drug overdose have soared over the past two years, including among the youth. . But isolating and acceding to the control being imposed from above is not the only option, and obviously not a healthy one. The Freedom Convoy underway in Canada has proven the efficacy possible by pushing-back, and it has brought many people together. The truckers have gridlocked the capital of Ottowa and have driven the preening boy-tyrant Trudeau into hiding he claims is due to a positive Covid positive test result and have provided a great example of how to resist effectively.

The truckers have a clear demand: drop all the covid mandates. They have been welcomed into towns across Canada, with locals, churches, and community groups donating food, shelter, and money to the cause. The protestors have been peaceful and orderly along the way, destroying nothing and leaving no trash. The organizers have asked protestors to report anyone who appears to be making a nuisance of themselves and possibly detracting from and discrediting the cause. It is a protest, but it is definitely a civilization-(re)building action. In Ottowa, a couple people did appear with a Nazi flag (a symbolic non sequitur having absolutely no relevance to the subject of the protest) and some defaced a war memorial. Whoever they were, they were promptly denounced and repudiated by the organizers. In a rather stern speech from his hideout, Trudeau focussed only on these troublemakers. He also rejected requests from parliament members to meet with representatives of the truckers to discuss their concerns. I expect that they will patiently wait him out.

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